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Chapter 747: The Light in the midst of Darkness

"The Black-armored Demon G.o.d should be completely asleep and he can’t resist at all. As long as we find him, we can kill him!"

Yi Yun tightened his grip on Lin Xintong's hand. Although it seemed like they were faced dead ends, all they needed to do was carefully a.n.a.lyze the situation. They only needed to do two things.

Firstly, they had to grasp spatial dimension laws! Secondly, they had to recover their strength, and it would be best if they could make a cultivation realm breakthrough, so they could control more powerful energies,. They would then be able to gain dominance over spatial dimension laws and forcefully break through the thick spatial barrier!

There was no one to guide them for the first point. Without any inheritance to learn from, how was one to gain nomological insight independently? That was truly as difficult as ascending the heavens.

As for the latter point, this dimension did not have any Yuan Qi. Simply eating pills or relics restored impure Yuan Qi. This made it difficult for them recover to their peak states. And to attempt at making a breakthrough in cultivation realm, so they could control more powerful energies, that was something even more impossible.

As Yi Yun was ruminating over possible actions, Lin Xintong moved towards the spatial barrier. She stared intently at the spatial barrier’s energy flow, slowly pondering over its mysteries.

Just using a spatial barrier and its energy flow to gain insight into the mysteries within was an extremely difficult method. It required extraordinary perception.

Although Lin Xintong had very good perception, she had a lacking foundation. Her horizons were limited, and she was much worse when compared to the 12 Empyrean Heavens' elites. If the elites of the 12 Empyrean Heavens could not gain any insight of spatial dimension laws from a spatial barrier, then it would be even harder for Lin Xintong to do so.

But even so, Lin Xintong still proceeded without hesitation to try to understand the cold spatial barrier. She concentrated intently and was extremely meticulous.

Lin Xintong seldom said any words that voiced her feelings or resolve. Instead, she would just face all difficulties and obstacles together with Yi Yun, like it was a matter of course. She never lacked the courage to wield her sword to cut through a thorn-filled path together with Yi Yun.

Just like a decade ago, Lin Xintong had been given a death sentence with her naturally Yin Meridians. Despite there being no means to join her terminated meridians up, she still silently fought against her fate, never giving up.

Lin Xintong stretched her hand out as she gingerly touched the black spatial dimension barrier. As her slender fingers gently tapped on it, ripples began to appear on the black screen, like the surface of water.

On these ripples, she could see numerous runes flicker.

These runes had formed a lock, sealing the black screen. This was a lock that the Black-armored Demon G.o.d had left behind.

That was to say, if Yi Yun and Lin Xintong wanted to charge out of this independent s.p.a.ce, not only would they have to gain insight into spatial dimension laws and break through the spatial barrier, they had to also crack open the runic lock that the Black-armored Demon G.o.d left behind.

Difficult! Difficult! Difficult!

Yi Yun breathed gently as his gaze was absorbed by the black screen. All he saw was deep black.

However, the Purple Crystal began to activate at this moment, allowing him to see the profoundly formed energies. They were like chains intertwined with each other.

The Purple Crystal's vision could see through the origins of energy. Back in the saber tomb, Yi Yun had managed to gain insight using the Purple Crystal.

It was the same this time.

Although spatial dimension laws were extremely abstruse, in the Purple Crystal's vision, the trajectories of spatial energy was extremely clear.

However, being able to see things clearly did not mean comprehension.

The saber tomb's text were a form of inheritance, so being able to see it clearly meant comprehension. This was like making a replica of a key. Once he could see it clearly, just copying it, would produce a similar key.

But for the spatial energies contained in the spatial barrier, they were the most primitive Heavenly Dao laws. Trying to comprehend his own version of Dao from it was equivalent to looking at a lock. He needed to first understand the principles behind opening a lock, before he could consider creating a key. That was more than a hundred times harder.

However, Yi Yun did not know the principles behind opening a lock, nor did he have anywhere to learn it from.

