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Chapter 788: Gaining Recognition

Bai Wei slammed to the ground. The single hit from Yi Yun's palm looked extremely light. Bai Wei did not fly too far away, but what followed was a shocking scene.

People saw strands of white hair on Bai Wei's head. There were even wrinkles that began to appear on Bai Wei's face.

This is...

Everyone stared with widened eyes as they felt a chill shudder down their backs!

Previously, they were already astonished to see the Thousand Snow saber array lacerating Dong Hu till he had no undamaged spot on his skin, but they did not have this shuddering fear. It was as though Bai Wei's life had been stolen away by Yi Yun's single strike!

The Withering concept used by Yi Yun could indeed devour the vitality of the victim, and it would leave only half of their life spans.

However, against Bai Wei, whose strength was ma.s.sively inferior, just a simple Withering strike was enough to cripple of Bai Wei's potential. That would also breach the rules of the organization.

The Luo clan encouraged compet.i.tion amongst disciples, but it did not encourage maliciously crippling or killing fellow disciples. Hence, Yi Yun had shown mercy with this strike.

But even so, it caused Bai Wei's vitality to suffer. It required a long period of nursing to recover and to slowly remove the wrinkles on her face.

However, Bai Wei was unaware of this, she was even unaware of what had happened to her body. Only when she saw the other miscellaneous ch.o.r.es disciples looking at her in disbelief did she realize that something had happened to her body.

"Your face&h.e.l.lip; "

Tao'er covered her mouth and could not bear but say. The moment this was said, Bai Wei immediately touched her face. For warriors, there was no need for mirrors, a scan of their perception was sufficient to inform them of their body changes.


Bai Wei let out a sharp scream. As a woman, despite being  member of the Fey race, she still cared for her beauty deeply.

Furthermore, youth implied potential. It implied how much one could achieve in the future. If she was old, what future did she have?

Bai Wei was completely distraught from shock. Her heart was on the brink of collapse, unsure if she could recover or not.

Upon seeing this scene, Sun Lie's body was shaking all over.

He wanted to plead with Yi Yun, and he even thought of just lying on the ground without getting up. That would make Yi Yun literally the last person standing.

But at this moment, Sun Lie was in the middle of the saber array. Just a momentary lapse of concentration caused more than a dozen flying sabers to stab into his body!

Sun Lie's defenses were much weaker than Dong Hu. He relied on a wolf's speed and agility, but with the flying sabers. .h.i.tting him, his motions immediately turned r.e.t.a.r.ded. Following that, a large swath of flying sabers. .h.i.t Sun Lie!

"Bam! Bam! Bam!"

A powerful impact caused Sun Lie to fly up before he slammed heavily into the ground with blood splattering everywhere.

At this moment, the only person left standing was naturally only Yi Yun!

Instantly, the entire venue turned silent.

The saber array had eliminated two people, while one palm strike was enough to push Bai Wei to the brink of mental collapse. Not only had Yi Yun won, he had won at a sufficiently fast speed as requested by Fairy Black Bamboo!

Furthermore, Yi Yun was ruthless!

When the other miscellaneous ch.o.r.es disciples saw how Yi Yun was being targeted by the trio, they sensed that there was a feud between them.

With the premise of a feud, it was necessary to be ruthless.

In addition, Yi Yun was ruthless in his attacks, but he did not violate any of the Luo clan rules. It was something that gave people the creeps.

This person was not somewhat to be trifled with!

In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, be it compet.i.tion or murder, they were more intense than the Tian Yuan world. Compared to humans, the Fey race was even more savage. In order to rob or kill, humans had to find a reasonable explanation to do so, but the Fey race was more direct. They robbed and killed as they wished.

In such a situation, if one was submissive and engaged in acts of kindness, it was more likely for them to be bullied. They might even die without knowing why. Only those who were vicious and decisive could lead a better life. They were even respected or revered.

As a human, Yi Yun would be discriminated in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, but because of today's defeating of three people, and in such a brutal manner, no one dared to despise his ident.i.ty as a human.

The strong were respected no matter where it was.

"This human will be entering the Earth Fire Hall?"

People discussed in whispers. With the strength that Yi Yun had shown, it was definitely sufficient for him to enter the Earth Fire Hall. Be it the saber array or the odd law, just any one of them was sufficient to qualify him.

Furthermore, Yi Yun did not appear to have used his true strength against Dong Hu and company. It was hard to tell how much hidden strength he still had.

This made many Mt. Fengling miscellaneous ch.o.r.es disciples look at Yi Yun with eyes of jealousy and enviousness. Yi Yun was destined to have a bright future, an ent.i.ty with a completely different fate from them. So what if they were members of the Fey race while Yi Yun was a human? Strength was everything.

Yi Yun looked at Fairy Black Bamboo and waited for her reply.

Previously, Fairy Black Bamboo had said that by quickly defeating the other three, the person would win the qualification to carry on.

The words "carry on" implied that Fairy Black Bamboo might still have prepared another round of a.s.sessment.

"What was the law you used at the end?" Fairy Black Bamboo suddenly asked.

"Withering!" Yi Yun answered tersely.

It was nothing to tell others what sort of law it was. The only thing that needed to be concealed was the moves from the nomological transformations and the energy trajectories of the law.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's answer, the surrounding miscellaneous ch.o.r.es disciples were somewhat stunned.

Law of Withering? A simple palm strike caused the flower petals to wither to dust...

It sounded incredible. The Fey race disciples present had inferior nomological comprehension compared to humans. It was natural for them to be astonished when they suddenly heard of such a rare but profound law.

Ignoring the Mt. Fengling miscellaneous ch.o.r.es disciples, even Fairy Black Bamboo, who had lived for thousands of years, had yet to see the law that Yi Yun displayed.

The nomological Great Dao were numerous in number. This law was learned from the Dao Tree's leaf. It was a Dao Tree that formed at the beginning of Chaos, when the Universe was still in its infancy. The laws of the Dao Tree was an embodiment of the Universe's truth. And the Withering concept that Yi Yun gained insight into was deduced from that moment of the Dao Leaf dropping from the Dao Tree.

"Withering? Interesting."

Fairy Black Bamboo nodded her head slightly. Her nodding was an extremely rare act of admiration. 

"Alright, you have pa.s.sed the examination. From now on, you are an Earth Fire Hall disciple!"

A single sentence from Fairy Black Bamboo was enough to determine Yi Yun's status.

He pa.s.sed?

Yi Yun faltered slightly, but he was not surprised. This was because the energy control and nomological concepts he revealed was sufficient. There was no need to partic.i.p.ate in any further a.s.sessments. As for Fairy Black Bamboo, who was accustomed to saving time, she decided to skip this procedure.

"Follow me. I'll take you to the Earth Fire Hall to obtain your ident.i.ty token."

As Fairy Black Bamboo said, she floated away.

Yi Yun was not excited after becoming an Earth Fire Hall disciple. It was something that was within expectations.

Yi Yun glanced at Tao'er and said, "I'll be heading to the Earth Fire Hall first. Once I've settled in, I'll come back to Mt. Fengling."

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