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Chapter 787: There is no medicine for regret

Although Fairy Black Bamboo remained expressionless when she saw what Yi Yun had done, she was very astonished deep down. She knew how immense one's energy control needed to be in order to control the saber array in such a manner. Every single one of the 999 flying sabers were augmented with energy, and it was because of this energy that the flying sabers were controlled so freely.

And to say that the saber array had avoided Dong Hu's critical points was imprecise. To be precise, the saber array had attacked every spot on Dong Hu's body except the critical points!

Dong Hu's injuries were not as simple as superficial wounds. Many of his meridians had been severed!

These severed meridians would not result in any fatalities, but it was extremely difficult to recover from them.

This young man is very interesting!

Fairy Black Bamboo evaluated in her heart. As a member of the Fey race, the Luo clan was not sympathetic to the weak. Other than disallowing deliberately killing fellow disciples, the Luo clan would tacitly allow the compet.i.tion of resources and cultivation techniques amongst the disciples.

Fairy Black Bamboo was similar too. She was cold, indifferent and she disregarded life. One could know this just from examining the examinations she presided over. Many disciples would not only fail, but they would also be seriously injured.

And it was now that Fairy Black Bamboo began to pay notice to Yi Yun.

From the moment that Yi Yun had made his move to defeating Dong Hu, only several seconds had pa.s.sed.

At this moment, he stretched out his hand for a move.

"Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!"

The 999 flying sabers flew out of the mountain rock and returned to Yi Yun's side while dancing randomly.

Following that, Yi Yun's gaze landed on Sun Lie and Bai Wei.

He remembered Fairy Black Bamboo's words. To win the qualification, he had to be the last one standing.

Dong Hu was down, so these two would naturally have to go down!

Upon coming into contact with Yi Yun's gaze, Sun Lie and Bai Wei immediately felt their hearts sink while their faces turned pale.

The moment the Thousand Snow saber array appeared, they had been staring with widened eyes. Upon seeing Dong Hu fall, they knew that Yi Yun was definitely not a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Now, the way that Yi Yun stared at them made them feel as though they were the lambs that were unable to put up a fight.

"Wait&h.e.l.lip; Wait!"

Bai Wei hurriedly asked for a time out as she looked at Fairy Black Bamboo, hoping for her to stop the examination. The situation was apparent now. Yi Yun's strength clearly far exceeded the three of them.

However, Fairy Black Bamboo did not say a word as she completely ignored Bai Wei's gaze. It meant — the examination continues!

Before the examination began, Fairy Black Bamboo had said that those that lacked the ability were to quit early so as to not waste her time. Upon deciding to take the examination, they had to be prepared to be seriously injured!

Those miscellaneous ch.o.r.es disciple who knew of Fairy Black Bamboo's infamy had withdrawn early on obediently, while the trio were filled with ambition because they were new. They thought highly of themselves and they eagerly partic.i.p.ated in the examination thinking it was an opportunity, so how could they quit now?

Since they had made the choice, there was no way that they could ask for it to be stopped midway. Hence, Fairy Black Bamboo completely ignored Bai Wei's gaze.

"There's no other way out!"

Bai Wei clenched her teeth and stood together with Sun Lie.

"The rules did not say we can't fight together. Let's attack at the same time. One person will pin down the saber array while another will attack his body!" Sun Lie hurriedly transmitted his voice.

After having seen Dong Hu's outcome, the duo were already lacking confidence. This human was ruthless. It was unknown how long it would take to recover from such lacerating wounds.

"Alright! You restrain the saber array and I'll attack his body!" As Bai Wei said this, she directly attacked.

The Thousand Snow saber array was too terrifying, so Bai Wei admitted that she was definitely no match. As for Yi Yun's body, she believed that it was still injured and he had yet to recover. As a human, his body shouldn't be too strong, right?

Especially with Yi Yun appearing like a warrior that was adept at mental manipulation, the weakness of this kind of warrior was probably his body.

At this moment of time, Bai Wei could no longer care if her judgment was accurate or not. Her only choice was to attack Yi Yun's body. It was the only chance for victory!

Seeing Bai Wei rush out, Sun Lie's expression changed. That woman!

He did not dare withstand the Thousand Snow saber array, but since Bai Wei had already attacked, he could only bite the bullet. If he did not, it was equivalent to giving Yi Yun a chance to beat them all down.

Sun Lie gritted his teeth as he charged at Yi Yun's Thousand Snow saber array.

"Ao woo!"

Sun Lie let out a long howl that didn't seem human. A layer of black fur appeared on his body as his back began to bend, as though his spine was a bow.

His four limbs landed on the ground as fangs appeared from his mouth. His eyes turned green and in a blink of an eye, he had turned into a werewolf.

Sun Lie did not have any hope at tearing the saber array apart. He just wished to last a little longer. When Bai Wei defeated Yi Yun, there would be no one controlling the saber array, so it would fail without needing him to attack.

Seeing Sun Lie head towards the saber array and Bai Wei charging at him, Yi Yun naturally guessed at their intentions. However, he did not summon the Thousand Snow saber array to protect himself. Instead, he waited for Bai Wei's arrival.

"Yi Yun! I'll be returning that slap to you!" Bai Wei deeply remembered the humiliation of being slapped by a human in the first time in her life, and for that, she wanted to return it to Yi Yun a thousand times over.

Numerous flower petals appeared from her body. They looked extremely pretty, but their edges were as sharp as blades. Not only did she want to return a slap to Yi Yun, but she also wanted to disfigure Yi Yun.

Seeing the sky-filled petals whistling at him, a beam appeared in Yi Yun's eyes as he slowly raised his hand and tapped gently while facing the flower petals.


As though it was the sound of a water droplet dripping, a blast of air spread out. The flower petals that filled the sky were immediately disturbed by the blast. This scene looked like there was an invisible water surface filling the sky, with those flower petals seemingly land on the water surface. Following that, they bobbed as a result of the water ripples.

While bobbing up and down, the flower petals that filled the sky quickly withered at a visible speed!

Withering concept!

Even without relying on the Death Soulwood, Yi Yun's demonstration of his Withering concept was enough to deal with Bai Wei.

The moment the Withering domain appeared, an aura of death was emanated. The sharp and matchless flower petals were unable to withstand the force of the death.

No matter how many new flower petals Bai Wei sent out, the moment they entered the Withering concept's domain, they rapidly withered. In front of Yi Yun, it was as though they instantly experienced a life of drying up and withering before being blown by the wind into the mud and rocks on Mt. Fengling, eventually turning to dust.

Upon seeing this scene, Bai Wei turned aghast. What was going on?

If it was about Yi Yun fighting Dong Hu from before, she might have felt fear when he used the saber array to defeat Dong Hu because it was a move that she could understand. It was just flying sabers and mental control.

But now, a simple tap of Yi Yun's finger, with him not appearing to use much energy, he had immediately dissipated her flower swords. Before she struck, her momentum had been dissipated!

"It's time for you to fall as well!"

Yi Yun took a step and he instantly appeared in front of Bai Wei. A palm that was augmented by the Withering concept hit Bai Wei's abdomen!


Bai Wei's body quaked as instantly, she felt an energy filled with silent death rush into her Dantian. It was consuming her Yuan Qi, youth and even her life force!

This was an immensely terrifying power that made people despair. After being struck by Yi Yun's palm, she felt as though she had lost all meaning to life.

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