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Chapter 792: Fire Spirit Palace

Yi Yun was very interested in the Spirit of the Earth Fire. Previously, in the lower realm's Fallen Star Gate, he had absorbed a pure Yang spirit. Back then, the pure Yang spirit was being devoured by an injured Golden Crow species. Yi Yun managed to kill the Golden Crow species and used the Purple Crystal to absorb the pure Yang spirit. Yi Yun's pure Yang body had much to do with the pure Yang spirit.

Now in the Fire Cloud State, there was this Spirit of the Earth Fire which aroused Yi Yun’s curiosity. He wanted to know the differences between the Spirit of the Earth Fire and the pure Yang spirit.

"I'll be going now." Yi Yun stood up. With the World Stone's energy completely absorbed, even Yi Yun's Dao Tree had grown taller. It was even more lush with leaves.

From the late-stages of the Yuan Opening realm, he was already approaching perfection.

The girl, Hu'er, looked at her new master in astonishment. She had met him twice in total. The first time she saw him, she found him extremely powerful and like a sharp blade. Now weeks later, her master had grown even stronger. The aura he exuded was as deep as the ocean, making it seem extremely amazing.

The Earth Fire Hall was located at the peak of the main mountain, so from afar, the grandiose building appeared to stand in mid air because of the mist that shrouded it.

The Earth Fire Hall's area was hundreds of times bigger than Yi Yun's Hua Yun Palace, and likewise, it was many times bigger than a city in the mortal world.

"The Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven sure is filled with amazing places." Yi Yun could not help but sigh. Having first come to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, just the Fire Cloud State alone had widened Yi Yun's horizons.

By then, Hu'er had already prepared a mount for Yi Yun.

After Yi Yun came to the Earth Fire Hall, a fire-elemental bird was a.s.signed as his mount. It was an Inferno Gold Condor, whose plumage was completely golden in color. Its sharp talons looked like burning flames. When it stood up, it was about the height of a person and when it spread its wings, its wingspan was about ten feet wide.

This Inferno Gold Condor was a common bird seen in the Fire Cloud State, but it was relatively new to Yi Yun.

As he stepped onto the Inferno Gold Condor, it flew straight up into the clouds, pa.s.sing over palace after palace. From afar, Yi Yun looked at the main hall of the Earth Fire Hall.

Soon, with a condor's screech, the Inferno Gold Condor landed in a wide square. Here, the square floor was filled with tiles that were engraved with flame emblems. The Inferno Gold Condor, which could crush boulders with a swipe of its claws, landed heavily on the square, but it did not leave the slightest mark.

After Yi Yun jumped off the Inferno Gold Condor, it gave out a long screech and flew up. In a blink of an eye, it disappeared into the clouds.

"This is the Earth Fire Hall&h.e.l.lip; " Yi Yun looked at the palace in front of him.

Just the square along was staggering. Its edges seemed to connect to billowing clouds.

The square was bustling with people. From time to time, birds would land with their masters. Yi Yun learned from the booklet from before that other than the Spirit of the Earth Fire, the Earth Fire Hall also held numerous martial arts manuals. There were also armories and elixir storehouses in the Earth Fire Hall as well.

Being able to freely access the Earth Fire Hall was a great perk for the Earth Fire Hall disciples. This also showed how immense the resources that the warriors in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven had were.

Furthermore, this was only limited to the Earth Fire Hall disciples. If it was the Luo clan's royalty, it was unknown how much top resources they enjoyed.

Yi Yun headed to the Earth Fire Hall's entrance. He had been in the main mountain for almost two months, but this was the first time he came to the Earth Fire Hall. As he proceeded, he sized up the place and observed his surroundings.

Before coming, Hu'er informed Yi Yun that the Spirit of the Earth Fire was located in the middle of the Earth Fire Hall. So as Yi Yun observed, he walked straight towards the Earth Fire Hall's center.

"That junior brother in front, please hold on. May I know if you are Junior Brother Yi Yun?"

Yi Yun immediately stopped when he heard the sudden voice call out to him.

He looked over and he saw two unfamiliar faces who had called out to him.

The man and woman duo did not look too old. The man was below the age of thirty and he looked burly in his animal hide clothing. The girl looked like she was 16–17 years old. She was dressed in short pink robes, with white boots on her feet. Her hair was tied up into a bun, while her watery eyes flickered. She looked pet.i.te and cute.

However, Yi Yun had went into reclusion the moment he came to Earth Fire Hall, so he did not know the duo.

"Master Black Bamboo told us that we have a new junior brother. We have seen images of you." The girl's voice was very light and pleasing to the ears, as though it was the beautiful sound of a hundred larks. She sized up Yi Yun with a look of curiosity without concealing her taboo act. A girl like her was unworldly and pure, so she did not have the concept of shyness.

"We are also Master Black Bamboo's in-name disciples. My name is Man Dao and she is Yun Qiao'er," the man said.

"Oh, so it's Senior Brother Man Dao and Senior Sister Yun, nice to meet you," Yi Yun politely greeted back.

Upon hearing herself being called Senior Sister, Yun Qiao'er immediately turned excited. As she was young and was junior in ranking, being suddenly addressed as Senior Sister by someone who entered the tutelage later was something fresh to her. Her tiny face immediately turned excited and flushed red. Instantly, she became fond of Yi Yun.

"From the looks of your direction, you are also heading towards the Fire Spirit Palace. How many times have you been there?" Yun Qiao'er asked.

The place where the Spirit of the Earth Fire was stored was known as the Fire Spirit Palace.

"This is my first time here," Yi Yun said.

