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Chapter 789: Fire Cloud State Main Mountain

Luo Fengling's Mt. Fengling was a distance away from the Fire Cloud State's main mountain and this distance was not just filled with wilderness. Along the way, Yi Yun saw a few countries along with various mountain ranges and rivers, as he followed Fairy Black Bamboo.

Yi Yun's eyesight was excellent, so even though he was flying high in the sky, he could clearly see how people led their lives in these countries.

He saw bustling cities with street hawkers lining the sides of crowded streets. Of course, there were martial houses and bodyguard escort services established in them as well. From the looks of it, they did not look much different from the mortal world in the Tian Yuan world.

The only difference was the numerous Fey race members in the cities that had yet to complete their human manifestations. These members of the Fey race had tails or fur on their bodies. Some even had human faces but Fey bodies. 

"The Fey race has mortals too?"

Yi Yun asked Fairy Black Bamboo as he looked at the Fey race, who clearly were average in strength. His impression of the Fey race was similar to that of spirits found in legendary novels. Members of the Fey race who lacked strength could manifest themselves as humans?

"Yes." Fairy Black Bamboo was still flying ahead of Yi Yun. Despite the strong winds blowing, it did not lift her veil at all. "First generation Fey race members are animals or plants who achieve their Dao to become Fey after absorbing the world's essence, so they are naturally powerful. However, their offspring might not inherit their strength. Many Fey race bloodlines would become diluted over time. Eventually, it will make them ordinary and mortal. Such bloodlines would result in the birth of several Fey race mortals. Their strength is probably around the strength of humans at the body tempering stage.

"Although the Fey race values bloodlines, and a Fey race with a powerful bloodline will be stronger, there are always exceptions to anything. Some Fey race with normal bloodlines might, for various reasons or special opportunities, slowly strengthen themselves. They might even end up being stronger than Fey race with powerful bloodlines.

As she thought highly of Yi Yun, Fairy Black Bamboo patiently explained to Yi Yun to clear his doubts.

"So that's how it is."

Yi Yun nodded. A powerful Fey race having offspring with normal bloodlines was nothing out of the ordinary.

However, just like how people of ordinary birth were able to become a peerless Great Emperor, normal Fey race could also become mighty.

"It looks like although the 12 Empyrean Heavens has many mighty figures, there is no lack of mortals as well. Not everyone is strong."

As Yi Yun pondered over it, they arrived at Fire Cloud State's main mountain.

Seeing Fire Cloud State's main mountain, Yi Yun was still somewhat shocked despite having been mentally prepared.

This mountain was not like any ordinary mountain which towered high into the sky. It was not considered tall, just about 100,000 feet tall. However, the land it covered was vast. It looked like it was a country itself.

On the mountain peak, there were long stretches of palaces as well as large spirit produce farms and herbal gardens. At this moment, the flowers were in full bloom, making it look like a colorful sea of flowers.

The melted snow on the mountain rushed down the mountain peak; it was not a tiny water stream, but a roaring river. The mountain was so ma.s.sive that the melted snow could form ma.s.sive rivers!

By the mountainside, the ma.s.sive river was truncated, forming hundreds of waterfalls that had 10,000 feet drops. They roared down like charging white dragons, striking the rock beneath with tumultuous rumbles!

"This is Fire Cloud State's main mountain? It's huge!"

The number of palaces that Yi Yun saw was nearly uncountable. Furthermore, in between the palaces stood numerous towering ancient trees. They looked spectacular and from the scale of the palaces, it was no problem for 100 million people to live in them!

Yi Yun knew that the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven's rock was much stronger than the lower realm. Hence, in order to construct such a palace complex, it would require immense riches. Only a warrior's world was able to make constructions of such terrifying scale.

"There are so many palaces, can they all be inhabited?" Yi Yun could not help but ask. He knew that the number of mortal Fey race in the Fire Cloud State probably numbered above 10 billion, but the real Luo clan disciples were few in number. It seemed unlikely that all these palaces could be inhabited.

Fairy Black Bamboo said lightly, "The palaces are divided into many types. Other than the palaces of the Elders and deacons, the palaces below are where the Earth Fire Hall disciples stay. Every Earth Fire Hall disciple would be given their own palace complex.

"In the Fire Cloud State, there is no lack of mortal Fey that organize their own countries. However, the palaces that the Fey emperors of the mortal Fey countries live in can't even compare to a Earth Fire Hall disciple's palatial residence." Fairy Black Bamboo said with a calm voice, but what she said shocked Yi Yun.

It was equivalent to saying that a palace that every Earth Fire Hall disciple was a.s.signed was bigger and more luxurious than a mortal's palace!

Of course, the luxury did not refer to material objects like gold and silver, but mostly arrays for cultivation. All sorts of treasures, vessels, and the palace's construction material like timber and stone were all refined from valuable materials.

In the Fire Cloud State, every Heaven Fire Hall personal disciple was given a mountain, so although the Earth Fire Hall disciples were slightly inferior, they were still given palaces!

There were more than a thousand Earth Fire Hall disciples, which made it equivalent to more than 1000 palaces that were gathered together!

Adding the palaces owned by the Elders, deacons and the law-enforces, they formed the Fire Cloud State main mountain's complex!

Upon noticing Yi Yun's expression, Fairy Black Bamboo said, "Do you think there are too many palaces? Actually, that's not true. The Luo clan has existed for nearly 100 million years. It has waxed and waned over this period, but it still managed to survive through the times. Although the Fire Cloud State's history is shorter, it also has 50 million years. Even if it takes 10,000 years to build a palace, there would be an acc.u.mulation of 5000 palaces. So constructing such a palace complex is very easy."

When Fairy Black Bamboo said this, Yi Yun drew a gasp. Yes, with a hundred million years or fifty million years of history, it was something easily mentionable. But to truly experience it, the length of time was almost impossible to imagine.

Over such a long period of time, a faction's foundation and acc.u.mulated strength would reach a terrifying stage.

This palace complex was just a microcosm. The cost to constructing it was inevitably high or it would not have been able to withstand the tens of millions of years of elements. With so many palaces and so few disciples, allocating one palace to each Earth Fire Hall disciple was not considered an extravagant matter. If the palace was not used, it would only sit idle after all.

It was no wonder the miscellaneous ch.o.r.es disciples like Dong Hu, Bai Wei and Sun Lie were so eager to become Earth Fire Hall disciples.

They came from small tribal clans, and the moment they became Earth Fire Hall disciples, it could be said to be reaching the heavens in a single bound!

After all, it was the Fire Cloud State, the Luo clan's Fire Cloud State!

Ignoring the Fire Cloud State's Elders, just the Earth Fire Hall disciples already enjoyed a status much higher than a mortal Fey country's emperor. This could be judged from the amount of resources consumed by the Earth Fire Hall disciples’ residence.

From mortals to warriors, it was like heaven and earth. This chasm-like gap was something that could not be closed just because of having the t.i.tle of emperor! Just think about the difference in lifespans that differed by thousands of times, what more the difference in strength.

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