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Chapter 785: Sparring

Actually, when Dong Hu and company noticed the other miscellaneous ch.o.r.es disciples shrinking back in fear, they had also guessed that the Earth Fire Hall examination would be very difficult. However, so what if it was difficult? Wasn't the path of martial arts about facing difficulties?

They were recruited after the Luo clan experienced a great war in a bid to replenish their numbers. In the past tens of thousands of years, the Luo clan did not hold such a ma.s.s recruitment of disciples that spanned hundreds of planets. They were the ones who shone out of the hundreds of planets.

Dong Hu, Bai Wei and Sun Lie were eager to try, but at this moment, Yi Yun was observing Fairy Black Bamboo. He found it interesting that Fairy Black Bamboo clearly cultivated in fire-elemental laws, but the feeling she gave, or the aura she had, felt extremely cold like ice. Could fire-elemental laws be cultivated in this manner? It was truly strange.

"Since there are no objections, I shall announce the details of the examination. Firstly, I'll talk about my Earth Fire Hall. There are a total of a thousand people. And the disciples that partic.i.p.ate in the examination in the Fire Cloud State come not only from the steward disciples from the 108 mountains, but also from exterior disciples that numbered even more. There would be more than 100,000 in total.

When Fairy Black Bamboo said this, even Dong Hu and company, who were br.i.m.m.i.n.g in confidence, felt their necks shrink and their hearts beat furiously like a drum.

Yes, as steward disciples from the 108 mountains, they were actually considered the lucky ones to be chosen from amongst the exterior disciples. That alone numbered a few thousand.

And even more disciples, who were not qualified to become a steward disciple of the Heaven Fire Hall, were allocated all across the Fire Cloud State. These people made up the majority of the exterior disciples.

Earth Fire Hall only numbered in the dozens, so the compet.i.tion was intense.

Fairy Black Bamboo carried on, "The Earth Fire Hall's examination has two types. The first is to accompany me to the Earth Fire Hall's Relic Hall and undergo a Desolate Heaven technique a.s.sessment! The other is an a.s.sessment of strength which can be done here! Any charms, pills or puppets not refined by yourself, as well as external powers, are not to be used. Those, who are inadequate, it is best you quit early. Do not have any hopes of luck for you will be wasting my time."

"Now, which examination would you choose?" Fairy Black Bamboo asked.

"Strength a.s.sessment!"

"The second one!"

Dong Hu and company spoke out. The Desolate Heaven technique a.s.sessment was extremely difficult, resulting in very few people being able to enter the Earth Fire Hall through the Desolate Heaven technique a.s.sessment. Furthermore, they did not know the Desolate Heaven technique either.

After Dong Hu was done speaking, he looked at Yi Yun. A teasing smile hung on his face as he waited for Yi Yun to make his choice.

Fairy Black Bamboo also looked at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun rubbed his chin. The test of the Desolate Heaven technique needed traveling to the Relic Hall? Indeed, the usage of the Desolate Heaven technique needed materials, array platforms, relic cauldrons and various other tools. Having the examination out in the open would affect the performance of some Desolate Heaven technique apprentices.

Yi Yun was indifferent as he did not care about the differences that these external conditions brought.

However, Yi Yun did not like trouble. An examination on the spot was easier, so he said, "I'll also take the strength a.s.sessment."

Be it the strength a.s.sessment or the Desolate Heaven technique a.s.sessment, Yi Yun did not mind any of them.

However, with him saying that, Tao'er was stunned. Brother Yi chose the strength a.s.sessment? Wasn't Brother Yi supposed to partic.i.p.ate in the Desolate Heaven technique a.s.sessment?

Brother Yi's Desolate Heaven technique would definitely not be a problem, but in terms of strength&h.e.l.lip; Brother Yi just recovered from his injuries, so is it really fine for him to have his strength a.s.sessed?

