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Chapter 767: Shen Tu Family Clan's Outcome

"Young&h.e.l.lip; Young master Yi&h.e.l.lip; " A timid Shen Tu family clan Elder almost rolled out of his seat. With what the Shen Tu family clan had done to Yi Yun, it would be no surprise if Yi Yun decided on completely wiping them out.

Yi Yun coldly glanced at the Shen Tu Elder who spoke. He was never a person who rewarded injury with kindness. These factions had kicked him while he was down, with the Shen Tu family clan and the Li Fire Sect being the worst. Of course, as Yi Yun was strong enough, he did not suffer any major losses. But what if he wasn't strong enough? Then, his outcome would definitely be tragic.

Furthermore, Yi Yun wanted to head to the 12 Empyrean Heavens, so he did not wish to see any factions that had a grudge against him left in the Tian Yuan world.

Even though those people might be completely trivial to him, Yi Yun also wanted to put an end to the possibility that they would be able to stir any waves in the future.

"Your family clans and sects, from today onwards, dissolve them!"

With this said, every legendary figure widened their mouths. A simple sentence had dissolved five top ranked Tian Yuan world factions!

If this sentence was said during ordinary times and by any other person, it would have been a joke. The Sovereign of the Eventide could not have done it. Even if the Sovereign of the Eventide had said it together with the Sanctuary Island couple, no one would have heeded them.

However, Yi Yun had said it. In one breath, he was dissolving five top ranked factions, but no one dared to treat his words as a joke. There was no need to mention dissolving the five factions, if he really wanted to wipe them all out, he did not even need to move his hand to do so!

Amongst these factions, the most ancient one, the Totem Mystic Race, had already existed for millions of years. But now, this faction was probably going to become history in the Tian Yuan world!

"Young&h.e.l.lip; Young master Yi&h.e.l.lip; " A Li Fire Sect Elder's voice trembled. A simple word from Yi Yun and his sect would no longer exist. It was too aggrieving!

"What? You don't agree with it?"

As Yi Yun spoke, he looked coldly at the Li Fire Sect Elder who just spoke. Just this glance was enough to make the Li Fire Sect Elder shudder. He had no doubt that a single thought of Yi Yun was enough to reduce him to ash.

"If&h.e.l.lip; If we were to dissolve our factions and clans, then our disciples... all of us, where do we go&h.e.l.lip; "

Yi Yun only declared that these factions were to be dissolved, but he did not wish for there to be a slaughtering. Although these factions had kicked him while he was down, many of the disciples of these factions were actually innocent. Those members of the upper echelons that made those decisions would be dealt with by the Desolate race through a trial. As for the junior disciples, they were guilty to begin with.

"Joining other factions would do. I will let the Lin family take a portion. It shall be the same with the acc.u.mulated resources of your sect as well."

Yi Yun did not stand on ceremony. After these factions were dissolved, he planned on splitting their resources to the other factions. In this case, the few factions that were dissolved would gradually be a.s.similated by the other factions!

Of course, the Lin family would receive the largest slice of the pie. But if it took it too much, the Lin family would not be able to digest it. With too many external personnel joining, it would inevitably cause instability.

When Yi Yun said this, the Elders from the other factions were secretly pleased.

By dissolving five top factions in one go, it would be a huge pie. And now, Yi Yun was splitting the pie, letting everyone have a bite.

After all, there were only about 20–30 top ranking factions in the Tian Yuan world to begin with. After the Black-armored Demon G.o.d had wrecked havoc, some of these top ranked factions completely collapsed, while some were reduced to being second tier factions. Now, Yi Yun was removing five, so there were only slightly more than a dozen top ranked factions left in the Tian Yuan world. The landscape had completely changed.

In addition to Yi Yun taking a large portion of heritage out to establish the new Divine City, which allowed all family clans and other factions to send their young elites in for training, this was a good opportunity to rezone territory in the Tian Yuan world.

By grasping this opportunity, there was a possibility for them to become the second largest faction in the Tian Yuan world. Of course, the t.i.tle of the largest faction would be left for the Lin family. With Yi Yun and Lin Xintong’s support, even if the Lin family lay down and did nothing, they would definitely be the largest family clan in the Tian Yuan world.


The mighty figures who partic.i.p.ated in this legendary figure convention had already made guesses as to what would happen before the convention began. This convention would most likely change the future situation of the Tian Yuan world and the Divine Wilderness.

Thinking through the entire convention, it only took about ten minutes. A few simple words from Yi Yun was enough to be fully implemented due to his authority.

In the next hundred years, the five named factions would slowly dissolve and would be divided. The young disciples of those factions would be absorbed and a.s.similated by other factions. Gradually, they too would lose their sense of belonging to their original factions, and they would be fully integrated into other family clans or factions, becoming a member of that family or faction.

Of course, that would be the epilogue.

At this moment, after the legendary figure convention, Yi Yun went to the inner sanctums of the Desolate race Palace.

Lin Xintong, Jiang Xiaorou and the former Desolate Queen were waiting there.

The calamity that the Tian Yuan world faced had finally subsided. The Black-armored Demon G.o.d had been subdued, while the Sovereign of the Eventide was dead. The factions that had a grudge with Yi Yun were dealt with. For Yi Yun and the Desolate race, this entire world could be said to be peaceful.

The former Desolate Queen had a feeling that she could heave a sigh of relief. However, when she looked at Jiang Xiaorou's expression and then at Yi Yun, she knew that it was time for their separation.

"You plan on going to the 12 Empyrean Heavens?" The former Desolate Queen suddenly asked Yi Yun.

The Tian Yuan world was only a world that was used as a seal. It was equivalent to a container that sealed a Demon G.o.d. A sealed container was still a closed off world, even if the Azure Yang Lord had opened up a small opening tens of millions of years ago.

If Yi Yun wanted to grow stronger, he had to leave and see what the exterior world was like.

The 12 Empyrean Heavens had a unique allure for the Tian Yuan world warriors.

Actually, even the former Desolate Queen wanted to go to the 12 Empyrean Heavens to take a look. She wanted to see what sort of level true mighty figures and true brilliant heritage would be like. She hoped to see dazzling martial arts civilizations.

And also&h.e.l.lip; the former Desolate Queen had the tiny, tiny hope of finding Jiang Xiaorou's father.

Having been separated from Jiang Xiaorou's father for so many years, the former Desolate Queen did not even know if he was dead or alive. She wanted to look for him, but she knew that with her potential mostly spent, it was very difficult for her to make any leaps in cultivation level, even if she were to go to the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

In the Tian Yuan world, she was a sovereign that ruled the Divine Wilderness, but in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, she was a small fry. She might even be killed instantly by others. In the vast 12 Empyrean Heavens, trying to find a person was equivalent to searching for a needle in a haystack!

And there was too many things that she needed to do in the Tian Yuan world. She had her mission that she needed to guard.

In her youth, she had been headstrong once. Now, she had pa.s.sed that stage&h.e.l.lip; 

She still chose to silently protect the Divine Wilderness, and the members of the Desolate race. For the people who had spilled their blood on the wilderness, she could not abandon them...

"I indeed want to go to the 12 Empyrean Heavens." Yi Yun nodded. "Your Majesty, may I take a look at the traces that Sis Xiaorou's father left behind when he returned to the 12 Empyrean Heavens?"

Jiang Xiaorou's father had fled to this world with serious injuries.

His origins were a mystery, but he gave Jiang Xiaorou an unparalleled bloodline. However, his background was something that even the former Desolate Queen knew little about.

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