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Chapter 707: Meeting Old Acquiantances

The remote mountains was known to have millions of mountains. Not only were there many mountain peaks, they were all extremely tall. A mountain peak might span tens of miles in radius, and it would not be surprising for it to be more than a hundred thousand feet tall.

This caused the remote mountains to be deep and vast. Even with a map, trying to find a hidden location masked by arrays was not easy.

At this moment, on a snowcapped mountain, sunlight was illuminating an area of perpetual ice and snow, reflecting silvery beams of light.

The temperature here was so chilly that saying water droplets would immediately freeze was not enough. However, to a couple, who were wearing thin clothes, they were unfazed and they did not appear cold at all.

The male looked like he was a youth who was 16 or 17 years old. He was dressed in black and he was handsome, while the girl was dressed in clothes whiter than snow. Her clothes fluttered in the cold wind, making her look like a snow lotus in full bloom.

This couple were Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, who had flown for two full days before arriving in the remote mountains.

"It's here?"

Lin Xintong stood on a tall mountain overlooking the remote mountains. All she saw was endless mountains stretching past the horizon. In the foggy mist, everything far in the distance looked as small as pebbles.

"It's here, but it's also not easy to find their exact location."

Yi Yun had obtained a rough map from Jiang Xiaorou of this area previously. After all, Jiang Xiaorou would not have expected Yi Yun to have to search for them in the remote mountains on his return, so why would she have specially given Yi Yun a detailed map of the remote mountains?

Lin Xintong frowned slightly. "The Desolate race should also have set up a location-hiding array. It wouldn't be easy for us to find them!"

"It's alright. That location-hiding array is useless against me."

As Yi Yun said this, he flew up from the snow mountain. As he flew, he opened the Purple Crystal's energy vision.

With the Desolate race's ability to set up arrays, the location-hiding array they set up naturally could not hide from the Purple Crystal.

And in the Pure Yang Sword Palace, Yi Yun had received a breakthrough in his insights towards Heavenly Dao. His spiritual energy had also improved, so with the Purple Crystal's energy vision, Yi Yun could search through vast regions in just a few seconds.

He had a general idea of where the Desolate race's camp was, so it was just a matter of time before he found it.

As such, Yi Yun searched for two hours, and suddenly he froze and let out a surprised "Eh" sound.

"Oh? What?" Lin Xintong had outstanding perception, but despite her trying her best to search, it was fruitless.

Yi Yun paused for a moment before murmuring, "It's true that&h.e.l.lip; you can meet each other anywhere in the world. I never expected, I never expected&h.e.l.lip; "

Yi Yun's reaction made Lin Xintong baffled. She asked, "Who did you see?"

Yi Yun remained silent for a while, but his facial expression turned from amazement to nostalgia. He then faintly said, "I saw a few old acquaintances. They were my beloved mentors more than a decade ago. That period of time sure was memorable&h.e.l.lip; "

The time back in the Tai Ah Divine City was considered an extremely blissful period for Yi Yun.

In the city, he was improving by the day. He had compet.i.tive rivals as well as beloved mentors, who were both master and friend. He also had friends and partners who fought alongside him.

Yi Yun of the past had simple thoughts. It consisted only of constantly becoming stronger. Once he became powerful enough, he could be made king or take on high positions. Not only would he be able to let his sister lead a good life, it would also ensure that his sister and himself would have a sufficient status in life.

Although Yi Yun had the ambition to rise to the peak of martial arts when he was fifteen or sixteen, it was mostly just because he wanted to control his destiny and lead a better life.

From the Cloud Wilderness, Yi Yun had endured being poor, difficulties and hunger. Seeing how his sister, Jiang Xiaorou skimped on her own food and clothing for him and experiencing intense humiliation, he had a strong desire to change his fate.

And the Tai Ah Divine City gave Yi Yun everything he wanted. That was really a period in which he received happiness after experiencing suffering.

All sufferings have their reward, it was the fortunes in life.

With his own strength, Yi Yun had obtained everything. He slowly became the shining star of the Tai Ah Divine City, but those high-spirited days did not last long. The sudden catastrophe caused Yi Yun to be embroiled in the swirling arms of a world's disaster.

