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Chapter 716: Demon G.o.d Killing Order

The moment that Yi Yun mentioned ruling and deciding on the distribution of powers in the Tian Yuan world, the atmosphere in the meeting hall reached a stalemate.

When the Human race negotiated with the Desolate race, despite the Desolate race being stronger, they held a weaker position as they were looking for the Human race's help.

However, Yi Yun had completely flipped the tables.

With strong and mighty means that no one expected, he caused every single human to turn speechless.

As for the Desolate race, they did not speak a word ever since Yi Yun arrived. They only moved two chairs over.

As for Cang Yan, Jian Ge, the azure-clothed scholar and company standing by the periphery of the meeting hall, they were at a loss as to what to say. They had already sensed that Yi Yun held a high position and he was very powerful. However, they never expected that he was so powerful that he could threaten all the factions in the Tian Yuan world. This far exceeded their level of understanding.

"Why? Aren't all of you leaving? Is there anything left for you to say?" Yi Yun was aggressive. He knew that there was no way to move these old fools through persuasion. It was also meaningless to be submissive in the negotiations.


All the legendary human figures were infuriated, but for them to turn and leave was something that they did not dare to do. They had already lived for tens of thousands of years. Although the natural end for them was not near, it was already impossible for them to break through to another realm and extend their lifespan.

If they could have eternal life, they would only care for themselves. However, with no hopes for eternal life and before they entered their graves, they would put their efforts into the future generation as well as heritage. They wanted their bloodline and heritage to continue thriving far into the future.

Every legendary human figure greatly minded the faction that was under their care.

"Yi Yun!" Mystic Tiger took a deep breath. He found it difficult to suppress the rage that he was feeling. "You want to rule over everything? Fine! Very fine! You are powerful and mighty! But all of this is established on absolute strength. You have not fully matured, yet you are so insolent. Aren't you being too full of yourself!? How old are you!? What sort of cultivation level are you at!? You don't even think anything of the Black-armored Demon G.o.d? Your tone is as if you are guaranteed to kill the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, and to enfeoff the world, rewarding people based on their contributions. Who do you think you are? If you can kill the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, you are a peerless Emperor! If you can't kill him, then you are just a joke!"

While Mystic Tiger spoke, he had a ferocious expression on his face. Yi Yun's threats made him nearly go crazy!

He had lived for very long, and he was accustomed to enjoying an elevated status. Usually, any junior would be respectful towards him, but now, he was threatened by a junior in such a way, yet, he had to endure the threat. How could he not be infuriated?

Mystic Tiger's words were actually what was on many of the human's minds.

Yi Yun was powerful, but could he truly escape from the Black-armored Demon G.o.d? He had disappeared for more than half a year ever since the Black-armored Demon G.o.d appeared.

Yi Yun had never had a direct clash with the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, so how could he know how terrifying the Black-armored Demon G.o.d was?

"Young man, don't be so insolent. Arrogant people tend to die due to their arrogance."

Another legendary human figure spoke. Against Yi Yun's threat, the humans began their retaliation.

Yi Yun could not even be bothered with them.

"Are you done? You can't beat me, so you root for the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, who slaughtered your immediate bloodline, your grandchildren and chased you out of your territories, to kill me? So this is your martial path? Pathetic!"

Yi Yun's every word was biting and harsh to the ear, so much so that the legendary human figures present had no way to rebut.

Counting on their enemy to kill an enemy was indeed pathetic.

Many of the legendary human figures could no longer stand the humiliation, and they were about to leave the meeting hall, but at this moment...


A dark and cold aura enshrouded them without warning.

Before the Human race and Desolate race warriors could react, they felt like they had crashed into a icy chasm.

The cold aura was biting to the bone, as if it was about to freeze the flowing Yuan Qi and blood in their meridians.

This is...

Everyone was alarmed. This meeting hall had a protective array. What sort of sudden aura was this?

Many looked at Yi Yun and Lin Xintong. Some of them suspected that such terrifying aura came from Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

However, seeing how Yi Yun was frowning slightly, this had likely nothing to do with him.

Could it be&h.e.l.lip; ?

Upon sensing the intense aura, many people shuddered.

Was it the Black-armored Demon G.o.d!?

The aura was extremely suppressing. It was so powerful that people felt like they were turning limp. Yang Qingyun, who had a weaker cultivation level, as well as the Desolate race maids in charge of services in the meeting could not withstand it at all. Their faces turned pale as they shivered all over.

Upon seeing this, Yi Yun split out a bit of his aura and injected it into Yang Qingyun and the Desolate race maids, allowing them to withstand the terrifying aura. If not, the Yuan Qi in their bodies could even freeze up, so much to the point of their Dantian shattering from frost.

"Thank&h.e.l.lip; Thank you&h.e.l.lip; " Yang Qingyun said with a trembling voice. With her trembling lips, she felt as helpless as drifting in a storm.

"The Black-armored Demon G.o.d is coming!?"

In the meeting hall, be it the Human race warriors or the Desolate race warriors, they were all nervous and distraught. The moment the Black-armored Demon G.o.d arrived, it would be a b.l.o.o.d.y storm. Yet, they had not made preparations to go to war.

The Black-armored Demon G.o.d...

Yi Yun interfaced his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal and he spread his perception in all directions. Everything around him turned transparent.

Immediately, far into the distance, Yi Yun saw a pair of red eyes. It appeared mounted in the dark s.p.a.ce, staring right at him.

Upon feeling these eyes stare at him, Yi Yun felt his heart tighten! He felt like every inch of his skin was being p.r.i.c.ked by a needle.

Yi Yun was already certain that the other party was no doubt the Black-armored Demon G.o.d!

Through this gaze, Yi Yun could sense the Black-armored Demon G.o.d's soul.

Cold, powerful, brutal and a hint of chaos.

His spiritual energy was extremely unstable. It was like there were dozens of spiritual energy turbulences rampaging. And every strand of spiritual turbulence was sufficient enough to destroy a Human race Empyreal King's soul sea.

In this way, Yi Yun exchanged stares with the Black-armored Demon G.o.d through this unknown s.p.a.ce-time.

And at this moment, the people in the meeting hall sensed that Yi Yun was facing the Black-armored Demon G.o.d directly. He was enduring most of the aura that the Black-armored Demon G.o.d enshrouded the meeting hall with!

"Yi Yun!"


Lin Xintong and Jiang Xiaorou immediately turned tense. No one expected that the Black-armored Demon G.o.d would suddenly traverse across s.p.a.ce-time at this moment, projecting his spiritual energy over.

"Yun'er, the Black-armored Demon G.o.d has locked onto you!" Jiang Xiaorou said anxiously. She had once been locked onto by the Black-armored Demon G.o.d's spiritual energy. She knew very well what it felt like.

And in fact, back in the Desolate race headquarters, the aura that the Black-armored Demon G.o.d produced when locking onto Jiang Xiaorou, was not as powerful.

Jiang Xiaorou never expected that this meeting would have such an outcome. Yi Yun had been locked onto by the Black-armored Demon G.o.d. That was the worst news possible!

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