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Chapter 697: Eye of Destruction

"Are you sure you want to choose the Death Soulwood?" The white-dressed youth put his hand out as a gray beam of light shot out from the pyramid, landing in his hand.

This beam of light transformed into the Death Soulwood and it hovered an inch above the youth's palm.

"I'm sure." Yi Yun nodded.

The white-dressed youth and the gray-dressed Sword Spirit found it quite surprising. Although the Death Soulwood was extremely valuable, it was not an enchanted item. From a certain point of view, it had no practical value, and it could not directly increase Yi Yun's strength.

"Could it be that you chose the Death Soulwood because of the concepts it contains?" The Sword Spirit asked.

The concepts in the Death Soulwood were difficult to put into words. When the Artisan G.o.d evaluated it with the words "decayed wood cannot be carved", it was because if he wanted to refine the Death Soulwood into an item, it was very likely he would destroy the concepts in the Death Soulwood. He felt like it was a destruction of heavenly property.

And precisely because the Artisan G.o.d did not have a very good understanding of the concepts in the Death Soulwood, it was impossible for him to use them when refining it into an item.

"This Junior has indeed gained some insights from it."

Yi Yun looked at the deadwood as images of him meditating under the Dao Tree appeared in front of his eyes. The sprouting of a leaf, its growth, it turning yellow and eventually its withering&h.e.l.lip;

He reached out his hand to hold onto the Death Soulwood and felt like his life force froze, as if he had experienced death.

This feeling did not make Yi Yun panic. Instead, he meticulously experienced the runic patterns on the Death Soulwood, indulging the feeling of his life force being frozen bit by bit.

The Death Soulwood was completely different to the Dao Leaf that he had obtained before.

The Dao Leaf came from the Dao Tree that existed before the primal chaos. It contained exquisite laws, but these laws were in all form and variety. It made it very difficult for Yi Yun to make a huge improvement in any particular law. But for the Death Soulwood, it contained Death and Withering concepts.

Upon seeing Yi Yun's reaction, the Sword Spirit was slightly surprised. "Despite immersing yourself in the Death Soulwood's near-death concepts, you still remain so calm. I can tell that you indeed have a very deep understanding in the laws contained within it. It is very suitable for you."

A treasure that could be used to gain enlightenment was very precious.

The Death Soulwood may not be an enchanted item, but if Yi Yun could gain any insight from it, then it would be more valuable than any other treasure. They were after all mere worldly possessions. Only one's strength was essential.

Yi Yun chose the Thousand Snow Domain and the Death Soulwood. It could be considered as him choosing the two most suitable treasures in Heavenly Construct Hall for himself. Furthermore, the two treasures' value was extraordinary.

"Thank you, Seniors."

After receiving two treasures and his understanding of the laws upgraded, Yi Yun bowed and thanked the Sword Spirit and the youth.

The youth said, "It was all earned by yourself. They are also heritage left behind by Master. We are just their guardians. However, you can only explore a very tiny portion of the sword palace. In the deeper sanctums of the sword palace, there are restrictions set up personally by Master. If you manage to obtain the Heart of the Sword before the age of 100, you will be able to enter the deeper sanctums."

The Pure Yang Sword Palace was an immortal residence left behind by one of the strongest experts in the ancient 12 Empyrean Heavens. It was obviously not easy to gain control over it. Yi Yun's current strength was far from being able to control the Pure Yang Sword Palace. This was something Yi Yun knew himself.

"Seniors, this Junior wants to know if the number of items that this Junior can retrieve from Heavenly Construct Hall is a rule set by the sword palace owner?"

When Yi Yun asked this question, the Sword Spirit and the youth p.r.i.c.ked up their eyebrows. This sentence of his seemed to imply that Yi Yun was not satisfied with only having two treasures.

"Why? Do you think there's not enough treasures for you?" The youth spoke without beating about the bush. "Choosing one or two items from Heavenly Construct Hall is indeed a rule set by Master."

"With the rule set in place, it is first to tell the successor who enters the sword palace to not be too reliant on external items. It is essential to possess true strength yourself. If you have too many external items, that would affect your practice in martial arts! There's another consideration that might not sound nice. Even if the successor of the sword palace has their talent recognized, it is hard to say what sort of character he has. Furthermore, the path of martial arts is fraught with danger. It is not surprising for one to die midway. Master only has that much in his collection. If one person took everything from it and if he betrayed his teacher or died midway, then those treasures would be good. There would not be any left for future successors."

