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Chapter 765: Legendary Figures Convention

"Make it disappear?"

Yi Yun was momentarily surprised, but only then did he realize that although the Darkness energy lurking in Jiang Xiaorou's body was constantly eating away at her life force, Jiang Xiaorou's bloodline was also being stimulated by this external force, and it slowly experienced an awakening.

Jiang Xiaorou's bloodline was powerful, so powerful that even the Black-armored Demon G.o.d coveted it. However, in the Tian Yuan world, due to a lack of heritage, Jiang Xiaorou's bloodline failed to produce any heaven-defying effects.

But now, due to this Darkness energy, Jiang Xiaorou's bloodline was beginning to develop a portion of its miraculous effects.

There was such a thing?

Yi Yun had originally been worried about Jiang Xiaorou. But now, due to the catalytic properties of the Darkness energy, it could be said that it was a blessing in disguise for Jiang Xiaorou.

In such a situation, there was indeed no need for him to do anything. If he allowed Jiang Xiaorou to use her own strength to swallow the Darkness bit by bit, it could be an opportunity for her.

Only Jiang Xiaorou could turn this catastrophe into an opportunity. If an ordinary person had been implanted with the Darkness energy, their life force would have been drained.

"Alright, Sis Xiaorou. If there is come a day when you don't feel right, be sure to tell me."

With the Purple Crystal Origins, Yi Yun could monitor the Darkness energy in Jiang Xiaorou's body, so he was not worried.

Jiang Xiaorou nodded and whispered, "Okay."

At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly thought of something as he called out to the Sanctuary Island Lord.

"Island Lord Ying!"

"Is there something you want from me, Young master Yi?"

In front of Yi Yun, the Sanctuary Island Lord spoke respectfully. Yi Yun had defeated the Black-armored Demon G.o.d nearly single-handedly, relieving the calamity of the Tian Yuan world and the Divine Wilderness. This feat made him worthy of receiving the respect and grat.i.tude of every warrior.

"I want to call upon every legendary figure in the Tian Yuan world and the Divine Wilderness to have a convention. The venue shall be here in the remote mountains. I'll trouble Island Lord Ying on informing everyone."

Years ago, after Blood Moon was destroyed by Sovereign of the Eventide, he had held a convention at Greatsword Mountain, establishing the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium, in a bid to establish a new order in the Tian Yuan world.

Now, Yi Yun was holding a convention in the remote mountains, and this convention would not only be limited to the legendary human figures, the legendary Desolate race figures would also be attending.

For both the mighty figures of the Human and Desolate race to attend such a meeting, it was unprecedented.

"Alright!" The Sanctuary Island Lord agreed immediately. "I'll immediately begin to pa.s.s on the news."

After the Sanctuary Island Lord bade farewell, in a couple of hours, he and other legendary human figures used various transmission methods to inform the rest of the Tian Yuan world that Yi Yun had subdued the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, as well as how he handled the Sovereign of the Eventide.

In fact, previously when Yi Yun arrived at the Umbriferous Divine Palace, and destroyed it completely, there were already followers of the Sovereign of the Eventide who had spread the news of Yi Yun subduing the Black-armored Demon G.o.d.

However, as Yi Yun had grasped spatial dimension laws, his speed was too fast. Flying from the Tian Yuan world to the remote mountains just took an extremely short period of time. As such, the news had yet to proliferate.

Now, with both sides were spreading the news, with one faction spreading the news to ten, and ten to a hundred. Very quickly, the entire Tian Yuan world was shaken.

The Black-armored Demon G.o.d was dead!

The Sovereign of the Eventide, who wanted to escape to the 12 Empyrean Heavens and had caused strife, had been killed!

The Sovereign of the Eventide was nothing much, but the Black-armored Demon G.o.d was a knife that hung over their heads. The death sentence in twenty years meant a single path of death. Yet now, it had been shattered by Yi Yun.

Not only that, Yi Yun was even controlling the Black-armored Demon G.o.d. It was equivalent to subduing that knife and then using for himself!

