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Chapter 803: Receiving the Nomination

Black Bamboo said, "Your Highness Pingnan, in recent years, the Fire Cloud State has been doing waves of heavy recruitment, but although many have been recruited, the quality is just average. The ones who are likely to excel at the Luo Divine Hall trials from the Fire Cloud State are still those core disciples from the Heaven Fire Hall, such as Tian Shi, Ran Yu and Gu Luo. Just the amount of time they have cultivated in the Heaven Fire Hall has exceeded sixty years."

"These few people, especially Tian Shi, are very famous. In recent years, Tian Shi has done the Fire Cloud State proud during exchanges between disciples from the Fire Cloud State and the surrounding Luo clan states. He has been praised by Marquis Fire Cloud on several occasions."

Marquis Fire Cloud was the person who had authority over the Fire Cloud State. In the 196 states of the Luo clan, each state had a marquis in charge of it.

There was compet.i.tion amongst the different marquises as well. The Fire Cloud State was considered average amongst the 196 states, so during any martial arts exchange, the Fire Cloud State's results could only be said to be satisfactory. However, Tian Shi was usually the one who stood out from the flock. Even amongst the 196 states, he was first cla.s.s.

"I know about Tian Shi&h.e.l.lip; " Prince Pingnan slightly sighed, "We even get wind about him in the royal capital, such as how Tian Shi's attainments in the fire-elemental laws are outstanding and that even against other geniuses, he can leapfrog levels and defeat them!"

Although Prince Pingnan was praising Tian Shi, he was not pleased at all. This was because Tian Shi was not in their camp. This also meant that the stronger Tian Shi was, the stronger the enemy was.

In fact, it was not only limited to Tian Shi. Even Ran Yu and Gu Luo could be considered as leaning towards Prince Crimson Firmament if they had to forcefully trace the relation trees. The reason was very simple. These people had been cultivating in the Heaven Fire Hall for sixty years and when was Princess Purple Spirit born? It wasn't even as long as those who had joined the Heaven Fire Hall!

Princess Purple Spirit had become a heir apparent entirely based on her talent. Of course, Empress Xuan's family background wasn't weak either. In order to help Princess Purple Spirit vie for the throne, many geniuses from her family had been sent into the Luo clan to help Princess Purple Spirit stabilize her footing.

The succession of the throne did not only consider talent. It also looked at heritage and prestige. It needed to see if people were willing to follow the heir. Hence, be it Princess Purple Spirit or Prince Crimson Firmament, they were recruiting more disciples and incorporating them into their own factions.

"Talk about those disciples that recently joined the Heaven Fire Hall." Prince Pingnan said.

Most of the older disciples of the Heaven Fire Hall were under Prince Crimson Firmament’s camp. After all, back at that time, Prince Crimson Firmament was the most likely heir apparent. Who didn't want to a.s.sociate themselves with such a mighty force? If he became Emperor in the future, they would easily enjoy success in the future.

And once the allegiance was formed, betrayal was no longer an option. If one were to betray mid way, neither side would be pleased about having a betrayer in their camp.

Only new Luo clan disciples had the choice to choose between the two heirs.

Fairy Black Bamboo said, "If we are talking about new disciples, then there is no way to compare them with older disciples. The cultivation time is just too short and they would be greatly disadvantaged when it comes to aspects like laws. If you insist on new rookies, Luo Fengling is considered a good one. She has pretty good talent and she has only entered the Heaven Fire Hall for five years. She is hardworking in her cultivation, but it is hard to tell what results she would get when she joins the Luo Divine Hall trials."

Fairy Black Bamboo shook her head. The Luo Divine Hall trials were held once every sixty years. Only Luo clan disciples below the age of a hundred years could partic.i.p.ate.

Many Luo clan disciples would usually need to cultivate for seventy or eighty years for them to be able to stand out during the Luo Divine Hall trials.

Nearly a century's worth of acc.u.mulation was no trifling matter.

Of course, the Luo Divine Hall trials were not a simple test of strength. Those at a younger age would be at an advantage during the final evaluation, but its advantage was inferior to nomological insights and cultivation techniques.

"Are there no more other new disciples?"

Now with Empress Xuan in desperate need to expand her forces, Prince Pingnan did not expect new disciples to be able to obtain any amazing results in the Luo Divine Hall trials. However, since new disciples and old disciples were not judged on the same criteria, it was still possible to gain the attention of the upper echelons by showing their latent potential, even if they did not perform well. This would augment Princess Purple Spirit's prestige as well.

"There are many disciples that can be considered, but I doubt any of them will be worthy in Your Highness Pingnan's eyes. However, if Your Highness Pingnan does not want to limit it to the Heaven Fire Hall, I have a good candidate to recommend from the Earth Fire Hall."

"Earth Fire Hall?"

Prince Pingnan was slightly stunned when he heard the name Earth Fire Hall.

In his point of view, the Earth Fire Hall only had second-tier disciples. It was difficult for elites from the Heaven Fire Hall to attain much at the Luo Divine Hall trials, what more Earth Fire Hall disciples.

He frowned and said, "There is actually an Earth Fire Hall disciple that can do well at the Luo Divine Hall trials? Who is it?"

Black Bamboo smiled and said, "I don't dare to guarantee that he will do well, but in the entire Fire Cloud State, ignoring Tian Shi, Gu Luo and those Heaven Fire Hall disciples that have cultivated for sixty years or so, this person is the best choice amongst all new disciples. He happens to be in front of Your Highness Pingnan."

As Black Bamboo said that, she looked at Yi Yun.

Prince Pingnan as well as ‘Uncle Dragon’ beside Prince Pingnan also turned to look at Yi Yun.

Prince Pingnan was somewhat taken aback. He never expected that the inconspicuous young man behind Fairy Black Bamboo was so highly recommended by her.

"He is the best candidate amongst new disciples?"

Prince Pingnan sized up Yi Yun and asked, "What's your name?"

"This lowly one is Yi Yun." Yi Yun said as he clasped his fists.

"Yi Yun&h.e.l.lip; " Prince Pingnan pondered for a moment and at this point, Fairy Black Bamboo had already informed Prince Pingnan about what Yi Yun had done during the fire-mining process through a voice transmission.

Prince Pingnan was quite surprised hearing this. "Oh? There was such a thing? To be able to gain the recognition of the Spirit of the Earth Fire despite having just entered the Earth Fire Hall, and even managed to s.n.a.t.c.h the Earth fire from a senior Earth Fire Hall disciple. That is indeed not bad."

Prince Pingnan nodded. Actually, a figure like Yang Zishan was completely inconsequential in Prince Pingnan's eyes. Yang Zishan was just an Earth Fire Hall disciple and he was considered nothing compared to a top genius like Tian Shi.

Hence, the reason why Prince Pingnan used the words ’not bad’ to describe Yi Yun was because he was still young and he had yet to cultivate for three decades, so he had a promising future.

"Unfortunately, if we wait another sixty years with you cultivating under me during that period, you might be able to obtain pretty good results at the Luo Divine Hall trials when you approach the age of a hundred years old. It is a pity that you have to partic.i.p.ate in it when you have yet to fully mature. However, the upcoming Luo Divine Hall trials are too important. The succession of the throne would probably happen before the next Luo Divine Hall trials. I have to use whatever men I have, so I'll give you a nomination spot. Just do your best!"

After Prince Pingnan said that, he stopped looking at Yi Yun and he continued chatting with Fairy Black Bamboo. Yi Yun was indeed too young. It was exceedingly rare for someone to achieve anything during the Luo Divine Hall trials at the age of thirty. There were very few who could do that even in the entire history of the Luo clan.

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