Upon hearing the white-dressed youth's words, Yi Yun nodded. Character and dying midway were considerations that the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner had to take into account back then. The rules he set up were very reasonable!

"Seniors, don't worry. Since this is a rule set by the sword palace's owner, this Junior will not go too far and trouble you Seniors. However, there is one treasure in Heavenly Construct Hall that is very important to this Junior. Junior wishes to take it away, not for myself but to borrow it."

"This Junior wants to borrow an array technique. It needs many people to cooperate to power it. It doesn't allow this Junior to rely on external items. Furthermore, this Junior swears that he will return this item in three years. As such, the second situation would not occur. What do Seniors think about this?"

Yi Yun had eyed the G.o.d Confining Lock array earlier on. This array could be used to deal with the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, but to Yi Yun, it could only be used once or twice in the final battle. It would then be useless after that.

To waste a choice for something that could be used once or twice was not worth it.

And if it could be borrowed and then returned, then it would be the best of both worlds.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's request, the youth and the Sword Spirit were somewhat surprised. Indeed, if the array was to be borrowed, it was not in conflict with the two points that the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner worried over.

"The array technique that you want to borrow should be the G.o.d Confining Lock array, right?"

Yi Yun nodded at the Sword Spirit's question. There were not many array techniques in the first level of Heavenly Construct Hall, so it was easy to guess what he wanted.

"You are going to use it to fight against the seven Demon Disciples from the eternal whirlpool?"

The Sword Spirit knew about the seven Demon Disciples' appearance. However, the survival of all life in the Tian Yuan world was nothing important to him.

"Yes!" Yi Yun nodded. Upon saying this, he added. "Seniors, if this Junior did not guess wrongly, the existence sealed under the G.o.d Burial Abyss' eternal whirlpool has to do with the sword palace's owner, right?"

Yi Yun mentioned the speculation he had on his mind.

In the entire Tian Yuan world, only the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner had equivalent strength to the Eye of Destruction sealed under the eternal whirlpool.

The mighty figure that sealed the Eye of Destruction was also most likely the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner.

As Yi Yun spoke, he was focused on the Sword Spirit and the youth's reaction. However, the two of them remained unperturbed and they were calm as usual.

"You are right. The existence in the eternal whirlpool indeed has a huge relationship with Master." The youth said with a sigh. "If not for that existence, Master would not have died so early&h.e.l.lip; "

"Oh?" Upon hearing the youth's lamenting, Yi Yun was slightly alarmed.

At this moment, the Sword Spirit sighed and said, "Right at the beginning of the formation of the Universe where the 12 Empyrean Heavens reside, Ancestor G.o.ds were born out of the chaos that were in control of the Heavenly Dao. They dominated everything in the Universe.

"However, there were so many living beings in this Universe. The story of the past that they had with the Ancestor G.o.ds cannot be described in words. In summary, in ancient times, the strongest experts amongst the sacred beings wanted control over their fates, so they went to war against the Ancestor G.o.ds."

"The war in ancient times was completely heaven and earth-shattering. The partic.i.p.ants were not limited to my Master. There were many peerless experts from the 12 Empyrean Heavens back then. All of them had a common endeavor and finally defeated the Ancestor G.o.ds that ruled the worlds back then, allowing them to create a new order."

"And amongst these Ancestor G.o.ds, the strongest King of the G.o.ds had an immortal body. There was no way to kill Him. Finally, the mighty figures of the 12 Empyrean Heavens could only split the King of the G.o.ds' body and seal them separately."

"Back then, 33 Large Worlds were chosen to be the sealing containers of the G.o.d King.

"The G.o.d King's body was also split into 33 parts. They are: eyes, ears, nose and mouth, head, hands, legs, forearms, upper arms, thighs, calves, the five visceral organs, the six bowel organs, the brain, the spinal cord and torso."

The 33 parts were sealed in 33 Large Worlds. Every world's seal was set up personally by an ancient mighty figure. It was an enchanted item constructed from a Heaven-Earth Divine material used to seal!"

"As for the Tian Yuan continent itself, it was the large enchanted item used to suppress the G.o.d King's body part. And the part of his body suppressed is the G.o.d's right eye!"

"The Ancestor G.o.d's left eye is known as the Eye of Creation, while its right eye is known as the Eye of Destruction."

"This Eye of Destruction is also the gigantic eyeball which appears in the eternal whirlpool, spanning thousands of miles in radius!"

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