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Chapter 695: Thousand Snow Domain

The Heavenly Construct Hall, which was used to store all sorts of treasures in the Pure Yang Sword Palace, was connected directly to Dao Enlightenment Hall's entrance.

The gray-dressed elder held on to Yi Yun's arm, and with a direct leap through s.p.a.ce, they arrived in Heavenly Construct Hall.

Heavenly Construct Hall's interior s.p.a.ce spanned tens of meters in radius. In the middle of the hall stood a twenty-meter-tall pyramid. The pyramid was completely pale gold in color and it was made of an unknown material. It gave off an air of mystery.

"The treasures are stored in that pyramid. The treasures used by Heaven Ascension realm warriors are all in the first level. Send your consciousness into it and you will see the treasures inside. Below every treasure, there is an introduction to it."


Yi Yun sank his consciousness in, and immediately, a scene of the first level of the treasure pyramid appeared before his eyes. All sorts of treasures were floating, countless in number, and it was quite a dazzling sight.

The treasures in the Pure Yang Sword Palace were nothing that the Tian Yuan world could compare with.

Especially with the treasures that Yi Yun was looking at, they were suitable for Heaven Ascension realm warriors. Just any item placed in the Tian Yuan world would result in a huge stir. Of course, now with the Black-armored Demon G.o.d slaughtering everything in his path, even if these people really scrambled for the treasure, it would not result in any large-scale killing.

Yi Yun looked at each treasure one by one. There were too many treasures, as they were all collected by the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner throughout his life.

Inferno Sword. The blade was tempered using pure Yang fire, with a pure Yang spirit cast in it. Every slash would produce billowing flames, and it was extremely domineering. The blade was six foot long, and it resembled a spear.

Yi Yun recalled the Thousand Army Saber that he used in the past, and it was somewhat similar in style. However, he already had the pure Yang broken sword, so he did not consider the Inferno sword for the time being.

The weapons stored within Heavenly Construct Hall were not limited to swords. There were sabers, spears and halberds to name a few.

And other than weapons, there were all sorts of enchanted items.

For example, Black h.e.l.lion Charm. It was a curse charm with a demonic spirit sealed in it. A warrior could use his blood to summon the demonic spirit to possess his body, releasing extremely powerful combat strength, even to the point of being able to battle someone a realm higher than him. However, after the demonic spirit exited his body, the warrior would become extremely weak. It could even result in the demonic spirit taking advantage of his weakness, devouring the warrior as its food.

Such evil objects existed in Heavenly Construct Hall too. The collection of the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner was not particular about separating good and evil.

Yi Yun looked at other things again. There were a wide range of treasures. There were some that strengthen souls, and others that could absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Comparing Blood Moon's treasure collection with the Pure Yang Sword Palace's Heavenly Construct Hall was like a village's tyc.o.o.n's treasures against a royal palace's treasury. It was simply on completely different levels.

"Heretic Bloodsaber. Becomes stronger after tasting blood. This is practically a saber specially used to kill."

"Wind Howling Flag, triggers heavenly lightning, augmenting one's body to make one exceedingly fast. This is also good. I have Nine Neonate and I am in need to trigger lightning. This flag is suitable for me."

These two items tempted Yi Yun, but he was in no hurry to choose. But very soon, Yi Yun saw a treasure that he could not pry his eyes away from.

Thousand Snow Domain! Upon casting, like snow fall, all the enemies enveloped in the Thousand Snow Domain will be endlessly torn apart by the snow flakes, leaving only their skeletons.

And the Thousand Snow Domain killed enemies not based on frost-ice laws, but&h.e.l.lip; flying sabers!

There were a total of 999 flying sabers, that composed the domain. The flying sabers would dance in the air, like countless snowflakes. Together with the caster's body being like a flying saber, there were a total of a thousand flying sabers, giving it its name!

When enemies confined in the Thousand Snow Domain saw the beautiful snowflakes, it was also simultaneously their doom.

The reason why the Thousand Snow Domain was collected by the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner was because of its extraordinary power. Even in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, it was considered a top skill.

And casting it was extremely demanding. It required the caster to have extraordinary spiritual power and energy control. If not, how would it be easy to control 999 flying sabers?

With so many flying sabers conjured to kill an enemy, poorly controlling it could cause the entire domain to collapse, revealing a huge flaw. It was equivalent to stretching out one's neck to be chopped off.

And once the Thousand Snow Domain was mastered, it would truly make him unstoppable amongst people at his cultivation realm. Even if he had to kill someone whose cultivation realm was higher, it would also be very simple.

This treasure was made up of 999 flying sabers, but it was only considered one enchanted item. It could be taken away as a set.

Every one of the 999 flying sabers were half a foot long and they were supreme-grade sabers. They were all made of the same material, and they were made in one setting by a refining master. Such a set of flying sabers were extremely difficult to produce, and it had a ridiculously high value.

After all, to make so many flying sabers in one sitting was extremely demanding on the refining master. If there was any mistake in the refinement, then this set of flying sabers would no longer be considered perfect.

Although the Thousand Snow Domain's requirements were demanding, Yi Yun was best at energy control. Every flying saber was augmented with Origins energy, so it would be as easy as moving his fingers controlling them with the Purple Crystal. This was a flying saber array that was tailored for Yi Yun.

Below all the flying sabers of the Thousand Snow Domain, there was a Thousand Snow Domain saber manual.

Yi Yun browsed through it slightly and he felt a sense of affinity. Yi Yun was one who dual cultivated in both sword and saber. He too had gained insights in Saber Intent. Although in terms of attainment, it was weaker than Yi Yun's insight into Sword Intent. That was because when it came to swords, Yi Yun had entered the Pure Yang Sword Palace and seen the Azure Yang Lord display his swordsmanship. He had better teachers, so he gained more insights.

As for saber techniques, other than entering the Saber Tomb, he had to figure things out himself.

Yi Yun continued reading the saber manual of the Thousand Snow Domain. Yi Yun was pleasantly surprised to see that in the later half of the saber manual, the producer of the Thousand Snow flying sabers had left methods that described how to produce and advance the Thousand Snow flying sabers behind.

The Thousand Snow flying saber's creator was a person given the t.i.tle of Artisan G.o.d in the 12 Empyrean Heavens. According to the creator's account, the Thousand Snow Domain was a saber manual found in an ancient ruin. Although it was very powerful and had ingenuous moves, he himself was not a saber user. Hence, he had never used the Thousand Snow Domain before.

Only later in his life when his cultivation level and insights into Dao reached a bottleneck, signifying that he would no longer be able to breakthrough, he placed all his efforts into refining items. He attempted creating a variety of divine weapons, and also took the opportunity to produce the 999 Thousand Snow flying sabers.

The Thousand Snow flying sabers was an amalgamation of the refiner's top refinement skills, but the materials used were not top grade. This resulted in the Thousand Snow flying saber having room for upgrading.

As for how to upgrade the Thousand Snow flying sabers, the refiner had also recorded it in the saber manual.

Yi Yun took a deep breath for he really wanted this set of flying sabers. Just the amount of time spent looking at the Thousand Snow Domain exceeded the c.u.mulative time of him looking at the other treasures.

Yi Yun resisted the impulse to immediately choose the Thousand Snow Domain, and he carried on looking. He saw a few more treasures, but although they were supreme-grade, they were still much more inferior to the Thousand Snow Domain.

And at this moment, Yi Yun's eyes swept past an item, causing him to pause slightly. This treasure was also very tempting to him.

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