From then on, Yi Yun separated from Jiang Xiaorou, and he also bade farewell to his simple and peaceful days.

He constantly battled and trained. The most primordial bliss that was originally conceived in his heart slowly disappeared. Replacing it was the wish to defy and conquer fate.

Such a change might not seem beautiful, but to Yi Yun, this was also an important step in his life.

It was only a tiny portion because he still had a long life left.

"Beloved mentors?" Lin Xintong was surprised.

"Let's go! We should seek them, and it's very likely that they know where the exact location of the Desolate race is!"

In the remote mountains, in an Ice River Valley.

This valley was surrounded by mountains hundreds of thousands of feet tall. The mountains' melted ice and snow gathered here, forming a large icy river, giving it its name.

At this moment, beside the icy river, there was an azure-clothed scholar dressed in battle armor, walking upstream along the river.

Beside him, there was an elder with a sword on his back and a comely maiden.

These two people were Elder Jian Ge and Tai Ah Divine Kingdom's royal princess, Yang Qingyun.

Last night, they, as people from the Tai Ah Divine City, were a.s.signed to take on the task of being first-hand alerters.

They were summoned to the army, so they naturally had a mission to fulfill. With the Black-armored Demon G.o.d coming at any moment, guard patrol was indispensable.

They knew that once war broke out, they as precautionary warriors might die in the remote mountains.

Although they would die in battle in a different race's army, the enemy they faced was an enemy of the entire world, so it was also their Tai Ah Divine Kingdom's enemy.

Hence, they did not resist the duties or the upcoming war.

However, with their lives at risk, not everyone could be like the azure-clothed scholar, remaining calm and composed. For example, Yang Qingyun found it difficult to handle her emotions.

"I wonder how Father and Mother are&h.e.l.lip; " Yang Qingyun sighed slightly, worried over her own country.

However, they were now hidden in the deepest depths of the Divine Wilderness and they had long lost contact with the Tian Yuan world. Even the upper echelons of the Desolate race did not know the situation with the Tian Yuan world, much less the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom in the Backwater East.

"Haha, your Highness, you don't have to worry. Our Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, when compared to the large family clans of the Tian Yuan world, does not have many experts. Unless we were really unlucky, the Black-armored Demon G.o.d would completely ignore the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom."

At this moment, a m.u.f.fled voice said.

Yang Qingyun looked up and saw an old man in a biege-colored shirt. He was chewing on some roasted fish from an unknown source, and he walked over from upstream to meet up with them.

The roasted fish in his hands was all black, but he still ate merrily.

This elder in black was Elder Cang Yan. He too was a.s.signed to the task of being an alerter.

However, to Yuan Opening realm warriors, for a task of being vigilant, they did not need to put too much effort to patrol around their guard posts.

Using Cang Yan's words, if the Black-armored Demon G.o.d really came, even if they were fully vigilant while ready to battle, or if they were s.h.i.tting in the toilet, it would not change the result of them being killed. Of course, the pretext was that the Black-armored Demon G.o.d would be interested in killing them.

Hence, their so-called role of being "alerts" was actually just waiting to be killed. Once they were killed, the Desolate race would receive news of it, allowing them to start precautionary measures.

And since that was the case, they might as well be more relaxed. They should eat and drink as they wished. Sighing or lamenting would not change the fact that the Black-armored Demon G.o.d would arrive. The outcome would be the same being happy and worry-free, so since their days were numbered, why not be more merry?

Cang Yan was waving his hand at the azure-clothed scholar and Elder Jian Ge, when he suddenly felt something. He looked sideways and saw a black-dressed youth and white-dressed girl far in the sky. They were flying quickly...

In the beginning, Cang Yan only thought of them as two young elites from the Tian Yuan world, but when he was able to discern their looks, especially that young man's looks, he was completely stunned. His mouth opened wider and wider. Even the fish he was chewing halfway fell out, staining his clothes black, without him realizing it.

This kid&h.e.l.lip; Could there be a mistake!?

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