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Chapter 711: Laws went in hand with the speech

The ancient beast Aspect Totem had two wings on its back, and it was in the form of a tiger. It ran amok high in the sky, and its eyes were like two divine beams of lightning that streaked through the void.

The Desolate race warriors present felt distraught when the tiger's gaze landed on them. The tiger totem had an extremely strong aura, and when it spread out its wings, it covered the entire sky above the meeting hall!

An Aspect Totem of a Heaven Ascension realm human expert?

Yi Yun recognized it immediately. Human warriors, who reached the Heaven Ascension realm, could merge their Aspect Totems into their bodies and also summon them as well.

An Aspect Totem when fully displayed, would push a human Empyreal King's aura to its maximum.

Such situations usually happened in battle.

And in the meeting hall in front of him, the Human and Desolate race were just negotiating. Although they had serious differences about whether to fight or take flight, Yi Yun did not believe the two races would fight regardless of the reason. They would suffer losses before the Black-armored Demon G.o.d came if that was the case.

However, now with the Aspect Totem summoned, it clearly meant that the negotiations in the meeting hall were extremely intense!

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

At this moment, in the long stretches of mountains in the distance, there were earth-shaking roars.

The Primordial True Spirits lurking there produced a stunning roar.

Seven gigantic shadows the size of mountains appeared. They stood up formidably. There were a Giant Python, a Divine Turtle and a Musical Dragon amongst them!

A terrifying aura dispersed the haze. Compared to the Heaven Ascension realm human's Aspect Totem, that aura was exceedingly powerful!

A confrontation of this level was something that most warriors had never witnessed in their lives.

Even the Tai Ah Divine City's City Lord was struck by this scene.

"Yi Yun, are you sure you want to enter now?" The azure-clothed scholar said in alarm as he looked at the tiger totem in the sky.

The powers of a Tian Yuan world Heaven Ascension realm expert was truly terrifying.

In the eyes of the azure-clothed scholar, the meeting room was probably on the cusp of a breakdown. The Desolate race and the upper echelons of the Human race were comparing their strengths and competing against each other. Under such a tense situation, it was inappropriate for the bunch of them to enter the meeting hall.

However, Yi Yun had already moved a foot and walked into the inner sanctums of the meeting hall without a word.

With the Desolate Queen Token in his hand, Yi Yun was met without resistance.

Behind Yi Yun, Jian Ge and Cang Yan were both shuddering with fear. Such a situation exceeded their original imaginations. Compared to the two powerful forces of the Human and Desolate race, as Yuan Opening realm warriors without any background, they were nothing.

Yi Yun carried on striding forward, without batting an eye. His body had an indescribable stance that made it seem like the scene in front of him did not matter.

Such a Yi Yun caused Cang Yan to hesitate for a moment. Just a moment ago, the feeling that Yi Yun gave him was still simple and amiable. It was not much different to more than ten years ago. It was as if he was still his junior, that green youth who had first entered the Tai Ah Divine City.

But now, the Yi Yun who was striding into the meeting hall, suddenly seemed to change.

Such stance and confidence was a shocking impact that was beyond description.

Behind Yi Yun, Yang Qingyun looked at his back, without knowing what to feel. She felt that this young man was full of mysteries. What sort of person was he?

The corridor of the meeting hall was not that long. The inner sanctum was approaching, while Cang Yan and Jian Ge felt a tremendous energy surging behind the door. If their cultivation levels were too weak, opening the door suddenly might cause the surging energy to pour out, injuring them.

And at this moment, Yi Yun had nonchalantly grabbed hold of the door's handle.


The door was loudly opened. Terrifying pressure surged out and Yi Yun's clothes and hair blew around due to the aura, yet he stood firm on the spot, not moving one bit.

Inside the hall, there were two distinct sides. There were the legendary figures of the Human race and the Sanctuary couple on one side, while the former Desolate Queen and Shepherd Boy formed the other side!

These people looked at Yi Yun together with gazes that contained the will and powerful spiritual energies of Empyreal Kings. Such Empyreal King's spiritual energy was sufficient enough to send primordial species fleeing in fright.

As for Yi Yun, he faced such attention calmly.

But behind Yi Yun, Cang Yan and company turned pale. As Yuan Opening realm warriors, the pressure of being noticed by so many Empyreal Kings was obvious!

Before they could think too carefully, a few voices echoed out from the circular table in the middle of the hall.

"Yi Yun!"


The legendary figures of the Human race were surprised about Yi Yun's sudden appearance.

As for the Desolate race camp, Jiang Xiaorou was pleasantly surprised and worried after seeing Yi Yun.

Their expressions were vividly seen by Cang Yan and company and they were momentarily dumbfounded. Yi Yun's appearance caused all these top members of the Human and Desolate race to have such great a reaction?

Yi Yun scanned every Human race expert present. The person who had conjured the Aspect Totem was an elder in black. Yi Yun had an impression of him. Back at Greatsword Mountain, when the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium invited Yi Yun, this elder was present as well.

At this moment, the black-dressed elder was hovering midair. Energy was emitting from his body as all his hair flairing. If it wasn’t for the meeting hall's protective array, the walls and the dome of the meeting hall would have been blown apart by the elder's energy!

