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Chapter 708: Unable to See Through

Cang Yan never expected to meet Yi Yun under such circ.u.mstances. In fact, Cang Yan's memory of Yi Yun was only up to the moment that Yi Yun left the Tai Ah Divine City.

After that, Tai Ah Divine City was overrun by Shepherd Boy in a day. Cang Yan and the rest of the Tai Ah Divine City Elders were captured. From then on, they lost their source of news. As for the feud Yi Yun had with Shen Tu Nantian, Cang Yan did not know a thing.

In the Tai Ah Divine City Elders' impressions, those geniuses who left the Tai Ah Divine City had a bleak future. The Desolate race swept through the Backwater East, and as geniuses of the Human race, they had yet to mature fully. They were like tiny seedlings that had to face a terrifying storm. The chance of them being destroyed was very high.

And now, deep in the Divine Wilderness, in the remote mountains, Yi Yun rode the winds as he approached them. He was dressed in tidy clothes and he had a beauty accompanying him. He appeared to be in pretty good shape.

"Kid, you are here as well!"

To meet again in a foreign land, and to see his most outstanding former student, Cang Yan was delighted. He strode forward to welcome him and just as Yi Yun landed, Cang Yan gave him a heavy pat on his shoulder.

"Hahaha! I knew that this kid wouldn't die that easily. How are you? From your looks, you went to the Tian Yuan world? You came to the remote mountains together with a Tian Yuan world faction?"

The remote mountains were too deep in the Divine Wilderness. In Cang Yan's impression, it was impossible even for Tai Ah Divine City's Elders to traverse the Divine Wilderness into the remote mountains, much less the members of the younger generation.

Then, the most likely reason was Yi Yun had followed a particular large faction from the Tian Yuan world, and he was led here by the Desolate race.

More than ten years ago, at the moment the Desolate race invaded the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, with Yi Yun's cultivation level, it was an extremely difficult task for him to go from the Backwater East to the Tian Yuan world. Cang Yan never expected that Yi Yun managed to do it, and from how he looked, he should have been thought highly of by a large faction in the Tian Yuan world. He most likely led a pretty good life, or he would not be brought to the Divine Wilderness for refuge.

To be born in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and to cause a stir in the Tian Yuan world was definitely not easy. After all, the Tian Yuan world's family clans had very high standards.

Behind Cang Yan, Yang Qingyun also looked at Yi Yun.

She was also feeling quite surprised. As a princess of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, she had naturally heard of this peerless genius, Yi Yun.

"So he is Yi Yun. Back then, he was the number one person of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. He was even stronger than Third Brother."

Yang Qingyun's Third Brother was one of the cream of the crop amongst the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom's royal family. However, compared to Yi Yun, he was much more inferior.

Yang Qingyun was curious as to what Yi Yun's strength was now. In her imagination, Yi Yun was already so powerful back in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. Now, having gone to the Tian Yuan world, and going through training in the Tian Yuan world, his strength must have improved greatly. He might even be quite a famous genius amongst the Tian Yuan world's younger generation. If that was the case, Yi Yun would have won a lot of face for their Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

"It's been more than ten years. Yi Yun, your looks haven't changed a bit&h.e.l.lip; "

Reuniting with Yi Yun, the azure-clothed scholar could only sigh. Their separation had been more than ten years, but Yi Yun had only grown a little taller. He still looked like when he was still a teenager. The scenes of their separation was still vivid in their eyes, but now, the situation was completely different.

The Tai Ah Divine City already ceased to exist. Furthermore, with the sudden appearance of the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, the entire Human race was facing a great disaster.

"Yi Yun greets City Lord, and greets Senior Jian Ge."

Yi Yun bowed to the azure-clothed scholar and Elder Jian Ge. Beside Yi Yun, Lin Xintong also followed suit and bowed a junior's greeting.

Actually, with Lin Xintong's status, she was completely on a different level to the people from the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. There was no need for her to bow.

