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Chapter 71: Nine spots

The way to choose the remaining nine was to have a fighting match!
It was a fair, simple and direct method.

In all these years, the Lian tribal clan had led an unexciting life, for all they did were search for food. This fighting match was a rare event!

How could the villagers miss it?

So, on the day the fighting match began, all the villagers that could come, came. They were there to see the men from the warrior preparation camp fight.

With tough and boring lives, the villagers were extremely excited to be able to watch the lively fighting match. Among them, the children were the most happy, even more so when bacon was given out.

The fighting match was scheduled to happen late in the morning and held in the square in front of the Lian tribal clan’s Patriarch compound. But, even before daybreak, the fighting grounds were already filled with people looking for a good spot.

Children were riding on their fathers’ necks, and with a favorable spot faced the stage.

Many children were about the same age as Yi Yun, and wouldn’t be considered young. How often would you see such old children ride on their father’s neck? They would have been mocked, but today, no one could care less.

The children were rubbing their fists and knuckles, hoping they could have been the ones fighting on stage. This fighting stage was extremely stimulating for them.

They had always dreamed to become a member of the warrior preparation camp. It was so prestigious!

The crowd grew bigger. Even the trees, houses, and roofs were packed with people.

In this world, most people’s eyesight were good, so they could clearly see everything that happened on-stage from afar.

Late in the morning, the members of the warrior preparation camp appeared. They were all wearing a warrior uniform, something they seldom wore. So the green clothes they wore looked new. Although, it wasn’t much better than the linen clothes Yi Yun wore, it was pretty impressive in the eyes of the people of the Lian tribal clan!

One by one, the high spirited members of the warrior preparation camp entered. When they surveyed the surroundings, they felt that they had proven their value in life today. They had been training all those years just for today.

“It feels great! Today I’ll be able to show my face!” thought a short man of about twenty years old. His face was radiant with vigor.

By his side was a perverted comrade. He glanced at the girls surrounding them as if stripping them off their clothes saying, “This time I’ll show my prowess, letting all the b.i.t.c.hes in this village see, see how much vitality I have. In the future, when I shake my pinky, all these girls would be running to me.”

Life was tough in the village, so besides eating, men had only one other primal pleasure. As the old Chinese saying goes, “Food and s.e.x!”

The basic human nature comprised of the need to eat and the need to have s*x. These were natural instincts animals had when they came into this world.

For today’s fighting match, the men from the warrior preparation camp had specially slaughtered two dogs.

They had planned to celebrate after the match by eating meat and drinking alcohol.

These two dogs were the hunting dogs reared by the village. But it’s alright, the Kingdom’s selection was soon. They would be leading good lives soon, what use was there for a hunting dog?

“Look, it’s Young master Lian!” With the loud shout, a sudden uproar emerged from the crowd. Everyone looked over and indeed, out from the Patriarch’s compound came two men carrying a rattan chair.

Lian Chengyu was sitting on that rattan chair with a animal skin rug draped over him. His eyes were squinted as if he was asleep.

Behind him were the four maidservants. In their hands were the stove and a fruit plate. They looked like they were being extremely careful.

“Young master Lian, it’s really Young master Lian!” The villagers immediately became excited; ever since Lian Chengyu had “broken through” to the Purple Blood realm, his prestige in the Lian tribal clan had reached unimaginable heights.

Everyone had placed their hopes into Lian Chengyu leading them into the city to lead a better life. It could be said that Lian Chengyu was now the spiritual pillar of support of the Lian tribal clan!

The people began to fervently worship Lian Chengyu, as he was now the absolute king in the tribe. Anything he did would obtain the unconditional support of the Lian tribal clan. Whoever he wanted dead, a word without reason was sufficient to make the people be his murdering tool. Whichever girl he wanted, with a word, the people would wash her clean and deliver her to Lian Chengyu’s bed.

For the past few days, Lian Chengyu had been a recluse, preventing the people from seeing him. How could they not be excited when they finally saw him?

Many seventeen year old girls were flushed with excitement. It was indeed true that the girls of the vast wilderness worshiped the strong, but compared to a rough, dark-skinned man like Zhao Tiezhu, a pretty boy was much better.

In the hearts of the girls of the wilderness, the most ideal match would be someone like Lian Chengyu who was both strong and extremely handsome.

These few days, Lian Chengyu had already became the dream lover of many girls in the Lian tribal clan.

“Begin.” Lian Chengyu said lightly. He clearly did not care whatever happened on-stage. What a joke, it was the brutes from the warrior preparation camp. To him, they were all a bunch of straw bags. Even if they trained for another hundred years, they would not even be able to touch the Jin Long Wei’s gates!

It was clear to the the people that he was haughty and that he even had a faint disdainful look. But to the group of girls, it made him even more charming, making them worship Lian Chengyu even more.

They all flocked to this grand match, yet Young master Lian could not even be bothered with it. This was the difference in outlook.

“Round, start!” Zhao Tiezhu shouted at the top of his lungs. Ever since he got closer to Lian Chengyu, he was the unspoken leader of the warrior preparation camp.

In the past few days, he had enjoyed the benefits of the Lian Clan Herb Mountain because he had managed to get the herbs that Lian Chengyu rejected. This caused Zhao Tiezhu’s strength to increase a lot.

In a situation with scarce resources, whichever member of the warrior preparation camp had the most resources, they could cultivate the fastest!

Because he was afraid the others would be jealous, he had secretly used the drugs. He had also hid from others that his strength had increased by leaps and bounds.

Even Zhao Tiezhu did not know how much his strength had increased. He wanted to test it out on stage, for it was a place that gave Zhao Tiezhu the chance to flex his muscles!

“Hehe, after hiding it for so long, when I go on stage, I’ll amaze the world with a single brilliant feat!” After having a significant increase in strength, Zhao Tiezhu’s ambitions had grown. He had already planned to be the number one henchman of Lian Chengyu, and no one was to vie with him.


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