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Chapter 753: Laws of Darkness


The Sovereign of the Eventide blended into a black beam of light that shot towards the heavens at an incredible speed. His followers had also been wrapped up in the black light, disappearing along with him!

The Eternal Night domain had disappeared, reducing the suppressive feeling and sense of despair to the soul. The pressure that disappeared suddenly made the legendary Desolate race figures feel an excruciating pain to their soul sea instantly.

The Empyreal Kings were alright, but the weaker Desolate race young elites, including Jiang Xiaorou, were in terrible shape. They felt a strong sense of dizziness, the weaker ones even fainted straight away.

Jiang Xiaorou took a deep breath as she touched her chest, and her eyebrows furrowed.

She felt a tingling pain in her heart.

With the Sovereign of the Eventide gone, the legendary Desolate race figures were furious but they could not do a thing. The Sovereign of the Eventide had escaped just as they finished setting up the G.o.d Confining Lock array.

Although the G.o.d Confining Lock array was extremely powerful, it was not flexible. Typical arrays were used in a defensive manner, and with the Sovereign of the Eventide prepared for it, hoping that he would fly into the array's effective range and then killing him was very difficult.

"That shameless person!"

The former Desolate Queen took a deep breath. She was considering on how to use the existing resources to kill the Sovereign of the Eventide, but under careful a.n.a.lysis, the Sovereign of the Eventide's strength far exceeded anyone of them. Furthermore, the Desolate race had been forced to retreat to the remote mountains. Many of the legendary Desolate race figures were injured, while the Desolate race headquarters, that had acc.u.mulated in strength for tens of millions of years, had been destroyed by the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, as such it was abandoned. Under such circ.u.mstances, the Sovereign of the Eventide could nearly have total freedom to come and go. It was very difficult for them to prevent that from happening.

"Qing Kui, are you fine?"

The former Desolate Queen looked at Shepherd Boy. He was covered in blood with his face pale, and one of his arms was fractured.

He forced a laugh, saying, "I'm fine. I'll recover after taking a few days of rest."

Although Shepherd Boy said so, everyone knew that he was barely holding on. He had yet to recover from the injuries that he received from the Black-armored Demon G.o.d. With his blood essence greatly drained, and now, with new injuries added on, it was a problem if he could recover in the future. It might even cause irreparable damage to Shepherd Boy's potential and lifespan.

"Qing Kui, Xiaorou and I owe you too much." The former Desolate Queen sighed. All these years, the Shepherd Boy had been loyal. Regardless of the danger, he would be first in line to protect them. He had saved the Desolate race and Jiang Xiaorou more than once.

Shepherd Boy smiled again as he shook his head, about to say something. At this moment, a legendary Desolate race figure's expression suddenly changed. He exclaimed, "Someone has fainted!"


After experiencing the loss of the G.o.d Advent Tower and the attack of the Sovereign of the Eventide, the Desolate race were on high alert. Having suddenly heard of people fainting, these legendary Desolate race figures rushed there immediately.

They spread their perception around the palace and they easily discovered the situation.

In fact, there was not only one person who had fainted.

More than a dozen young Desolate race elites had fainted. A simple check showed that these people had received a spiritual damage!

A black energy had entered deep into their soul seas, and spread out in all directions like a spiderweb, becoming one with their souls.

This is...

The former Desolate Queen felt alarmed and enraged. The black energy was filled with Darkness, and without a doubt, it was left behind by the Sovereign of the Eventide!

The Sovereign of the Eventide had realized that he was no match for the Primordial True Spirits and the Desolate race's array, so he decided to retreat. However, before his retreat, he had cast a tremendously power Eternal Night domain. This Eternal Night domain was not targeted at the legendary Desolate race figures, because he knew that against so many legendary Desolate race figures, it was unlikely that the Eternal Night domain could have much effect. His target from the very beginning was the young Desolate race elites!

The Darkness-elemental energy had embedded itself into the young Desolate race elites' souls as the Eternal Night domain expanded. It had merged with their souls and began devouring their spiritual energies!

It would not kill their young elites for the moment, but it would gradually weaken their souls. It was not difficult to remove the Darkness energy, but with the Darkness energy spreading out into numerous strands, it was tightly bound to the young elites' souls. Wiping out the energy would inadvertently damage the young elites' souls, and it might even turn them into r.e.t.a.r.ds.

And as for how to extract the Darkness energy? It probably would need someone whose attainment in Laws of Darkness were on a level approaching the Sovereign of the Eventide. And if one searched throughout the entire Tian Yuan world, there were not many legendary figures who cultivated in the Laws of Darkness. As for trying to find someone who surpa.s.sed the Sovereign of the Eventide, that was just a joke.

