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Chapter 797: Taste of One’s Own Medicine

The Earth fire flew at an astonishing speed away from Yang Zishan as he instantly lost control over it. The turn of events alarmed Yang Zishan. He came to the Spirit Fire Hall for fire-mining every year in his long tenure at Earth Fire Hall, and he had done so numerous times, but he had never encountered such a situation!

Regardless of how much he powered his spiritual energy, he could not stop the Earth fire from escaping his grasp. Only after several seconds did the plume of Earth fire gradually come to a stop.

And when the Earth fire stopped, it caused Yang Zishan's face to sink completely.

He saw a youth garbed in clothes that only newly recruited Earth Fire Hall disciples would wear. The youth had nonchalantly stretched out his palm, while the plume of Earth fire stably stopped above it, burning in absolute silence.

"Senior Brother Zishan, this&h.e.l.lip; "

The other Earth Fire Hall disciples were stunned. At this moment, they were able to tell that the flight of the Earth fire was obviously not done deliberately by Yang Zishan, it had been stolen by the new disciple from the Black Bamboo faction!

They had been cheering for Yang Zishan over his ostentatious moves, but they never expected that in a blink of an eye, before he was done flaunting his skills, he had a taste of his own medicine!

"Senior Brother Zishan must have been careless. As the Earth fire was done refining, he relaxed and lowered his spiritual control, allowing the rascal to take advantage."

As a veteran in the Earth Fire Hall, Yang Zishan's talent was top cla.s.s in the entire Earth Fire Hall. If not, those people would not have chosen to be his lackeys.

Yang Zishan was outstanding, and he had even grasped "Fire-Spirit Trans.m.u.tation" laws. But this made it even harder for them to believe that a veteran like Yang Zishan would lose to a newcomer. Furthermore, the other person appeared to be&h.e.l.lip; human!?

"Your name is Yi Yun?" Yang Zishan stared at Yi Yun. He had previously heard Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er mention Yi Yun's name, and he originally believed that Yi Yun was Man Dao’s lackey, so he did not even look at Yi Yun straight. He never expected to fail miserably at an easy task of absorbing the Earth fire at that instantaneous moment.

It was true that his spiritual control was at its most relaxed state the moment he was done refining the Earth fire, but even so, this kid should not have the ability to s.n.a.t.c.h the Earth fire that was already in his hands.

"Why ask when you already know?" Yi Yun gently stretched out his index finger as the tiny flame began to burn silently above his finger tip, like any ordinary flame.

At this moment, Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er, who were standing beside Yi Yun, were staring with widened eyes. Just like the other Earth Fire Hall disciples, they were watching the tiny plume of fire burning above Yi Yun's finger tip with looks of disbelief.

Was this really a flame separated from the Spirit of the Earth Fire? Why did it appear so obedient?

Furthermore, it was obvious that Junior Brother Yi Yun came from the lower realm, so how could he have mastered such profound laws?

Although they had no clue aas to what was going on, Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er felt their pent-up anger be released when they saw Yang Zishan's expression. Yang Zishan definitely never expected a newly recruited disciple to be able to s.n.a.t.c.h his Earth fire.

Man Dao laughed out loudly. "Yang Zishan, didn't you previously say that newly-recruited Junior Brother Yi should 'try mining a plume once'? This is the first time our newly-recruited Junior Brother Yi has come to the Fire Spirit Palace and it is also his first time mining for fire!"

Man Dao kept repeating 'newly-recruited Junior Brother Yi', and he deliberately emphasized 'newly-recruited' as an attempt to figuratively smack Yang Zishan in the face.

Weren't you being awesome? But didn't you end up getting cleaned up by a newly-recruited disciple?

Yun Qiao'er was also one who did not spare her words when reason was on her side. Having been bullied to near tears, how could she pa.s.s the opportunity to ridicule?

"Ze Ze Ze, didn't all of you just tell Junior Brother Yi to 'not stand on ceremony'? Now Junior Brother has done according to your wishes and really didn't stand on ceremony. Shouldn't all of you be happy? Speaking of which, why are all your faces looking so bad now? Are you sick?"

Yun Qiao'er's words were harsh to the ear, stabbing at Yang Zishan where it hurt him the most. Yang Zishan's face turned ashen.

"Fine! Fine! It's indeed true that newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, to be able to rob me of my flame at the instant that I finished refining my Earth fire, that sure is some talent!"

Yang Zishan was a person who liked to make his power felt. Having suddenly been smacked in the face by Yi Yun just as he was flaunting his powers was something he found intolerable.

