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Chapter 79: Arrival of the Selection’s Amba.s.sador

Yi Yun ignored the comments of tribe members and Lian Chengyu’s henchmen. He was surprised that Lian Chengyu didn’t make a move against him to right the malicious slander against himself. What could be the reason?

Yi Yun noticed that Lian Chengyu was pale. Could he have experienced a Kundalini crisis, which had hurt him?

But even if Lian Chengyu did not make a move, there was still Yao Yuan!

Yi Yun did not know the reason why Lian Chengyu hadn’t made a move, and he ignored the doubts of the people.

In fact, it suited Yi Yun that Lian Chengyu didn’t make a move today. His strength had grown exponentially in a short time, so in time, he would exceed Lian Chengyu. When the time to exchange blows came, there was no reason to fear Lian Chengyu, Yi Yun would, without any doubts, win. Even if Yao Yuan intervened, Yi Yun would have nothing to fear!

Yi Yun’s appearance today was simply to obtain a qualifying spot at the Kingdom’s selection. It was sufficient enough to reach this goal.

“Young master Lian, you said to join you to make the Lian tribal clan prosperous. If so, do you plan for me to partic.i.p.ate in the Kingdom’s selection?” Yi Yun asked with a faint smile. Lian Chengyu frowned. He knew he had no reason nor did it make sense to publicly reject him. The Jin Long Wei would be here the next day, and Yi Yun had proven his strength in front of the tribe.

The Jin Long Wei’s purpose of holding the Kingdom’s selection was to select the strong, whoever was strong or had potential would be recruited. They would definitely accept Yi Yun’s partic.i.p.ation, as all he had to do was display his strength in front of the Jin Long Wei’s amba.s.sadors. Lian Chengyu had no power to decide who was going to partic.i.p.ate in the Kingdom’s selection, because it wasn’t organized by the Lian tribal clan.

“Of course! But Yi Yun, your cultivation period has been short. I’m only letting you partic.i.p.ate in the Kingdom’s selection so you can broaden your horizons. With that experience, it will help you in your future growth.”

“You might not know how difficult the Kingdom’s selection is. In a region that spreads out a thousand miles, of all the tribes within this region, only twenty will be chosen! Among the twenty, about three-quarters of them will come from the Tao tribal clan, which is the biggest in these lands!”

The Tao tribal clan had the people and the resources; Lian Chengyu’s Frost Python desolate bones were obtained from the Tao tribal clan!

Besides resources, the scholarship of the Tao tribal clan was outstanding. The elites of the younger generation from the Tao tribal clan were under the tutelage of Purple Blood warriors in the middle, late or even peak stages. They even had a heritage of cultivation techniques. How could a small tribe compete with the Tao tribal clan?

Hence, with a quota of only twenty people, the spots left for the small tribes were just three or four! To choose three or four from dozens of small tribes was a pathetic ratio!

Lian Chengyu carried on, “The Tao tribal clan is a behemoth, their population is hundreds of times bigger than our Lian tribal clan! Some of the young elites of the Tao tribal clan have even reached the Purple Blood realm! Especially the three young masters of the Tao tribe, they are even more famous! To compete with them, as a person born from a small tribe, is impossible. As for the Kingdom’s selection, if you are not at the fifth stage of Mortal Blood’s Qi Gatherer realm, you can forget about it.”

Even Lian Chengyu, who had failed to break through to the Purple Blood realm, was facing a lot of pressure.

Mortal Blood was impossible to compete against Purple Blood. They could only compete with the people who were in the Mortal Blood realm. And just reaching the fifth stage of Mortal Blood was a mediocre entry ticket.

“When I pa.s.s the selection, I’ll a.s.sist you. If you can achieve a lot, it will be a good thing for the tribe.” Lian Chengyu said this extremely reluctantly. He naturally did not want Yi Yun to partic.i.p.ate in the Kingdom’s selection, because it meant that during the selection, there was no way he could attack Yi Yun.

Also, Yi Yun’s growth was too quick, even if Yi Yun had obtained his strength from some lucky object, his growth was so quick that it even worried Lian Chengyu. Lian Chengyu did not like things to be beyond his sphere of control. Lian Chengyu wanted to remove Yi Yun as soon as possible, especially when Yi Yun was in an unprepared state. Lian Chengyu was still worried about the item that was protecting Yi Yun’s life.

Killing Yi Yun meant that the treasure would belong to him!

“Then, I’ll thank Young master Lian for his ‘guidance’!” Yi Yun emphasized on the word ‘guidance’ with a thick hint of sarcasm.