Instantly, the faces of the legendary Desolate race figures turned ugly. The Sovereign of the Eventide had attacked so many young elites in such a split instant, but the fact that he did not kill them was clearly a threat. It increased his chips for negotiation!

He was still eyeing the Sacred Spirit's corpse. Probably only by handing over the Sacred Spirit's corpse would the Sovereign of the Eventide agree to removing the Darkness mark on the young Desolate race elites.

The Sovereign of the Eventide had indulged into such madness.

The threat of the Black-armored Demon G.o.d had yet to been removed, yet he did such a despicable thing to the Desolate race. He had ignored his status and attacked juniors. This was an act worthy of condemnation in the martial world.

"Oh no!" The former Desolate Queen's body suddenly stiffened up. "Rou'er!"

With a flash, she rushed straight at Jiang Xiaorou. Having attacked so many young elites, it was impossible for the Sovereign of the Eventide to avoid Jiang Xiaorou. After all, Jiang Xiaorou was the Desolate race's most important new Queen.

The group of legendary Desolate race figures felt their hearts tightened as they also rushed towards Jiang Xiaorou. They saw her face as white as a sheet. She was meditating on the ground, but despite not fainting, she was clearly not in a good condition.

The former Desolate Queen pressed her fingers on Jiang Xiaorou's forehead, and felt her meridians. This probe caused the former Desolate Queen's heart to turn cold.

Jiang Xiaorou's body was filled with more than a hundred black energy bodies!

The black energy bodies in other young Desolate race elites combined was not even a fifth of what Jiang Xiaorou had!

The Sovereign of the Eventide clearly knew about Jiang Xiaorou's importance. Hence, he had placed the focal point on Jiang Xiaorou.

This was the so-called ’gift’ before the Sovereign of the Eventide left!

"Xiaorou&h.e.l.lip; " The former Desolate Queen's eyes were moist. She had been in command of the Divine Wilderness for years, and as Desolate Queen, she was in control of the world's strongest faction. However, today, she felt a stab right at the weakest spot in her heart.

Her love that ended in tragedy back in her youth with Jiang Xiaorou's father. She later lost her daughter, causing Jiang Xiaorou to experience all sorts of difficulties in the Cloud Wilderness.

It was not easy for her to find Jiang Xiaorou again, but soon, they experienced the return of Blood Moon and the Black-armored Demon G.o.d. This made Jiang Xiaorou tether on the line of life and death.

Now that the calamity with the Black-armored Demon G.o.d was temporarily put on hold, it was the Sovereign of the Eventide's turn. He had planted so much Darkness energy inside her body!

Seeing more than a hundred Darkness energy bodies, devouring Jiang Xiaorou's life force like leeches, the former Desolate Queen could no longer stop herself from crying.

Enough. The Desolate race had already experienced too much. She and her daughter had already experienced so much.

Would the two of them really have to die, and the Desolate race be exterminated before all of this would come to an end?

Translator's Note: We are 12 days away from Christmas! For the next 12 days, there will be a free increase in chapters! There will be one more chapter in about 10 hours.

Also, I'll begin to give my personal take on these chapters that some readers might skim through without realizing because they think it's all filler. You can skip it if you want.

In this chapter, we see the aftermath of the Sovereign of the Eventide (SotE) escaping, and due to the battle with the Black-armored Demon G.o.d (BADG), the Desolate race is unable to deal with him, even if they had the G.o.d Confining Lock. It stands in contrast to the battle with BADG, where Lin Xintong delayed enough time for the Desolate race to use the array. The SotE is currently considered the most powerful person—in terms of cultivation realm—in the Tian Yuan world but he remains vigilant, while the BADG, who was the most powerful person—was too arrogant and also ignorant when it came to the G.o.d Confining Lock. And every tiny thing basically wore the BADG down, pushing him closer and closer to the point of him collapsing. 

This chapter also reiterates how much the Shepherd Boy has done for Jiang Xiaorou and her mother. He had suffered a serious wound from Shen Tu Patriarch more than a decade ago just to save the former Desolate Queen. And he was the first one to concede to the Human race's demands, just so that they could borrow the Cosmic Infinite Array. It also lets us see the former Desolate Queen lament over her tragic life. She was separated from her partner, and then her daughter, and just recently, her daughter had been eyed by the BADG and now injured by the SotE.

As for this Darkness energy, we might see how this would further push the plot forward in the next chapter, and I will give my comments about that next! 

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