At that moment, Tao'er naturally did not dare say a word. Fairy Black Bamboo was already continuing on. "Alright, if everyone wants a strength a.s.sessment, it will save time. Report your bone age, and show off your strength in front of me. It can be nomological insights or sparring against each other. Things like cultivation techniques you cultivate can also be showcased as you please. As long as you attract me in any single aspect, you will have the qualification to carry on."

The Earth Fire Hall did not have any explicit examination format. The examiners were given free reign on the a.s.sessments, and for that, the examinations that Fairy Black Bamboo presided over were always simple and brutal.

Yi Yun found it to be a refreshing method of a.s.sessment when he heard this. It was considered truly primal. He even believed that there would be a specially built array that they had to pa.s.s.

"We can spar against each other?" Dong Hu's eyes lit up. He liked sparring a lot.

He was not proficient showcasing his nomological insights or cultivation techniques. As a member of the tiger species, he excelled in physical strength. The tiger species themselves acknowledged that they were inferior when it came to laws.

However, sparring was playing to his strengths.

He immediately looked at Yi Yun, his two eyes looked like a hunting dog that had seen its prey. This was a Heaven-given opportunity!

"Fairy, what happens if we injure the other party when sparring?" Dong Hu grabbed his knuckles and asked.

"The sword is blind, it is inevitable if one is injured because of a lack of strength." Fairy Black Bamboo said coldly, but what she said made Dong Hu feel a sense of exuberance. Fairy Black Bamboo had implicitly said that it was fine even if he caused injuries.

In the upcoming a.s.sessment, he wanted to sever Yi Yun's meridians and cause Yi Yun’s old injuries to relapse, putting him in bed for half a year.

"Brother Hu, you want to fight Junior Brother Yi? I think I should be the one."

Noticing that Dong Hu wanted to fight Yi Yun, Sun Lie became anxious. Yi Yun was a human from the lower realm, and all his meridians were severed half a month ago as though he was about to die. Now, Yi Yun had probably not fully recovered from his injuries, so how could he give the chance of revenge to Dong Hu?

What if Yi Yun was crippled by Dong Hu, wouldn't he not have the chance to beat Yi Yun up?

"Senior Brother Sun, Senior Brother Hu, both of you are close in strength, so both of you would be excellent sparring partners and you can put up a nice fight. This little sister of yours is weak, so leave Junior Brother Yi to me."

Bai Wei interjected, in a bid to vie for Yi Yun too. This was the first time Yi Yun heard them refer himself as ’Junior Brother Yi’.

The three people competed over Yi Yun mostly due to having a grudge with Yi Yun. This was naturally obvious to the miscellaneous ch.o.r.es disciple and Tao'er.

Many people gave Yi Yun odd looks, unsure how Yi Yun had made the three of them his enemies.

The trio being at odds against Yi Yun was clearly a disadvantage for him. And from the way the trio looked, they would definitely not go easy on Yi Yun.

At this moment, Yi Yun spoke. He did not look at Dong Hu and company but he asked Fairy Black Bamboo, "If it's sparring, how do we win the qualification?"

Fairy Black Bamboo said, "The final person standing will win the qualification if they end the fight fast enough."

Fairy Black Bamboo answered. It was simple and brutal, but everyone was dumbfounded hearing this. It was not the final person who won, but the final person standing. This meant that the victor had to beat everyone down?

"Got it." Yi Yun said.

Dong Hu and company were also surprised. This meant that the three of them still had to fight one another.

The way the three of them looked at each other also turned strange. They were compet.i.tors too! Dong Hu and company had their hidden techniques and now, they were planning on revealing them.

Regardless of that, they had to first get rid of Yi Yun!

"Yi Yun, let's do it!" Dong Hu shouted as he suddenly attacked.

The bones in his body began to crackle as his figure increased in size. The clothes on his upper body had all burst, while his facial muscles turned distorted. His appearance became ferocious as tiger stripes began to appear on his body!

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