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Chapter 733: Redoubtable Strength

"To my surprise, you actually have this array formation." The Black-armored Demon G.o.d said with a deep voice.

The G.o.d Confining Lock array could be traced back to ancient times.

The so-called ancient times was not tens of millions of years ago, when the Azure Yang Lord fought the seven Demon Disciples, it was an era even further back. It was back when the mighty figures of each race in the 12 Empyrean Heavens fought the ancient Ancestor G.o.d.

Back then, each race gathered more than a hundred mighty warriors and set up the G.o.d Confining Lock array, resulting in 3000 G.o.d Confining chains to shoot out. Even the Heavenly Dao itself could be temporarily sealed.

That was what a true G.o.d Confining Lock was.

But now, the G.o.d Confining Lock used by the Desolate race was a simplified version, and of course accordingly, the simplified version of the G.o.d Confining Lock array's operating requirements were lower. If not, it would not be something that the members of the Desolate race could operate.

"What a waste of a heavenly treasure. If such an array formation were to be placed in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, it would be extremely precious. What a pity. With a bunch of trash like you, how are all of you able to allow this array to display its greatest strength?" The Black-armored Demon G.o.d said with a sneer.

As he spoke, his joints cracked as his muscles swelled up. Blue veins began to appear all over his body like crawling earthworms.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

Many cracks began to appear on the Black-armored Demon G.o.d's muscle as blood spewed out!

His injury-ridden body did not seem like it could withstand his redoubtable power.

Every time he used his energy, it was a major depletion of the Black-armored Demon G.o.d's life force essence.

However, he did not mind. He allowed his blood to flow as he laughed maniacally.

Lin Xintong felt her heart palpitate. Retracting her sword, she quickly retreated backwards!


The golden chain that twined around the Black-armored Demon G.o.d's lance suddenly snapped, causing golden light to spew wantonly which was followed by a thunderous explosion!

The Black-armored Demon G.o.d managed to free his lance, as the remaining energy shattered the void.

This amount of force was horrifying. If Lin Xintong had retreated any slower, she would probably be seriously injured or even dead.

He broke through just like that!?

The legendary human figures, as well as the legendary Desolate race figures who were powering the array were all alarmed.

This array was so profound and the Black-armored Demon G.o.d had even said that the array formation was extremely precious even in the 12 Empyrean Heavens. Yet, such an array formation failed to completely trap the Black-armored Demon G.o.d?

A pale Jiang Xiaorou looked at the Black-armored Demon G.o.d as her gaze turned weak.


The Black-armored Demon G.o.d roared as the remaining eleven chains vibrated. The runes on the chains flickered rapidly. They lit up and dimmed at times, like they were about to rupture at any time.

The Black-armored Demon G.o.d held his lance in one hand, and forcefully pulled with the other hand!

A terrifying power was transmitted through the eleven chains!


Heaven Earth Yuan Qi surged in all directions as the energy that the Black-armored Demon G.o.d injected into the chains exploded. The land trembled as the Desolate race Palace sunk deeper, and it looked like it was about to collapse!

A few legendary Desolate race figures were thrown out of the four corners of the palace. All of them looked pale, like they were suffering from internal injuries.

The G.o.d Confining Lock's array disk emerged in the Palace's core, flashing occasionally with golden runes.

The runes' power flowed through the eleven chains, but the chains had not been broken yet!

However, despite the G.o.d Confining Lock not being completely broken apart, the legendary Desolate race figures that powered the formation had been forcefully pulled out, and they looked extremely miserable.

"Hahahaha! Trash!" The Black-armored Demon G.o.d looked at the miserable state of these legendary figures as he laughed maniacally.

Upon seeing this scene, the glint in Lin Xintong and Jiang Xiaorou's eyes dimmed.

The Human race and the Desolate race could not help but shudder, especially those legendary Desolate race figures who had been pulled out. They could feel the deep sense of helplessness and powerlessness.

He was too strong. Even if he was confined by eleven chains, the Black-armored Demon G.o.d still remained unrivaled!

He was able to be so arrogant because he had the means to do so. There were numerous mighty figures present here, all warriors that stood at the pinnacle of the Tian Yuan world. But at this moment, even if they all joined forces, they would still be no match for an injured or even imprisoned Demon G.o.d!

There was no way of obtaining victory. Under the current circ.u.mstances, the Demon G.o.d was still as terrifying as ever!

Many people felt their hearts turn cold.

But at this moment, two figures suddenly flew forward.

These two figures came from the Human race.

After that, a few figures joined the two figures and flew into the sky.

"It's the Sanctuary Island couple!"

"It's our Seniors!"

The Human race geniuses exclaimed in unison.

The Sanctuary Island couple held hands while hovering midair. They silently looked at the Black-armored Demon G.o.d.

A few other legendary Human race figures also stared straight at the Black-armored Demon G.o.d.

The corners of the Black-armored Demon G.o.d's mouth suffused a sneer. "There are more who are sick of living?"

With the caliber of these people, the number that stood forward were the number who died.

Although the Black-armored Demon G.o.d was still trapped by the eleven chains, his lance was already freed. From the way he freed himself and brutally pulled the legendary Desolate race figures out, it was obvious that nearing the Black-armored Demon G.o.d was still suicidal.

So what if the legendary human figures attacked, what could they do?

The Black-armored Demon G.o.d did even bother with them. As long as he continued freeing himself from the remaining eleven chains, he could slaughter everyone including Jiang Xiaorou and Lin Xintong. He wanted to use their blood to dye his lance red.

At this moment, with a deep growl, the chain around his left leg began to tremble violently.


Countless ancient runes shattered. Another chain of the G.o.d Confining Lock had broken!

With this chain shattering, everyone's hearts began to undergo violent trepidations.

"The Black-armored Demon G.o.d is indeed tough, but we will not sit idle either! We have escaped so much, and today, the Desolate race has managed to set up an array to temporarily restrain him. Besides he is also injured, if it remains hopeless under such a situation, then if we were to carry on fleeing, there will be no hope of us eliminating him in the future."

The Sanctuary Island couple said loudly. With that, the two of them took out an array disk, as all their Yuan Qi was let loose!

"Set up the array formation! Do not let him break free from the G.o.d Confining Lock any longer!" The Sanctuary Island couple shouted loudly.

The other legendary human figures did not speak as they released their Yuan Qi as well.

A powerful burst of energy instantly formed a sea of Yuan Qi midair.

And following that, the array disk emitted a black light, as the small array disk became like an bottomless whirlpool, absorbing the entire Yuan Qi sea.

The legendary human figures continued injecting their Yuan Qi into the array disk, while the array disk was connected to the Sanctuary Island couple. The couple's aura rose constantly, and soon, they reached a terrifying stage.

"Another array formation?" The Black-armored Demon G.o.d scanned the legendary human figures. "Cosmic Infinite Array? That's probably what you are capable of."

This was an array formation used by the Azure Yang Lord against the seven Demon Disciples tens of millions of years ago. It also came from the 12 Empyrean Heavens, so the Black-armored Demon G.o.d naturally knew about it.

He stopped trying to release himself from the shackles of the G.o.d Confining Lock, and instead, he pointed lance and swung it at the legendary human figures.

Even though he was facing two arrays, he still remained as calm as ever.

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