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Chapter 694: Dao Leaf Seeking Dao

"What exactly happened&h.e.l.lip; ?"

The Sword Spirit looked at the fallen leaf in Yi Yun's hand and murmured. He was still in shock.

As for the white-dressed youth, he had taken brisk steps forward to stand in front of Yi Yun.

"Let me take a look!"

Without any explanation, the youth stretched out his hand to grab Yi Yun's leaf. It wasn't that he was trying to steal it from Yi Yun, it was because this matter was too unbelievable. However, this action of his made his palm feel an intense burning sensation, as if the leaf was a ball of fire. When he grabbed the leaf, his palm was burnt.

The youth's facial muscles twitched and he could only retract his hand.

He stared frustratingly at the leaf. The Dao Tree was spiritual, so the Dao Leaf was spiritual too. He could not touch the Leaf apparently because he had not gained the recognition of the Dao Leaf.

However, Yi Yun was a young man whose Sword Dao had only reached the Small Success Stage of Sword Intent. To euphemistically put it, he was a genius of a lower realm. To put it bluntly, he was a country b.u.mpkin. Yet, he had gained recognition of the Dao Leaf.

As for himself, he was an immortal residence's guardian Item Spirit. And the immortal residence he resided in was one of the top residences in the entire universe. This Dao Tree was a divine tree that was the foundation basis of this immortal residence.

Even being an immortal residence's Item Spirit, he could not even pick up the foundational divine tree's leaf. But Yi Yun, a country b.u.mpkin, had caused the leaf to fall, automatically drifting into his palm.

How could this difference not make the youth feel a setback?

"You&h.e.l.lip; How did you do it&h.e.l.lip; "

The youth seemed to not be able to accept the fact.

"Senior, I do not know either." Yi Yun said very innocently.

Yi Yun naturally knew what had happened. Actually when the Dao Leaf fell, even Yi Yun was slightly surprised himself. He never expected that the enlightenment of a falling leaf's life that he obtained in the spiritual world would be reflected in reality when he opened his eyes. The Dao Tree's leaf had really fallen.

However, Yi Yun knew that the fact that the Dao Tree would wilt a leaf was most likely not because of him, but because of the Purple Crystal.

As the Purple Crystal, a worldly divine item that could control energy, was in his body, the Dao Tree's falling of a leaf was for the Purple Crystal.

The Purple Crystal was originally equivalent to a Heavenly Dao, or it could even represent the highest Heavenly Dao laws. As for the Dao Tree, it was an amalgamation of Heavenly Dao, so the fallen leaf was not pursuing him, but Heavenly Dao.

This Dao Tree was unitary, but every leaf had their own lives. The leaves themselves would make their own choice when seeking Dao.

For a leaf to shed, and a bud to sprout, the Dao Tree did not have a reduction in leaves. The fallen leaf was like a child growing up, and leaving their parents, walking to the outside world.

With a thought from Yi Yun, the Dao Leaf suddenly merged into his body. He could clearly see that the Dao Leaf was like a piece of ice crystal that had fallen into water. It slowly melted, initially only having the middle veins left, and following that, the veins disappeared as well...

The leaf had merged into his bloodstream, and traveling through his bloodstream, entered his heart. That was where the Purple Crystal was located.

The Purple Crystal did not block the Dao Leaf. As such, the Leaf successfully entered the Purple Crystal, reforming once again in the Purple Crystal.

The emerald and crystal-like Dao Leaf was like the most beautiful jade carving, silently floating in the Purple Crystal's s.p.a.ce.

With a gently breeze blowing across, the Dao Tree's branches swayed gently, rustling in the wind. It was as if it was responding to Yi Yun, and also bidding farewell to the departing Dao Leaf.

Yi Yun looked up at the Dao Tree above him. The spa.r.s.e, green leafs were like crystals. There were 3000 Dao Leafs, each equivalent to the 3000 Great Dao. Although the Dao Leaves were small, they contained the truths behind the Heaven and Earth.

"It merged with him&h.e.l.lip; "

Upon seeing the Dao Leaf merge into Yi Yun's body, the white-dressed youth's mouth twitched slightly. Naturally, he could not trace where the Dao Leaf went to after it merged into Yi Yun's body.

He could easily see through Yi Yun's body's energy flow, but he could not see the Dao Leaf or the Purple Crystal. These two existences far exceeded the confines of his perception.

"What&h.e.l.lip; What's your name?"

The youth asked Yi Yun's name. In the past, as he was arrogant, he did not even ask for Yi Yun's name.

But now, his arrogance was completely wiped out by this leaf.

Although he was powerful, he was after all an Item Spirit. He could not seek Dao enlightenment. Although the Dao Tree had grown in the Pure Yang Sword Palace, it did not belong to the Pure Yang Sword Palace. The youth also had no control over the Dao Tree.

In fact, all these years, the youth had always worshiped the Dao Tree as if it was a G.o.d. If it wished, the Dao Tree could leave anytime. In the future, even if the Pure Yang Sword Palace was destroyed, the Dao Tree would remain immortal, still existing in this world.

"Answering the Senior's question. This junior is Yi Yun." Yi Yun bowed and said with a deferential att.i.tude.

However, Yi Yun's deference made the youth turn embarra.s.sed. In a world of warriors, success gave one a seat of honor. For Yi Yun to obtain the Dao Tree's recognition and at such a young age, he was bound to have a promising future.

As for him, he was just a Item Spirit. He might at best live another ten million years. Ignoring the fact that his strength would not increase, and it might even decrease, this comparison with Yi Yun made it obvious who had the upper hand.

The youth knew his limitations. So under this situation, he could no matter put on airs in front of Yi Yun no matter how arrogant he was.

He said, "You do not need to bow to me. Since I have recognized you as the Master's successor, once you have sufficient strength, you will have full control of the sword palace. Then, you would be the next owner of the sword palace, and also my Master."

"When that happens, it will be me bowing to you."

The youth looked at Yi Yun with a look that had changed from embarra.s.sment to antic.i.p.ation.

He antic.i.p.ated Yi Yun's growth, to become a Supremacy of a new generation, dominating the world. When that happened, he could rest easily, changing into Origins energy and dissipate.

"Senior, you speak too highly of me. This junior's martial path has just begun. I still need to rely on Senior's advice. As such, Senior is this Junior's teacher."

Yi Yun's att.i.tude was modest. He knew that his martial path was still long and far. The Purple Crystal could aid him, but he could not completely rely on the Purple Crystal.

"I am not worthy of being your teacher." The youth quickly shook his head. "Your teacher is my Master."

Although the youth was arrogant, he had heartfelt respect and loyalty to the sword palace's owner.

At this moment, the gray-dressed elder walked over. The way he looked at Yi Yun was also one filled with promise.

"Your body is filled with mystery. I can't see through your future, but although you have entered Dao Enlightenment Hall, the other places in this immortal palace still have restrictions left behind by Master. Even Chibai and I have no means of manipulating it. I believe that you would not be able to enter those places for now."

"I'll bring you to Heavenly Construct Hall, for you to pick two treasures that you want. They should play some role in your growth&h.e.l.lip; "

"Thank you, Senior." Yi Yun naturally did not expect that he could gain control of the entire Pure Yang Sword Palace after gaining a Dao Leaf in Dao Enlightenment Hall.

As for the treasures in Heavenly Construct Hall, he looked forward to it eagerly.

Originally, the gray-dressed elder had said that he could only be given one treasure meant for Heaven Ascension realm warriors, but now, he was allowed two.

The original one treasure was probably a rule set by the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner, as for the second treasure was probably an additional gift from the Sword Spirit.

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