Yi Yun's strength already made him the strongest person in this world. Even Heaven Ascension realm experts were no match for Yi Yun.

Now, Yi Yun had even gained control of the Black-armored Demon G.o.d. This Black-armored Demon G.o.d puppet might even be more powerful than Yi Yun.

There was also the equally powerful Lin Xintong, who followed closely behind Yi Yun. Yi Yun's wishes were Lin Xintong's wishes. There was also no need to doubt Lin Xintong's strength.

And there was the Desolate Queen Jiang Xiaorou from the Desolate race, she was Yi Yun's elder sister, and the Desolate race looked up to Yi Yun for directions.

All these levels of relations made Yi Yun the absolute ruler of this world. Flipping his hand revealed clouds! Laying his hands brought rain!

Regardless of which superfaction it was, a simple word from Yi Yun and it would be destroyed in an instant. There was even no need for Yi Yun to do it himself.

As such, the large factions that previously had feuds with Yi Yun, such as the Shen Tu family clan, the Li Fire Sect, and the Totem Mystic Clan, were all trembling in fright!

Yet now, Yi Yun had called for an a.s.sembly of the Tian Yuan world and Desolate race legendary figures in the remote mountains. He had requested that all perfect Yuan Opening realm, half-step Heaven Ascension, and even Heaven Ascension realm warriors to partic.i.p.ate in it!

Who would dare not to come to such a convention?

After the Black-armored Demon G.o.d was subdued, Yi Yun was already the sovereign of this world. Compared to the ancient Great Empress tens of millions of years ago, he was in no way worse!

Furthermore, Yi Yun was still extremely young. What sort of achievements would he receive in the future? It was unimaginable!

There was no doubt that in less than ten years, he would make a breakthrough in his realm. And then, even if he wanted to destroy the entire Tian Yuan world, it would probably wouldn't be difficult, much less one faction!

In that case, the remaining legendary figures of the Li Fire Sect and the Shen Tu family clan felt like the legendary figure convention in the remote mountains was like an execution ground. However, they still rushed to the remote mountains, and they did not dare to delay one bit!

Ignoring these few factions, even those factions who had no grudges with Yi Yun were having b.u.t.terflies in their stomach.

A month later, the remote mountains.

After the Black-armored Demon G.o.d's ravaging, a large number of Tian Yuan world and Divine Wilderness legendary figures had died, especially when it came to the Tian Yuan world, less than half were left.

There were only slightly more than twenty people at the Heaven Ascension realm. As for the half-step Heaven Ascension realm, there were about thirty. The Heaven Ascension realm was a threshold that many people had a bottleneck just before it, unable to make that final step past it. However, even so, they had been given the t.i.tle of Empyreal King.

Below half-step Heaven Ascension, there were quite a number of perfect Yuan Opening realm warriors. They numbered more than two hundred, and adding all of them up, the number of legendary human figures that could come to the remote mountains numbered less than three hundred.

These three hundred people had used the teleportation arrays that the Desolate race set up beforehand to arrive in the remote mountains.

The venue of the convention was in the Desolate race Palace.

Now, these three hundred people were gathered in the external perimeter of the Desolate race Palace. This group of people was the people who controlled the entire Tian Yuan world's order. If they joined forces, they were in control of more than 90% of the Tian Yuan world's forces.

But now, all these important figures stood outside the Desolate race Palace in a respectful manner. They did not even dare to breathe out loud.

Residing in the Desolate race Palace, Yi Yun have free reign on deciding their lives and deaths. Not only that, the Black-armored Demon G.o.d's aura leaked out of the Desolate race Palace faintly. Even though the Demon G.o.d had repressed his strength, the immense pressure that came about from the difference in life's natural order caused them to feel breathless.

"Young master Yi summons all of you in!"

At this moment, a legendary Desolate race figure walked out of the gates of the palace, inviting the legendary human figures, just like an Emperor summoning his retinue.

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