Yi Yun swallowed a superior-grade relic in front of the spatial barrier and sat down. As he stared intently at the spatial barrier, the surging gray spatial energies appeared like bobbing water waves to him. Their flow trajectories looked perfect and harmonious, containing a mysterious charm.

Seeking enlightenment was a dull and lonely process, especially went it came to gaining insight to such a profound Dao like spatial dimension laws. It was made even more obscure and arduous.

There were 3000 Great Dao in martial arts const.i.tuting a wide variety. Warriors would usually be able to gain insight into a very limited number of Dao throughout their entire lives.

These Dao were of different grades.

The highest were the Great Dao of Origins.

There were very few types of Great Dao of Origins. They exceeded all the other laws and they were the most difficult to gain enlightenment on, as well as the most difficult Dao to master.

Other than the difficulty of making any breakthroughs while meditating over the Great Dao of Origins, just trying to find manuals or heritage that described the Great Dao of Origins was nearly impossible. Any manuals that could describe such Dao was a rare treasure!

For example, ’Chaos Dao’ was a Great Dao of Origins!

One level lower were the Great Dao of Supremacy.

The Yin and Yang Dao that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong cultivated were Great Dao of Supremacy.

Now, the spatial dimension Dao that they were trying to understand, or Chrono Dao, Life and Death Dao or Immortal Dao were all Great Dao of Supremacy.

Trying to independently gain insight to a Great Dao of Supremacy was extremely difficult.

Yi Yun also did not know how far he could go in his enlightenment. Many a time, getting stuck at a point during enlightenment could leave one stuck for more than a decade.

As for Yi Yun, it was a race against time. If he could not beat it, it meant death.

And at this moment, Yi Yun realized that there were dots of light shimmering on his body in the Purple Crystal's energy vision.

These dots of lights looked like luminous jewels in the night as they sparkled.


Yi Yun understood something and naturally knew what the dots of light were. Stretching his hand out, the dots of light landed on his palm.

Dao Leaf!

This Dao Leaf had withstood the Black-armored Demon G.o.d's strike, saving his life.

Although the Black-armored Demon G.o.d's attack was extremely powerful, it was nothing compared to the Dao Leaf. It did not even leave a mark.

This was only right, but what made Yi Yun astonished was that this Dao Leaf could emit such bright light, despite there being no Yuan Qi fluctuations in this completely isolated alternate dimension. It was expirating Origins energy, and it was unknown where this energy came from.

Although this alternate dimension was isolated from everything else, it could not isolate Dao. Its existence and itself was a part of Dao.

Yi Yun looked at the Dao Leaf. The sparkling lights emitted by the Origins energy could only be seen through the Purple Crystal's vision. The Heavenly Dao runic patterns formed veins on the Dao Leaf, and the energy was flowing through it like the flow of blood.

The Dao Tree that was born out of Chaos embodied the 3000 Great Dao, and within all of that, it contained the Chaos Dao.

As for the other Great Dao of Supremacy, including spatial dimension Dao, Yin-Yang Dao, etc, they were naturally a part of it. It had become a part of the Dao Leaf's runic patterns!

As he held onto the Dao Leaf, Yi Yun took a deep breath as his eyes sparkled with a strange twinkle.

"Not long ago, you separated yourself from the Dao Tree to follow me. I will not be an insult to you! I'm sorry for nearly having my confidence shaken just now."

Yi Yun grasped the Dao Leaf tightly. Indeed, he did not have spatial dimension heritage, but he had the Dao Tree's lead that accommodated the 3000 Great Dao. This was one of the sources of Heavenly Dao. With the Dao Leaf, it was equivalent to having the best spatial dimension heritage!

With the Dao Leaf in hand, why would he need to have his confidence shaken?

Back in the Pure Yang Sword Palace, Yi Yun had sat quietly underneath the Dao Tree, gaining insight into the Withering Dao by himself. Furthermore, it was the Withering Dao that came from the Dao Tree of Chaos!

Now, inside the spatial barriers formed by the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, he did not believe that he could not gain any insight into spatial dimension Dao!

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