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Chapter 777: Avatar? Puppet?

"What&h.e.l.lip; is this thing&h.e.l.lip; ?"

After being brutally slammed to the ground by the Draco First True Gold avatar, Dong Hu’s back was being held down under the Draco First True Gold avatar's foot, causing him to spew blood out of his mouth.

Bai Wei and Sun Lie's eyes were staring straight at the Draco First True Gold avatar that had suddenly appeared. He looked exactly like Yi Yun, with the only difference being the pale gold robe he wore. His skin looked like it had a metallic texture to it, somewhat different from Yi Yun's.


Bai Wei's tiny mouth opened as she found it extremely astonishing.

"How can it be an avatar? It has to be a puppet." Sun Lie said with an ashen face.

There were many similarities between avatars and puppets, for example, they could both be used to kill enemies. There were also many puppets that were manufactured to look extremely lifelike, and there were unsurprising cases where it would look identical to its master.

An avatar could also look exactly identical to the original body, but there were two essential differences between avatars and puppets.

The first difference was strength and growth potential. A avatar's strength was largely determined by one's true body. Their nomological insights were identical, and the avatar could grow, cultivating like the true body. In contrast, the moment a puppet was refined, its strength would be fixed. At best, there could be some slight modifications in the future.

The second difference was the difference in importance between an avatar and a puppet. An avatar's soul sea had a soul split from the warrior's original body. As for a puppet, it had a spiritual imprint at best.

The loss of an avatar would deal a major blow to the original body's soul sea, and it might even affect the person's future success.

As for the loss of a puppet, it was actually just the lost of a treasure. With sufficient wealth, it was considered nothing.

Sun Lie believed that Yi Yun had summoned a puppet, mainly because an avatar, which had the ability to grow, required extremely valuable materials. It was difficult to find them, and it was extremely difficult to refine one!

The more valuable the materials, the longer it would take to refine an avatar. Typically, it needed a mighty senior to spend a long period of time to refine an avatar.

As for Yi Yun's Draco First True Gold avatar, it was refined by the Azure Yang Lord personally. After the Azure Yang Lord died, it had been refined in the G.o.d Advent Tower's arrays for tens of millions of years!

Sun Lie absolutely refused to believe that such a precious item would come into the possession of a warrior from the lower realm.

Furthermore, the strength of the Draco First True Gold avatar was too powerful, so Sun Lie could not accept that it was a junior's avatar.

"Puppet? Even if it's a puppet, it's so powerful!"

As Bai Wei rolled her eyes, she looked at the Draco First True Gold avatar with intense jealousy, she coveted it greatly!

She had looked down on Yi Yun from the very beginning. Although her ancestor was a white peony that achieved its Dao, she felt a sense of superiority when she saw humans in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, especially humans from the lower realm. She thought of them as b.u.mpkins with poor backgrounds.

Now, she was stunned to suddenly see a b.u.mpkin nonchalantly produce a powerful puppet that was refined with superior techniques.

There were such good things in the lower realm? To refine such a puppet would definitely consume a lot of resources, yet this b.u.mpkin had managed to obtain it.

It was a true waste of a treasure for a b.u.mpkin to possess such a good item. Why wasn't it hers?

Bai Wei felt an imbalance in her mind, she was even thinking of means to obtain this puppet.

At this moment, Dong Hu was still screaming on the ground. Having been beaten down to the ground by a human, he gnashed his teeth because it was too shameful.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, don't you fall into my hands&h.e.l.lip; " Dong Hu's mouth was full of blood and his nose had collapsed in, but he still squeezed out those malicious words from the gaps in his teeth.

The tiger species was a very aggressive species, they were the kind who would refuse to take a soft stance, even if they were beaten to a pulp.


Yi Yun raised his foot and ruthlessly stepped on Dong Hu's neck, preventing him from producing another sound.

"Gee, this ground sure is hard."

As Yi Yun stepped on Dong Hu, he began to comment on the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven's ground.

Yi Yun could tell that Mt. Fengling did not augment itself with too many arrays, yet this mountain was extremely firm. It was much firmer than the Tian Yuan world. If not, the Draco First True Gold avatar's nonchalant throw would have definitely sent Dong Hu deep underground, and not just cause a human-shaped crater.

Other than that, the s.p.a.ce here was more stable. A move that could tear through the void in the Tian Yuan world was not even able to distort s.p.a.ce here.

Under such circ.u.mstances, if the battle between Heaven Ascension realm warriors was considered, they could cause the world to tremble while fighting in the lower realm, bringing chaos to their universe.

But in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, their battle would appear plain. It wouldn't differ much from a battle between Yuan foundation realm realm warriors.

"A large world born out of the chaos during the beginning of the Universe is indeed different." Yi Yun said with amazement, but the strength in his foot did not loosen at all.

"It ends here!" Sun Lie spoke out. The species he belonged to had relations with Dong Hu's species, so the two knew each other. "Kid, what are you doing? By brutally beating a fellow disciple, aren't you afraid of being punished by the Fire Cloud State?"

The compet.i.tion between Fire Cloud State disciples was intense, but if someone publicly killed a fellow disciple, it was a serious crime.

Sun Lie put forward the idea of a possible lashback in order to threaten Yi Yun, but Yi Yun took no such nonsense. While still stepping on Dong Hu's neck, he said, "I have to stop because you say so? Who do you think you are!? Previously, when Dong Hu wanted to make a move on an injured me, you were standing by the side, deriving pleasure as though you were watching a show. Now, you suddenly thought of the Fire Cloud State's rules? What a joke."

As Yi Yun spoke, he finally lifted his foot. "Alright, since you want to stop me, then you can take his place to lie down here!"

Towards Sun Lie and Bai Wei, Yi Yun had no plans on letting them off. They were no different to Dong Hu, the only difference was that Dong Hu had acted first.

The Draco First True Gold avatar began walking towards Sun Lie and Bai Wei.

The duo's expressions immediately turned ugly. They had witnessed the abilities of the Draco First True Gold avatar, and since they were on Dong Hu's level, they were definitely no match for the Draco First True Gold avatar.

"Human, don't you think that you can do anything you want because of a puppet. You were lucky to find a puppet in an ancient ruin, but a puppet can't grow. In time to come, it will have to be abandoned!"

"The tides will change, now that you have offended all of us, when your puppet can't keep up with our strength, you will suffer a miserable end!" Sun Lie threatened Yi Yun, hoping that this method could scare Yi Yun off. However, Yi Yun only sneered and nonchalantly said to the Draco First True Gold avatar, "Beat him down."


The ground behind the Draco First True Gold avatar exploded, as he transformed into a pale gold beam of light and charged at Sun Lie!

The Draco First True Gold avatar was extremely fast, so it instantly appeared in front of Sun Lie!

Sun Lie's pupil’s constricted. With a flip of his right hand, a large saber had appeared. An intense flame burned on the blade as he slashed at the Draco First True Gold avatar. He also cultivated fire-elemental laws, and it was this reason that made it easier for him to enter Fire Cloud State!

"Die!" Sun Lie roared, but the Draco First True Gold avatar only lifted its right arm.


An arm directly blocked Sun Lie's blade!

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