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Chapter 696: Death Soulwood

The second item that caught Yi Yun's attention was very unique. Compared to the 999 Thousand Snow flying sabers, it was on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

The Thousand Snow flying sabers was gorgeous and dazzling. It was a product of an Artisan G.o.d, and it was accompanied by a top-grade sutra. There was no doubt to its power. But looking at this enchanted item, it was extremely simple, and it looked unremarkable.

It was a piece of dead wood, about the length of an adult's arm, and it was as thick as a thumb.

This dead wood looked like commonly seen dead twigs in forests at a first glance. However, just taking a more careful look would instantly make one discover how different it was.

As Yi Yun looked at this piece of dead wood, he felt like his heart was gradually being attracted to it. If he took another look, countless images would seemingly appear in front of his eyes. There was the pa.s.sing of spring, and the arrival of autumn, with gra.s.s wilting and leaves turning yellow...

It seemed like they were the memories of the dead wood.

Yi Yun immediately recalled the Dao Leaf that he received under the Dao Tree. This dead wood was quite similar to the Dao Leaf, but it was also different. The Dao Leaf withered, but it also had new life. As for this dead wood, Yi Yun could only see death.

It was a strange piece of dead wood. What kind of treasure was it?

Yi Yun looked at the dead wood's introduction and it alarmed him slightly.

The dead wood was called Death Soulwood. It was originally an ancient enchanted tree that had lived for so long that no one knew how old it was. One day, a Demon G.o.d died on the tree. The demonic blood that flowed out from the Demon G.o.d splattered on the enchanted tree, corroding it.

After the enchanted tree was corroded by the demonic blood, it eventually lost its vitality, becoming a piece of dead wood.

And this piece of dead wood happened to be obtained by the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner. He found it extraordinary, and he wanted to hire an Artisan G.o.d to create an enchanted treasure out of the dead wood.

He believed that with the Death Soulwood being stained with the demonic blood, and it being the remnants of an enchanted tree, the enchanted treasure produced would definitely be exceptional.

However, he never expected that his bosom friend Artisan G.o.d only said one line after looking at the Death Soulwood for a long while. "Decayed wood cannot be carved*."

The Artisan G.o.d did not wish to transform the Death Soulwood, and gave it back to the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner.

He was initially puzzled, but after pondering about the profound meanings in the Death Soulwood in meditation, he felt that the Artisan G.o.d's words contained some philosophical truth. After some contemplation, the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner gave up the thought of carving the dead wood.

Hence, he placed this dead wood in the first level of the Heavenly Construct Hall.

The Death Soulwood came from remarkable origins, and it was a lot more valuable than many of the treasures in the first level of Heavenly Construct Hall. The only reason why it was placed on the first level was because it was neither a weapon or an enchanted treasure. It was very difficult to use against enemies.

However&h.e.l.lip; this treasure that seemed to lack any offensive or defensive abilities had a special value in Yi Yun's eyes. It could be said that its importance was not any weaker than the Thousand Snow Domain to Yi Yun.

After seeing the Thousand Snow Domain and the Death Soulwood, Yi Yun had already decided on the two treasures. However, Yi Yun still finished looking through all the treasures in the first level.

Yi Yun had originally thought that there would not be any other item that would spark his interest, but just as he was about to finish browsing through all the treasures, he discovered an item that caught his eye.

It was a formation skill, called G.o.d Confining Lock.

The core of G.o.d Confining Lock was a disk array the size of a palm. It was refined by an Array Master from the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

To use the G.o.d Confining Lock, seven experts with nearly equal strength were needed to power the formation array. Once the formation skill was activated, it would be like a complete entrapment. If the partic.i.p.ants of the array were strong enough, it could entrap and kill Demon G.o.ds.

Yi Yun was actually not interested in such enchanted treasures that needed many people to be deployed. It could not raise Yi Yun's strength and it was of not much value. Yi Yun was also not the leader of a sect, so how could he easily find six powerful experts to aid him?

But now, the situation was somewhat different. If he had this G.o.d Confining Lock array, it would make the situation against the Black-armored Demon G.o.d much better...

However, if he were to give up the Thousand Snow Domain or Death Soulwood for this G.o.d Confining Lock&h.e.l.lip; then the price was too much. It was something that Yi Yun definitely did not want.

Without needing to talk about the Thousand Snow Domain, as a powerful killing move, it was what Yi Yun was lacking at the moment. Yi Yun was very lacking in attacking techniques.

As for the Death Soulwood, it contained indescribable profoundness. Yi Yun had a premonition that choosing this Death Soulwood would aid him greatly in his future martial path.

He did not want to give up any of the two items.

"Are you done choosing?"

After Yi Yun spent four hours to browse through all the treasures in the first level of Heavenly Construct Hall, the Sword Spirit asked Yi Yun.

The selection of treasures also allowed one to see another's mental disposition. With so many treasures in front of him, it was very easy to be dazzled by them, making it hard to decide.

At times, warriors who lacked the disposition might even abandon what suited them the most just to choose a better treasure.

The gray-dressed Sword Spirit and the white-dressed youth were both waiting to see how Yi Yun chose.

This first treasure selection in Heavenly Construct Hall was very important to Yi Yun. The treasures of Heavenly Construct Hall, even those in the first level, were all astonishing items.

The treasures in the Heavenly Construct Hall's first level were all considered foundational, but foundational items did not necessarily mean they had little value.

"I've chosen. The first item is&h.e.l.lip; Thousand Snow Domain! Yi Yun said firmly.

The gray-dressed Sword Spirit and the white-dressed youth looked each other in the eye and frowned slightly. Thousand Snow Domain...

It was obviously an extremely powerful killing move, but it was a flying saber array. Both of them were also worried that Yi Yun was too haphazard in what he learned, which could be a waste of time.

"The Thousand Snow Domain is extremely demanding on the cultivator's spiritual energy and energy control. To perfectly use the Thousand Snow Domain, it requires a lot of practice&h.e.l.lip; " The white-dressed youth said.

He was still hoping for Yi Yun to focus on Sword Dao. This was also the path that the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner had taken. Just Sword Dao alone was enough for Yi Yun to ponder over.

"This Junior naturally understands what Senior is implying, but&h.e.l.lip; this Junior will still choose the Thousand Snow Domain."

Yi Yun was resolute in his decision. Others might spend large amounts of time and energy to master the Thousand Snow Domain, but Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal. Each of the 999 Thousand Snow flying sabers had Origins energy. It was completely effortless for Yi Yun to control it. So how could he miss out on such a technique.

Besides, Yi Yun did not want to completely duplicate the path that the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner took. Although he was powerful, but Yi Yun had his own understanding towards his martial path. He wanted to take all the advantages of his predecessors, and go down a path that belonged to himself. If he were to forever follow behind someone, he would be living in the shadows of others.

"If that is the case, alright&h.e.l.lip; " The Sword Spirit endorsed Yi Yun's choice. "Then what is the second item you’re choosing?"

Yi Yun turned silent upon the Sword Spirit's inquiry. He was somewhat hesitant, but finally, Yi Yun still said, "I choose the Death Soulwood!"

"Oh? Death Soulwood?"

The white-dressed youth was stunned. He did not expect Yi Yun to choose the Death Soulwood.

*This is actually an idiom meaning ‘an intractable person cannot be taught’.

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