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Chapter 801: Prince Pingnan

Yi Yun had always been worrying about Lin Xintong, but as the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven was too large and s.p.a.ce seemed infinite, it was impossible for him to locate Lin Xintong with his strength alone.

Now with Fairy Black Bamboo mentioning a reward, Yi Yun immediately raised the matter.

"There's such a thing?" Fairy Black Bamboo was surprised before she frowned, "The s.p.a.ce around the Hundred Wraiths black hole is weird and unpredictable. No one knows where the spatial storm that swept the both of you would lead to. Although I am an Earth Fire Hall Elder, trying to find a person in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven is like searching a needle in a haystack."

Upon saying this, Fairy Black Bamboo paused before asking, "That girl, who is she to you?"

"She is this disciple's Dao partner and her name is Lin Xintong." Although Yi Yun had yet to marry Lin Xintong, in their hearts, they were each other's Dao partner.

Fairy Black Bamboo frowned slightly, "I a.s.sented to giving you a reward, yet you make the request for me to look for your Dao partner. For this matter, I can only try my best to gather news for you. Don't have your hopes up. Finding a person in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven is just too difficult."

Fairy Black Bamboo's personality was like a bamboo. It was aloof, but since she had given her word, she would definitely do her best to keep it.

"Thank you Master." Yi Yun said.

At this moment, a bamboo person walked into the pavilion and quickly came in front of Fairy Black Bamboo.

Fairy Black Bamboo lowered her head as though she was listening to something.

Following that, she raised her head and said, "A guest of honor is coming, so take your leave first."

Guest of honor?

Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er immediately stood up. For Fairy Black Bamboo to term the person a guest of honor, it was probably someone above the level of an Elder of the Earth Fire Hall. They did not know who it could be.

Yi Yun also planned on leaving together with Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er. However, after a moment of thought, Fairy Black Bamboo said lightly, "Yi Yun, stay behind."

Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er were stunned and they again felt extremely envious.

Letting Yi Yun stay behind at such a time indicated how much Fairy Black Bamboo appreciated Yi Yun.

Yi Yun sat down on the bamboo mat once again, while Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er took their leave.

The moment the duo stepped out of the palace, they felt that the light from above was casting a large shadow over them.

Following that, a gigantic Fey beast with a dragon head and turtle body gradually descended from the clouds. The clouds seemed to hastily make way for it as they dispersed. Light was completely blocked out, turning the day into night.

The turtle sh.e.l.l that covered its entire body seemed like divine metal that had formed naturally from absorbing the essence of the heaven and earth. It was dark gold in color and it gave a very heavy feeling.

Its dragon head was raised high up and it looked extremely ma.s.sive. Looking from afar, it looked like a floating island in the sky, a shocking scene.

Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er were members of the Fey race, so they could immediately sense the terrifying aura of the Fey beast.

Baxia! One of the sons of the dragon!

The true Baxia was a legendary primordial Fey beast. The one in front of them was impossible to be the pureblood primordial Baxia, but it definitely had an extremely pure bloodline of Baxia or it would not have been able to grow into such a ma.s.sive and suppressive Baxia body!

It was one of the top n.o.ble existences amongst Fey beasts.

"Using Baxia as a mount? Who is this person&h.e.l.lip; ?"

Yun Qiao'er muttered to herself. Just being under Baxia's body made her want to pay homage to this Fey beast. It was a result that came from a higher level Fey race's bloodline.

The person who could use this as a mount was definitely impressive.

"Baxia carries an immortal mountain on its back, and there is a pavilion on the immortal mountain!" Man Dao suddenly exclaimed in a low voice. He said it softly because there was an ancient emblem painted on the pavilion. It was like a shimmering flame.

"It's the emblem of the royal family."

Man Dao drew a gasp. This meant that the person riding Baxia was a member of the Luo clan royalty!

Royal family?

Yun Qiao'er was stunned. She had not joined the Luo clan for long, much less have any contact with the royal family. People from the Luo clan royal family were like G.o.ds to her.

And for someone to have such a mount, even if they were from the royal family, they had to have a certain status in it. As for them, they were only ordinary disciples of the Earth Fire Hall, a division of the Fire Cloud State, which was one of the 196 states of the Luo clan. The person riding Baxia was an elusive existence to them.

Man Dao enviously said, "A person from the royal family has come to our Fire Cloud State, and Junior Brother Yi Yun is able to meet such an important figure. If he gains the favor of this important figure, just a little help from him would result in Yi Yun’s meteoric rise!"

Upon hearing Man Dao's words, Yun Qiao'er could only nod her head without much thought. They were still working hard to enter the Heaven Fire Hall, but for Yi Yun, entering the Heaven Fire Hall was already something extremely easy. Now, he could even get to know an important figure from the royal family. Of course, the envy was unwarranted. They could only blame themselves for not being strong enough.

The two of them did not dare to take flight with the Inferno Gold Condors. Even if they wanted to, the Inferno Gold Condors were trembling under the presence of Baxia, afraid of even taking flight.

Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er retreated to a distant corner as they looked at the immortal mountain on Baxia's turtle sh.e.l.l.

There were nine scantily-dressed beauties with snow-white skin holding silk in their hands as they floated down from the ornate pavilion on the immortal mountain.

Behind the nine girls, a tall white-robed man began descending as he took strides on thin air.

His clothes were embroidered with a bright red vermilion totem, and his aura was thick and intense.

The Luo clan had outstanding bearing and looks regardless of their s.e.x. This white-robed man was also no exception. Although he was tall and well-built, he gave off an elegant feeling. He was like a scholar with an elegant bearing.

"Whew! Whew!"

Two black-robed figures appeared to the left and right sides of the white-robed man. Their facial features were a blur as there was a layer of smoke concealing them.

They were the white-robed man's guards.

At this moment, Fairy Black Bamboo had already come to the entrance of the palace to welcome them. Yi Yun accompanied her by the side.

In Fairy Black Bamboo's palace, other than those black bamboos and bamboo people, she did not have any other servants. Hence, the only person standing beside her was Yi Yun.

Looking at the Baxia above him, Yi Yun was also astonished. His heart jumped again when he saw the two black-robed people with fuzzy looks.

These two black-robed people were also members of the Fey race. Their aura gave him a baffling feeling, so even though he could see them with his naked eyes, it was as though they did not exist.

"Black Bamboo greets Prince Pingnan." Fairy Black Bamboo bowed slightly, while Yi Yun slightly faltered. Prince Pingnan?

Before entering the Fire Spirit Palace to mine for fire, he had heard Man Dao mention of how the two royal offspring were vying for the throne that was to be handed down by the Luo Emperor in the Luo clan royal capital. One of them was Prince Crimson Firmament, while the other was Princess Purple Spirit. Yi Yun had basically confirmed that Princess Purple Spirit was Luo Huo'er.

As for Prince Pingnan, he was on Luo Huo'er's side. Many princes and princesses were destined to have no chance with the throne, so they would choose to follow one of the heirs apparent. Although they would not be able to become the Luo Emperor in the future, they could still be conferred the t.i.tle of King without any problems.

Prince Pingnan and Luo Huo'er were in the same camp, while Fairy Black Bamboo was a subordinate of Prince Pingnan.

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