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Chapter 791: World Stone

In the inner sanctums of Hua Yun Palace, Yi Yun sat at an old-fashioned Chinese square table that could sit eight people. He was looking through the items in the interspatial ring.

The front of the token he was given was engraved with the words ‘Fire Cloud Earth Fire Token’ and on the back was the word ‘Luo’ written in ancient 12 Empyrean Heavens script.

There was a simple set of clothes, a uniform that all Luo clan Earth Fire Hall disciples wore.

There was nothing special about these items, but there was a round stone that attracted Yi Yun's attention.

The stone was crystalline and it exuded a strange energy fluctuation. Just holding it in his hand made his meridians seem to pulse.

World Stone?

Yi Yun knew about this stone. Back in Heaven Martial City, the siblings, Ah Niu and Ah Yu, had taken a World Stone to the Li Fire Sect in the hopes of selling it. They were nearly scammed by the Li Fire Sect before Yi Yun bought the World Stone from them, resulting in a conflict with the Li Fire Sect.

The World Stone was an ore that was created at the beginning of the Universe. It could also be formed at the formation of a world.

The Universe was in a state of Chaos to begin with, and in essence, Chaos was energy. As the energy transformed into Yin and Yang, it also split Heaven and Earth apart, resulting in Wind, Rain, Thunder and Lightning, eventually giving rise to all living creatures.

However, not all Chaos energy could transform into Yin and Yang or the five elements. Some energy would condense together, forming Chaos Stones.

Chaos Stones were priceless treasures. This was because it recorded the beginnings of the Universe,  and the trajectories of Origins energy made it contain the most profound laws.

Weaker than Chaos energy was World energy. It was Chaos energy, so despite them deviating from the Origins, they were still valuable.

World energy evolved into the 12 Empyrean Heavens, turning into the Three Thousand Worlds.

Similarly, not all World energy could evolve into everything in a world. There would also be some energy that eventually condensed into World Stones.

The value of World Stones were much inferior to Chaos Stones, but they could still be used as a precious treasure for cultivation.

In the large Universe where the 12 Empyrean Heavens formed, there were many worlds. Each world's birth would leave World Stones behind.

And even now, in the infinite Universe, there were new worlds evolving or emerging.

Similarly, there were old worlds collapsing or being destroyed, turning into endless energy.

So the production of World Stones could be said to be endless.

In the 12 Empyrean Heavens, World Stones were valuable mining resources that were fought over by major factions. The stones that were mined could be used as currency, allowing one to purchase priceless treasures.

For example, the valuable relics refined by the Luo clan royal capital's Desolate Heaven masters would eventually be auctioned off in exchange for World Stones.

The Fire Cloud State provided each disciple with a World Stone in the form of a salary. In accordance with the Luo clan's rules, every Earth Fire Hall was given one World Stone a year.

"This World Stone is better in quality than the one I obtained in the Tian Yuan world. Back in the Tian Yuan world, World Stones were extremely rare treasures. Most people could not even recognize it. Even the shopkeeper of the Li Fire Sect shop failed to recognize it."

"However, in the 12 Earth Fire Hall, World Stones are plentiful. As the Large Worlds experience the long pa.s.sage of time, they undergo life and death. Every birth of a new world would result in the formation of World Stones. It would become a large mineral deposit that can be mined. The numbers wouldn't be small, so every Earth Fire Hall disciple can be given one a year."

With a thousand Earth Fire Hall disciples, that meant a thousand World Stones in a year. Along with the Heaven Fire Hall disciples and the various Elders, the number of World Stones consumed a year would at least number ten thousand.

So many World Stones were just part of the normal operating expenses of one of the Luo clan's states, the Fire Cloud State. If this was the lower realm, it was simply unimaginable. 

As for the World Stones, that was just a portion of the resources that the Luo clan consumed.

With such resources and conditions, along with heritage that was hundreds of times better, it was no wonder the mighty figures produced in the 12 Empyrean Heavens far exceeded those of the lower realms.

With this thought in mind, Yi Yun put the World Stone away. He began to read through the booklet which introduced the Earth Fire Hall's rules and the perks of being a Earth Fire Hall disciple.

One of the perks included the most important thing — Spirit of the Earth Fire.

In fact, the reason why the Earth Fire Hall was given its name had much to do with the Spirit of the Earth Fire beneath the Earth Fire Hall. The Spirit of the Earth Fire was actually a Earth Fire Spirit. This Fire Spirit had existed for hundreds of millions of years, and had been quietly burning in the Earth Fire Hall's main mountain.

"Spirit of the Earth Fire..."

The Spirit of the Earth Fire had two months a year when it burned the most intensely. Whenever that happened, many Earth Fire Hall disciples would mine its fire, using the Spirit of the Earth Fire to refine their bodies, meridians and acquire insight into fire-elemental laws.

The Fey race was naturally inferior to humans in nomological insight, but some powerful Fey with n.o.ble blood had a natural affinity with particular laws. And the Luo clan's bloodline happened to be a.s.sociated with fire-elemental laws.

Now, there were still a few days left before the Spirit of the Earth Fire burned at its strongest, so Yi Yun ignored all of this. He took the World Stone out and placed it in front of him to absorb it.

The World Stone contained the purest world energy, so with the Purple Crystal in Yi Yun's body, it allowed him to absorb the world energy at a speed many times faster than typical warriors.

Wisps of energy were absorbed by Yi Yun, slowly expanding Yi Yun's Yuan foundation and nourishing the Dao Seed as well as the divine tree planted in it.

An unknown period of time pa.s.sed as all the energy contained within the entire World Stone was absorbed cleanly by Yi Yun. Not a single ounce of energy was wasted. The energy had nourished Yi Yun's body and was now flowing in his meridians.

"Young master."

A voice was heard from outside the door, making Yi Yun open his eyes.

Although he had been immersed in cultivation, he had split off a bit of his consciousness to monitor the outside world.

As his consciousness was projected outside the door, Yi Yun sensed an aura of a person at the Mortal Blood realm.

"Come in," Yi Yun said.

The door was pushed open as a beautiful girl dressed in green walked in. This girl looked no different to a human, but the only thing that betrayed her race was a furry tail on her back that wriggled around.

Yi Yun's memory was extremely good, so he had some impression of this girl. Her name was Hu'er, one of his servants.

"Young master, in ten days time the most intense burning period of the Earth Fire Hall's Spirit of the Earth Fire will end. In accordance with Young master's wishes, Hu'er is here to inform you." Hu'er's voice was sleek and soft. Although she was still young, the natural charm of the Fox race was already in an inchoate state. If this was a mortal world, it was sufficient to make kings of countries fall head over heels for her. They could even forgo their country for this beauty. This girl was still a fox pup, but if she had sufficient strength, even powerful warriors would be overwhelmed.

However, this level of charm did not affect Yi Yun in any way.

"I got it." Before Yi Yun absorbed the World Stone, he had transmitted his voice to these servants to pay attention to matters regarding the Spirit of the Earth Fire.

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