“But, Young master Lian, you don’t look well. Are you not feeling well?” Saying that, Yi Yun took a few steps forward.

Lian Chengyu was alarmed. Yi Yun had suspected that he was injured!

“Instructor Yao!” Lian Chengyu shouted angrily.

Yao Yuan sighed and transmitted words into Yi Yun’s ears silently, “Little brother, today I will not go against you. That’s because I respect you as a young warrior, do you need to be so difficult?”

Yao Yuan’s words made Yi Yun stop. He didn’t know how to transmit words silently, so he could only look at Yao Yuan and cup his fists.

That was the reason why Yao Yuan didn’t make any moves. Although Yao Yuan was one of the ruling cla.s.s in the Lian tribal clan, he had a strong sense of chivalry, and didn’t play a part in Lian Chengyu’s vile actions.

“Instructor Yao is right, little me gives his thanks. Little me extremely admires Instructor Yao as a person. Little me will go ahead first. See you tomorrow at noon!”

Yi Yun’s words were polite to Yao Yuan. In fact, Yao Yuan was Yi Yun’s first master. He had taught him the most basic cultivation technique “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist”, although Yi Yun had learnt it secretly.

Yi Yun squeezed through the crowd and headed towards the Lian Clan Herb Mountain after saying those words.

He was worried about Jiang Xiaorou’s safety, so he didn’t expose the treehouse’s location. He planned to jump down from the chasm of the herb mountain into the East River and going with the flow down to the waterfalls. As such, no one would be able to guess where he stayed.

The next morning, Yi Yun opened his eyes as he finished meditating.

The day had finally arrived. Today, the Jin Long Wei amba.s.sador would come to the Lian tribal clan to bring them to the Kingdom’s selection!

“Yun-er, just do your best, but don’t insist on it. You are still young and have plenty of time ahead of you. Our days will become better and better, so don’t do things out of spite, as for acting on impulse&h.e.l.lip;”

“I got it Sis Xiaorou.”

Knowing it was the day of Yi Yun’s departure, Jiang Xiaorou had been advising Yi Yun. Hearing these heartwarming words he said, “Sis Xiaorou, you have to be by yourself in these few days. I have prepared all the food for you. Don’t wander around.”

Yi Yun had guessed that he could not bring Jiang Xiaorou into this foray to the Tao tribal clan for the Kingdom’s selection. He was just an unimportant candidate, and had to sit on one of the mounts the Jin Long Wei had. It was impossible for him to bring someone along.

Thankfully the Lian tribal clan’s back mountain was extremely broad. To hide Jiang Xiaorou was easy. Also Lian Chengyu would be leaving the Lian tribal clan to partic.i.p.ate in the Kingdom’s selection, so it eased Yi Yun’s mind. As long as Jiang Xiaorou hid herself, the back mountain was very safe as there were no beasts there.

Finally, as a last measure of protection, Yi Yun gave the protective charm old man Su had given him to Jiang Xiaorou. That yellow tattered pulp, that was comparable to toilet paper had been kept by Yi Yun all this while. The only hope he had was that old man Su was not pulling a prank on him.

To pull a prank using a defensive item, that old fool would be extremely wicked.

Yi Yun left. He was like an agile antelope, and moved towards the Lian tribal clan with great speed!

When Yi Yun came to the Lian tribal clan, the entire top bra.s.s of the Lian tribal clan had came out to receive the Jin Long Wei amba.s.sadors.

The Jin Long Wei amba.s.sador came punctually at noon.

He was a large man with ashen black skin. Riding on a standard issue Jin Long Wei mount, he arrived at the Lian tribal clan with a commanding aura.

“Who will be partic.i.p.ating in the Kingdom’s selection?”

This amba.s.sador’s words were short and sweet, with bold undertones.

The ten people including Yi Yun and Lian Chengyu stepped forward.

“Get on!” The amba.s.sador waved his hands and cut to the chase. As such, the ten candidates mounted the amba.s.sador’s mount.

Although the mount was tall, with ten people on it, it became extremely crowded. The Jin Long Wei amba.s.sador sat on the s.p.a.cious back of the beast, while the rest sat on the sides, practically shoulder to shoulder.

Of course, Lian Chengyu was given more room by the other eight members of the warrior preparation camp. As henchmen, they needed to ensure their master was comfortable. That was the duty of a henchman.

With limited s.p.a.ce, and Lian Chengyu enjoying a large amount of room, Yi Yun naturally did not have much room. He was squeezed in the middle of two men, but Yi Yun was not bothered by it.


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