However, these people were Yi Yun's seniors, and as she was Yi Yun's Dao partner, and as husband and wife, she naturally needed to bow when Yi Yun bowed.

The azure-clothed scholar and Elder Jian Ge noticed Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong's eyes were like autumn water, and her skin was ice-like jade. She had a face that was as beautiful as the moon, and she did not seem to belong to this world. Much stranger was that such a peerless woman did not seem to be contaminated by the world, yet she gave off a calm aura, as if she was one with nature.

Such a girl was truly amazing.

Behind the azure-clothed scholar, Yang Qingyun could not help but take another glance at Lin Xintong. She roughly guessed that Lin Xintong was a proud daughter of Heaven that came from a particular large faction in the Tian Yuan world.

Such a peerless woman came from a honorable background, and he was worthy of admiration.

"This lady is&h.e.l.lip; ?" The azure-clothed scholar smiled and asked Yi Yun.

He noticed the details of Lin Xintong's bow that accompanied Yi Yun's. Clearly, this white-dressed girl had a deep relationship with Yi Yun.

This excited Cang Yan. The little rascal back then that he thought highly of not only did well in the Tian Yuan world, he even got a large faction's daughter of Heaven as a wife?

The large factions of the Tian Yuan world had extremely large amount of resources and they had rich heritage. Marrying such a wife would allow him to fight on thousands of years in the future. This disciple of his really lived up to his expectations!

Actually, Lin Xintong might have gone to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, but she had only attended an old friends' gathering with Su Jie. At the banquet, she met a few princes, and she was pursued by them. As for Cang Yan and company, who were in the Tai Ah Divine City, they naturally had never seen Lin Xintong.

"Eh?" The azure-clothed scholar exclaimed suddenly.

Previously, due to the joy and reflection over reuniting with Yi Yun once again, he did not specially pay attention to Lin Xintong's cultivation level. Now, he realized that he could not see through Lin Xintong's cultivation level.

There was a nomological aura swirling around Lin Xintong's body. It gave people the feeling that there was a cloudy mist surrounding her, preventing others from seeing through it.

This woman&h.e.l.lip;

The azure-clothed scholar was slightly taken aback. And at this moment, Cang Yan and Jian Ge also noticed that not only could they not see through Lin Xintong's cultivation level, even Yi Yun's cultivation level was specious.

Yi Yun's body did not have a persistent lingering nomological aura. Compared to Lin Xintong, Yi Yun was even more simple and easily approachable.

But even so, Cang Yan and Jian Ge still could not sense how strong Yi Yun's cultivation level was. Such a scene made Cang Yan find it extremely strange.

"Kid, which faction in the Tian Yuan world did you enter? Did you cultivate some cultivation technique that conceals your cultivation level?"

The first thing Cang Yan thought of was that Yi Yun was using some mystic technique to hide his cultivation level. With the Tian Yuan world's heritage, such mystic techniques were not rare.

As for it being their difference in cultivation level, resulting in him unable to see through Yi Yun's cultivation level, Cang Yan never thought of it. Cang Yan himself was at the Yuan Opening realm. Only if Yi Yun reached the Heaven Ascension realm would he not be able to sense it.

As for the Heaven Ascension realm, that was already the peak in the entire Tian Yuan world. The Tian Yuan world's Heaven Ascension realm warriors were all old freaks that had lived for tens of thousands of years. So with Yi Yun's age, it was of course impossible.

Yi Yun's cultivation level was indeed still at the Yuan Opening realm, but the laws Yi Yun comprehended and the cultivation techniques he cultivated far exceeded Cang Yan's comprehension. The difference in laws made them appear to be warriors on completely different dimensions. He was beyond their comprehension.

This made Cang Yan unable to see through Yi Yun's cultivation level.

Yi Yun chuckled and said, "This junior can be considered to be a member of the Tian Yuan world's Lin family. The girl beside me is Lin Xintong, she too is from the Lin family."

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