Yi Yun looked at the black-dressed elder, as he looked back at Yi Yun.

Against Yi Yun, the black-dressed elder turned weak!

Previously at Greatsword Mountain, he had witnessed Yi Yun's terrifying combat strength. Even a figure as strong as Shen Tu Patriarch could not resist Yi Yun.

Even the Sovereign of the Eventide, the Tian Yuan world's strongest expert could not have a temper in front of Yi Yun. Even if the Sovereign of the Eventide was unhappy with Yi Yun, he could only let him be.

Not even the Sovereign of the Eventide, even Shen Tu Patriarch was someone that the black-dressed elder felt much stronger than him!

He was absolutely no match for Yi Yun. Besides, there was Lin Xintong beside Yi Yun and she was not necessarily weaker than Yi Yun!

Looking at Yi Yun in the eyes, the black-dressed elder felt fear. For some reason, it felt like a suppression that came from a difference in life's natural order. Yi Yun's gaze seemed to be a deep black hole, as if his soul was about to be sucked in.

This made him have a vague feeling that just in this period of half a year, Yi Yun had now reached a point beyond his understanding!

Such a monster really grew in strength rapidly. No one could bolster the courage to face him.

"What's the matter? Can't we sit down and discuss?" Yi Yun said these sentences lightly.

And these sentences were filled with mysterious laws. Laws went in hand with the speech.

A simple sentence that sounded like a morning bell resonated in the black-dressed elder's ear. With a tremble, all his aura was dissolved just from a sentence from Yi Yun. His energy drained out in all directions, and it quickly dissipated.

And the ancient beast Aspect Totem that was baring its fangs also began to rapidly shrink like a deflated ball!

The Aspect Totem was spiritual. Against Yi Yun, the ancient beast had also lost its formidable stance. It very quickly entered the black-dressed elder's body and disappeared.

The black-dressed elder's expression was extremely ugly. The forceful stance he developed was destroyed by a simple sentence from Yi Yun!

As he looked at Yi Yun, about to say something, he lacked the confidence to say it.

This youth was too terrifying, so terrifying that he did not dare face him.

In what sorts of laws did he gain insight? Why did he have such unfathomable strength?

Yi Yun did not look at the black-dressed elder anymore, but at the Sanctuary Island couple. He said with a smile, "What is the matter of discussion? Why is the scene so intense?"

He nonchalantly walked towards the negotiation table. There was an seat that was emptied when the black-dressed elder moved to display a show of force by hovering in midway.

And now, Yi Yun had imposingly sat down near the table, taking up that seat.

The black-dressed elder was quite dumbfounded. He was an Empyreal King. Ever since he broke through to the Heaven Ascension realm, no matter what the occasion was, or when it was, there was no reason for him to stand, but now&h.e.l.lip; his seat had been taken by Yi Yun, leaving him only to stand.

This was a great loss of face for him, but he was out of options. No matter how bold he was, he would not dare to chase Yi Yun away.

Towards Yi Yun's inquiry, the Sanctuary Island couple only smiled, while the Island Lord, surnamed Ying, said, "It's just a small dispute. It's nothing intense."

With his reply, the entire mood in the venue changed.

From Yi Yun's appearance, a few simple words of his caused the tense situation, which was at the point of them coming to blows, to reverse suddenly.

The imposing aura that came from an Empyreal King disappeared. The Yuan Qi flow that was surging violently to the point of breaking through the meeting hall had disappeared. The scene turned peaceful and natural. Be it the Human race or the Desolate race, they all exercised great restraint.

And where Yi Yun sat at the round table seemed to become the center of the meeting hall.

Everyone, be they the Human race's leaders, the Sanctuary Island couple, or the former Desolate Queen, they were all looking at Yi Yun, waiting for him to speak.

And at this moment, Cang Yan, Jian Ge, the azure-clothed scholar as well as Yang Qingyun were still standing at the entrance of the meeting hall.

The four of them had expressions like they had seen a G.o.d in the middle of the day.

They were in complete shock. What&h.e.l.lip; What had just happened?

The Yi Yun in front of their very eyes was not even thirty years of age. No matter which faction he was placed in, he was considered a member of the younger generation.

Coming out of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, if he was in a first-cla.s.s power in the Tian Yuan world, and rose up amongst the younger generation, becoming the number one person amongst the younger generation, that in itself was a miracle.

But now, he actually&h.e.l.lip; managed to disperse a human Empyreal King's aura with a sentence, and he was on equal footing with the Sanctuary Island couple?

And there was even a hint of respect that the Sanctuary Island couple had for Yi Yun. This far exceeded the comprehension of Cang Yan and company.

Cang Yan had originally said that every time he did not see Yi Yun, his return would show him strength that pleasantly surprised him. With them not seeing each other for more than ten years, even if Yi Yun's strength had improved tremendously, Cang Yan would have been psychologically prepared, and he would not be too surprised.

But now&h.e.l.lip; Yi Yun was on equal footing of the most exalted figures in the Tian Yuan world, the Sanctuary Island couple. A simple sentence reversed the tense mood in the meeting hall. Cang Yan said he would not be surprised, but now, he was so surprised that he thought he was dreaming.

Yi Yun&h.e.l.lip; What sort of person was he?

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