"Oh? This is your first time? We have already come here thrice." Yun Qiao'er spoke in a lively manner. "The Spirit of the Earth Fire only burns at its peak for two months a year. We have to take advantage of this time to mine the fire to refine our bodies and gain nomological insight. How can coming here once be enough?"

Yi Yun smiled slightly. "I was busy prior to this."

"But there are only ten days left. What a pity&h.e.l.lip; " Yun Qiao'er was still finding it a shame for Yi Yun.

Man Dao said by the side, "Alright, Junior Brother Yi has his own considerations. Junior Brother Yi, since this is your first time here, you can follow us. The Earth Fire Hall is ma.s.sive, so it's easy to get lost."

"That's good." Yi Yun did not object.

Between the duo, Man Dao was a man of few words, while Yun Qiao'er kept chattering nonstop. From her, Yi Yun learned quite a lot about the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven as well as matters regarding the Earth Fire Hall.

The duo found interest in Yi Yun because they were surprised about how Yi Yun became a Earth Fire Hall disciple so quickly after coming from a lower realm. This was even revealed in a slip-up by Yun Qiao'er.

People from the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven had the impression that people from the lower realms were savages, so it was impressive if a ‘savage’ could attain such achievements.

Yi Yun constantly smiled while listening. Having just come to the Earth Fire Hall, he was unfamiliar with the place and people. Hence, it was still quite interesting to have the duo explain things to him.

"The Spirit of the Earth Fire is extremely abstruse. It is said that during the birth of the world where the Fire Cloud State resides, the lands naturally produced a first wisp of fire. It was a manifestation of the most chaotic fire-elemental laws. However, the exact profoundness of it cannot be described by words. You will need to witness it for yourself, Junior Brother Yi." As Yun Qiao'er said, she revealed a cute smile. "That's the Fire Spirit Palace in front!"

Yi Yun looked forward and he saw a magnificent door erected. There was a plaque that had the words ‘Fire Spirit Palace’ engraved on it. The three words were like leaping flames. Just taking an additional glance at it made one's eyes seem to burn.

"—Luo Tianjun."

The mark indicated that the three words were inscribed by Luo Tianjun. The three words he wrote contained an intense nomological and Yuan Qi fluctuation. It also made one find it hard to peel their eyes away from it.

"Luo Tianjun. I wonder who he is in the Luo clan&h.e.l.lip; "

Yi Yun muttered to himself and he was secretly amazed. Just the three words left behind contained a profound principle. This person, Luo Tianjun, was truly terrifying.

"Proceed with the registration over there and when you obtain an ident.i.ty token, you can enter," Yun Qiao'er said while pointing at a giant Spirit Mastiff lying by the door. 

The Spirit Mastiff was covered in silver fur and it was ma.s.sive. It lay there motionless, so if Yun Qiao'er did not point it out, Yi Yun would not have sensed that it was a living thing.

Before they made their way to the front of the Spirit Mastiff, there were already a few people in the midst of registration.

The person in front was dressed in spirit silk clothes. A white fur cloak that looked oily smooth rested on his shoulders, making him look rather resplendent. He went towards the Spirit Mastiff and politely said, "Lord Mu Ao, I am Yang Zishan from Ling Xiao Palace and I am here to register."

Behind Yang Zishan, there were a few people who were similarly dressed. All of them were graceful in bearing, like scions in the mortal world.

Upon seeing these people, the chatty Yun Qiao'er immediately fell silent. Man Dao also slowed down his pace as his expression turned awkward.

The duo appeared to deliberately stand a distance away before their registration, as though they were waiting for Yang Zishan and company to be done with their registration.

Yi Yun could tell that Yun Qiao'er and Man Dao seemed to be afraid of Yang Zishan.

At this moment, Yang Zishan slowly turned his head behind and after seeing Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er, he revealed a smile that did not look like a smile. He said, "Isn't that Man Dao&h.e.l.lip; How is it? Have you recovered from the injuries sustained during your gamble fight with me? You are coming to the Fire Spirit Palace to mine for fire so soon?"

Yang Zishan did not give Man Dao any face.

Upon hearing Yang Zishan's words, Man Dao's expression turned ashen.

"Senior Brother Man Dao, do not fall for his tricks. If you were to fight him in a gamble while in a fit of rage, you will still lose." Yun Qiao'er hurriedly tugged at Man Dao, whose face had flushed red.

Seeing Man Dao being stopped by Yun Qiao'er, Yang Zishan immediately revealed a cold sneer. At this moment, he turned his eyes to Yi Yun who was standing beside Yun Qiao'er. He asked curiously, "This is the first time we have met. Who are you?"

The Earth Fire Hall had a thousand disciples, but with a warrior's memory, they could naturally recognize everyone. Hence, it was very striking to see a fresh face in Yi Yun.

"Junior Brother Yi, you can ignore him." Yun Qiao'er hurriedly told Yi Yun.

"Oh? That means you are also a disciple of Fairy Black Bamboo?" Yang Zishan sized up Yi Yun and said, "I am a disciple of Elder Heaven Scorpio. Nice to meet you."

Although Yang Zishan sounded polite, his eyes had a hint of aggression.

Yi Yun lightly clasped his fists and said, "Nice to meet you."

"Junior Brother Yi, Elder Heaven Scorpio does not have a good relationship with our master, so you must be careful of Yang Zishan. He has been in the Earth Fire Hall for a long period of time. His cultivation level has already reached the late-stages of the Heaven Ascension realm and he is much more powerful than us!" At this moment, Man Dao's Yuan Qi transmission rang in Yi Yun's ears.

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