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Chapter 778: Beating into Submission

Sun Lie was also from a Fey race that was known for its strength. However, his saber strike that used all his strength had failed to even lacerate the Draco First True Gold avatar's body of flesh.

Even the Black-armored Demon G.o.d had previously failed to take down the Draco First True Gold avatar, so what more Sun Lie?


Sun Lie was alarmed and at this moment, the Draco First True Gold avatar had sent a punch straight into Sun Lie's abdomen. With a quivering jerk, Sun Lie's body bent like a shrimp.

The gastric juices in Sun Lie's stomach spewed out from the blow, it was an excruciating pain.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Sun Lie cursed. Despite being beaten into such a wretched state, he refused to concede defeat. It was completely unacceptable for members from the Fey race species that enjoyed a strong sense of racial superiority to submit to a human from the lower realm.

Hearing Sun Lie's invective, Yi Yun, who was standing far away, p.r.i.c.ked up his eyebrow. This sort of person just needed to be beaten into submission.

Yi Yun stood motionless while the Draco First True Gold avatar began giving Sun Lie a brutal beating.

Although Sun Lie resisted, he was no match for the Draco First True Gold avatar. The saber in his hand was forcefully taken away by the Draco First True Gold avatar, and with a wipe from the avatar’s pale gold palm, pure Yang Yuan Qi devoured all the flames on the saber!

"Bam! Bam! Bam!"

The Draco First True Gold avatar sent out numerous punches, each one striking at Sun Lie's abdomen. In a matter of seconds, Sun Lie went from spewing out gastric juices to spewing out blood.

With another strike from an elbow into Sun Lie's back, Sun Lie felt as though his spine had fractured as he went limp and crashed to the ground.

The Draco First True Gold avatar grabbed Sun Lie's ankle and with a throw, flung him on Dong Hu's back.


Dong Hu let out a tragic scream as he and Sun Lie were piled together in a heap.

The Draco First True Gold avatar placed his foot on Sun Lie's back as Sun Lie's body jerked abruptly. The blood spewing out of his mouth was like a fish blowing bubbles. Dong Hu, who was below him, suffered likewise. He felt that the Draco First True Gold avatar's foot was about to break both their backs.

At this moment, the Draco First True Gold avatar made a flip with his hand, and retrieved a lance of unknown origin. He did not use the lance head, but the lance pole to smash the two of them at the same time!

Although Fire Cloud State banned the killing of fellow disciples, it was a gray area when it came to beating each other to a near cripple.

Having sustained serious injuries, they would have to recuperate for a year or so, definitely affecting their future cultivation.

This way, their ambitions and aspirations would become bursting bubbles. There was no need to talk about entering the Earth Fire Hall, they might even be kicked out because of poor performance.

"Stop&h.e.l.lip; Stop beating&h.e.l.lip; "

Dong Hu groaned. Sun Lie's body was also twitching all over, he was no longer bold enough to keep up with his invectives.

At this moment, Yi Yun only waved his hand, making the Draco First True Gold avatar stop.

Following that, Yi Yun looked at Bai Wei.

Bai Wei immediately turned pale, "I&h.e.l.lip; I'm not saying anything at all. What do you want? As a man, even if redress has to be sought for any grievance, are you not even going to spare women?"

"Women?" Yi Yun gave a scornful laugh, "You are only a spirit monster. Even if you were really a woman, I will never hesitate to act against any provocations directed at me. But there was one thing you said right, I will seek redress for any grievance!"

As Yi Yun spoke, the Draco First True Gold avatar briskly arrived in front of Bai Wei and sent a slap at her!

Bai Wei screamed. The Draco First True Gold avatar's slap was extremely fast, so even if Bai Wei could not block it, with her strength, she could have at least reacted and fought back.

However, she did not do so. Sun Lie and Dong Hu, who were stronger than her, had been beaten up brutally because of their resistance.

With a loud slap, Bai Wei was sent flying by the Draco First True Gold avatar!

Bai Wei slammed heavily into the ground. Her face swelled up, but compared to Dong Hu and Sun Lie, her injuries were the lightest.

However, Bai Wei felt immense humiliation from being slapped by Yi Yun.

With a hand covering her face, she groaned while lying on the ground. She could not do anything to Yi Yun because the puppet was too terrifying.

If she could steal the puppet, then she would obtain a power boost to her combat power. As for that human, he would be nothing at all, allowing her to knead him as she wished.

Bai Wei could not help but have such thoughts.

Yi Yun looked indifferently at Bai Wei, Sun Lie and Dong Hu.

He knew that although they verbally appeared to submit to him, they still hated him deeply in their hearts. However, with the Fire Cloud State's rules, Yi Yun could not really kill the three of them because he would end up suffering heavy punishment.

Yi Yun did not take the matter of having a grudge with the fellow three disciples to heart.

The Fire Cloud State was just an expedient place for Yi Yun to recuperate from his wounds. As for Dong Hu and company, they were trivial to him. They were all at the Yuan Opening realm, and were not much different from Yi Yun. Compared to Tian Yuan world warriors at the same level, Bai Wei, Dong Hu and Sun Lie were indeed much stronger, but the gap between the trio and Yi Yun was too great.

Although Yi Yun came from the Tian Yuan world, he not only had the Purple Crystal, but he had also entered the Great Empress mystic realm and the Pure Yang Sword Palace, obtaining the top heritage from the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

And the three Fey race members in front of him were just Earth Fey from the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. It was not incorrect to label them as low cla.s.s Fey race.

Regardless of the number of geniuses in the 12 Empyrean Heavens or the number of experts there were, a few Earth Fey members that came from remote tribal clans would just be demolished by Yi Yun as the gap between them was too great.

When Yi Yun recovered from his injuries, the three of them would not even be worth mentioning.

With a thought, the Draco First True Gold avatar transformed into a stream of light and disappeared into his Dantian.

After taking a glance at the trio, Yi Yun turned around and left.

Yi Yun did not plan on staying in the Fire Cloud State for long. He remembered the kindness that Luo Fengling showed him by saving him. In the future, when he left the Fire Cloud State, he would look for an opportunity to repay her kindness.

However&h.e.l.lip; since it was the Luo clan, Yi Yun was also planning on going to the royal capital.

The Luo clan could be said to be a big clan, but it had established its own nation. Firstly, Yi Yun wanted to see Luo Huo'er, and secondly, if possible, Yi Yun wanted to find Jiang Xiaorou's father.

Various factors seemed to indicate that Jiang Xiaorou's father was in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. Jiang Xiaorou had grown up alone and she had suffered all her life. If he could help Jiang Xiaorou find her father, it would fulfill a wish of Yi Yun's.


The next morning, moments after dawn, Mt. Fengling was still covered with a dense fog.

Yi Yun was dressed in azure-colored clothes, looking clean and simple. He sat cross-legged in the valley, enjoying the tranquility of the early morning in the mountains as well as expirating Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Mt. Fengling was considered an excellent spiritual ground. Recuperating here allowed him to obtain double the results with half the effort.

The relic Luo Fengling gave Yi Yun had already been eaten by him. What surprised Yi Yun was that the relic's effect was much better than he expected.

The moment the relic entered his abdomen, it transformed into a warm flow that flowed to his every limb. Despite his meridians being severed, the energy in the relic could strangely flow along them.

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