He came from a prominent family and he had outstanding talent. Even in the Earth Fire Hall, he was the center of attention. All of this was something that he enjoyed greatly, but now, he had suffered in the hands of a disciple who had just come into contact with Earth fire. At this moment in time, Yang Zishan felt a hundred times more humiliated than what Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er had done felt moments ago.

"Senior Brother Zishan, show him something good!"

"That guy only caught you by surprise, he has no abilities!"

Yang Zishan's lackeys immediately roared out.

Yang Zishan's expression turned grim. He knew deep down that Yi Yun was not one to be trifled with, but he already had a tiger by the tail, so he had to persist on. He planned on using all his strength and push all his insights in fire-elemental laws to the extreme!

"Ha!" Yang Zishan roared out loudly as all the joints in his body produced snapping sounds. Small scales suddenly began appearing on his face, and his pupils turned spindle-shaped.


Yang Zishan's ancestor was a python that had achieved its Dao. Furthermore, he had ancestors with fire python bloodlines, so Yang Zishan had a natural affinity with fire-elemental laws.

"He is transforming just like that?" Man Dao was stunned. Yang Zishan was really going all out!

For Yang Zishan to transform in order to s.n.a.t.c.h Earth fire from Yi Yun, it clearly showed how powerful a rival Yi Yun really was. He could only s.n.a.t.c.h the Earth fire from Yi Yun by giving his all. He could only be appeased by doing so, or this matter would become a disgrace the rest of his life.


A hissing sound that did not sound human at all came from Yang Zishan's thoracic cavity. His body was burning in flames as he aimed at the flame above Yi Yun's finger and suddenly tapped.

Fire-Spirit Trans.m.u.tation!

A violent and dominating Yuan Qi surged into the Earth fire floating above Yi Yun's palm.

"Hu! Hu! Hu!"

The flame began to dance erratically as though it had been given a spirit by Yang Zishan.

Around Yang Zishan, many disciples had their eyes lit up.

It was still Fire-Spirit Trans.m.u.tation! By giving the flame some spirituality, it would naturally bias itself to the person who had given it a spirit, Yang Zishan!

As for Yi Yun, since he was young disciple that recently arrived, how could he possess fire-elemental laws as profound as Fire-Spirit Trans.m.u.tation?

"Fire, come!" Yang Zishan roared as he forcefully grabbed at the fire plume in Yi Yun's hand.

The flame began to dance violently as though it was about to fly out of Yi Yun's grasp.

Yi Yun looked at the dancing flame as a tiny sneer suffused on his lips.

Fire-Spirit Trans.m.u.tation that gives the flame a spirit?

If you could truly bestow life to the flame, allowing this flame to turn into Fey, then the Purple Crystal would be powerless against it since the Purple Crystal could not control energy that possessed life.

However, bestowing life was equivalent to creating an intelligent creature, so how could it be that simple? Even peerless mighty figures lacked this ability. Only the Universe, with its infinite energy could produce life over hundreds of millions of years.

Now, it was just a trace of spirituality that was forcefully augmented by Yang Zishan. It was equivalent to Yang Zishan's will, so for this Yi Yun did not care for it at all.

Spiritual energy burst forth from the Purple Crystal!


The hand that Yi Yun held the Earth fire suddenly gripped into a fist!


With an explosion, Yang Zishan's consciousness that was contained within the flame was destroyed with Yi Yun's grip.

Having his split-off consciousness wiped out, Yang Zishan grunted as his face suddenly turned pale.

At this moment, Yi Yun spread his hand again out as the Earth fire plume burned silently as usual above Yi Yun's palm.

In Yang Zishan's eyes, the flames danced, as though they were mocking him. This made his expression turn extremely ugly.

And beside Yang Zishan, the Earth Fire Hall disciples that had cheered Yang Zishan on were like roosters grabbed by the neck. They were lost for words.

How did he do it?

Yang Zishan had transformed and used Fire-Spirit Trans.m.u.tation laws. It looked extremely powerful, while Yi Yun did not seem to unleash any powerful laws, so how did he destroy Yang Zishan's Fire-Spirit Trans.m.u.tation?

"That guy is a freak!" An Earth Fire Hall disciple murmured. Despite being reluctant, he had to admit the facts. Yi Yun had just entered the Earth Fire Hall and he was already this powerful during his first fire-mining. The Earth Fire Hall disciples had all experienced their first fire-mining. Back then, they had to be extremely careful and they had made repeated attempts. Some even failed several times before succeeding.

But for Yi Yun, not only was he mining for fire as though he was picking cotton, he had even directly s.n.a.t.c.hed a plume of Earth fire from Yang Zishan. It was inconceivable.

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