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Chapter 775: Green-eyed

Yi Yun and the other three people agreed and chose to stay on Mt. Fengling. Luo Fengling was not surprised with their choice, as without any exaggeration, it was a good deal that numerous people dreamed of, so how could they refuse her offer?

At this moment, Luo Fengling suddenly glanced at Yi Yun. "You cultivate in pure Yang laws, right?"

Yi Yun had a perfect Yang body, but as he had suffered severe injuries, leaving most of his meridians severed, his pure Yang body was not obvious. But even so, Luo Fengling could sense Yi Yun's attainment in pure Yang laws, hence, motivating her question.

After all, the Luo clan focused on fire elemental laws, which had its similarities with pure Yang laws.

"Yes," Yi Yun nodded.

"Alright! Although I'm in charge of Mt. Fengling, I do not really deal with the ch.o.r.es at all. I need to enter reclusive cultivation to prepare for the Luo Divine Hall's test. A typical reclusive cultivation of mine would be a year or two, so there will be many matters on Mt. Fengling that will be your responsibility. Yi Yun, since you are proficient in pure Yang laws, you should have some sense of fire-elemental materials. I'll put you in charge of the procurement of materials and the management of Mt. Fengling's material storehouse.

"As for Sun Lie, Dong Hu and Bai Wei, you will be in charge of rearing the Fey beasts. On Mt. Fengling, there are many Fey beasts, and they need to be let out to pasture and fed on a daily basis. This shall be your responsibility!" 

Luo Fengling nonchalantly gave them instructions and she was about to enter reclusion!

Yi Yun did not mind Luo Fengling's order, but he was slightly surprised by the ‘Luo Divine Hall’ that Luo Fengling mentioned.

Make preparations for the Luo Divine Hall's test?

Fire Cloud State had two halls that took in young disciples—Heaven Fire Hall and Earth Fire Hall.

The Heaven Fire Hall was already considered the highest, as for the Earth Fire Hall, even though it was a secondary, those in it were still official disciples. In comparison, Yi Yun would just be an exterior disciple, and considered t.i.tular. Only by being outstanding would he be promoted to the Earth Fire Hall.

Clearly, the Luo Divine Hall was on a much higher level than the Heaven Fire Hall or Earth Fire Hall.

Yi Yun could not help but ask, "May I know what is the Luo Divine Hall test that Senior Luo mentioned?"

"Oh?" Luo Fengling's eyebrows knitted slightly. Typical exterior disciples would hold their breaths when they saw her, and during any interaction, they would only receive instructions and not dare probe further. She did not expect Yi Yun to ask a question that had nothing to do with what she had instructed. Furthermore, from his appearance, he did not seem to fear her.

Luo Fengling answered Yi Yun, "The Heaven Fire Hall is where the most elite disciples from the Fire Cloud State gather. As for the Luo Divine Hall, it is the place where the top geniuses of the entire Luo clan gather. The Luo clan is extremely ma.s.sive, and my Fire Cloud State is just one of the 196 states of the Luo clan. And above the 196 states, there is the Luo Divine Empyrean Capital occupied by the Luo clan's royalty! This Luo Divine Hall is in the Empyrean Capital, a sacred land all disciples from the various states look forward to!"

When Luo Fengling said those words, she revealed a trace of longing. Entering the Luo Divine Hall was always Luo Fengling's dream.

Yi Yun was secretly horrified hearing this. 196 states? Along with the Luo clan's royalty&h.e.l.lip; how ma.s.sive was it!?

With so many states, and with each state having at least a hundred personal disciples, the compet.i.tion was clearly immense.

Then Luo Huo'er&h.e.l.lip; Could she be in the Empyrean Capital?

Yi Yun did not know Luo Huo'er's actual ident.i.ty in the Luo clan. According to what she said, the faction she was in was facing a disaster. As a direct descendant, she had been specially given protection and had been evacuated to the Tian Yuan world. Then, Luo Huo'er's ident.i.ty had to be something special.

Just the number of disciples in the peripheral 196 states was a ma.s.sive number, so it was unlikely for the Luo clan to give all of them special protection.

However, Yi Yun could not ask Luo Fengling about Luo Huo'er. He could not explain how he knew of Luo Huo'er, and if it involved anything confidential, he might encounter trouble.

After Luo Fengling finished speaking, she ignored Yi Yun. She was in a rush for time, eager to begin her reclusive cultivation in a chamber.

"This reclusion of mine would take at least a few months. If you encounter any problems in your cultivation, you can ask me after I'm done with my reclusion to which I'll answer you. Right, this relic is for you. It is good for healing your wounds!"

As Luo Fengling spoke, she flicked her finger, sending a crystalline relic towards Yi Yun which he caught.

The relic was warm and moist to the touch. Before Yi Yun had the chance to look at it, Luo Fengling had already disappeared.

And after Luo Fengling left, Sun Lie, Dong Hu and Bai Wei cast their gazes at Yi Yun simultaneously.

Their gazes had a malevolent hint in them.

Yi Yun's job was to manage the material storehouse. The materials collected by Mt. Fengling were naturally very valuable, so while managing all of this, some less important materials would be of immense value for them.

The advantages of being in charge of the material storehouse as well as procurement was obvious.

It was definitely a gravy train.

As for them, their main task was to feed the Fey beasts!

Feeding the Fey beasts, letting them out on the pasture and cleaning the beast pens was hard work. Other than hard work, there was no benefit to it.

The differences between the jobs were huge!

Furthermore, Luo Fengling had even thrown a relic at Yi Yun for him to treat his wounds.

Looking at the relic in Yi Yun's hand, the crystalline relic exuded a warm glow like jade. It was definitely a relic of superior grade.

This was a relic refined by the Luo clan, so even if Luo Fengling did not mind it, its value was immense for them.

After all, in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, there were a lot of mortals as well as warriors who lived in the lower echelons. They were born in the 12 Empyrean Heavens and with their ordinary backgrounds, they could not receive much resources. The compet.i.tion they faced was greater than those faced in the lower realm, and at times, they were even worse off than the lower realm warriors!

They were naturally envious when they saw Yi Yun getting such a good job and having a relic in hand!

"I say, Kid! You come from the lower realms, right?" Just from listening to Yi Yun speak, they could roughly guess that Yi Yun was not an original resident of the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

Yi Yun glanced at the person speaking. His eyes were slender and he had dark skin, he looked like the kind of person who refused to suffer any losses. His name was Sun Lie.

Yi Yun did not respond and he could not be bothered with such people.

Sun Lie chuckled and licked his lips, "Kid, it's useless even if you don't admit it. You probably came to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven just recently. The lower realms you come from is a land of savages. The strength of warriors there are negligible. Being able to come to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven makes you a general amongst dwarves."

With him saying this, one of the youths beside him, who had a stocky build, roared with laughter. His name was Dong Hu.

"Kid, why are you so seriously injured? Were you beaten the moment you came to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven? Hehe! The Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven isn't like your hometown. In your hometown, you can walk anyway you like. But in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, you have to crawl. Being too arrogant will get you beaten, just like your present situation."

"However, getting beaten is a good thing. At least, it will open your eyes. The environment we grew up in is not something you can imagine. So Kid, let this young lord take a look at that relic in your hand."

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