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Chapter 691: A G.o.d Spirit

With the Sword Spirit walking in front, they stepped through the large door of the sword palace. The light from inside the door fluctuated, forming curtains of light. Pa.s.sing through this curtain of light felt like going through thin layers of mercury.

"Junior, the sword palace is divided into a few major parts. Although you have barely obtained the recognition of Chibai and me, according to the rules that  Master set, you lack the qualifications to enter a large number of zones in this sword palace. Now, you can enter the Dao Enlightenment Hall and Heavenly Construct Hall. Dao Enlightenment Hall is the core of the sword palace, and now, I'll take you there."

As the Sword Spirit spoke, he pa.s.sed through the final curtain of light. When all the light disappeared, Yi Yun's vision suddenly opened. He found himself on a gra.s.sland.

There was lush gra.s.s everywhere and it seemed boundless. There were white clouds floating in the sky, and the bright sun shined. Winding rivers meandered around the gra.s.slands, as the river water reflected the sunlight, scattering it in like emerald fragments.

This gra.s.sland was an independent s.p.a.ce. Many immortal palaces and caves might appear like a small hill from the outside, but upon entering, they were a world of their own. Those ancient mighty figures who could refine such immortal residences could even refine an entire small world in the immortal residence. Together with various large arrays that gathered Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, it would fill this tiny world with spirituality. It was possible to plant herbs and rear spirit beasts in them. It was really like one's very own world.

The vast gra.s.s plains had wormwood that was not higher than one's knee. They grew very close together, and despite existing for so long, they resembled an army. They did not grow in a haphazard manner, which was quite amazing.

And in the middle of this gra.s.sland, Yi Yun saw a tree.

This was an ancient tree, and when Yi Yun saw what it looked like clearly, he was utterly amazed.

This tree was not tall, it was only about twice the height of a person. The roots looked ancient and strong, as they twisted around, looking like a old coiled dragon.

The tree's canopy was not dense. It had very few leaves, and they were even easily countable if one wished. However, the shape of the leaves were all very special. They looked like tiny swords.

The leaves were green and they rustled gently in the wind, reflecting the warm sunlight. It was as if every leaf had a life of its own.

"This tree&h.e.l.lip; "

Before approaching this ancient tree, Yi Yun could already sense its extraordinariness.

"This is a Dao Tree." The Sword Spirit said. "It has existed for so long that it is impossible to validate how long it has been alive. When Master discovered it back then, it had already condensed a Dao. In this world, there are odd worldly items. They were born in the primal chaos, and they were nearly born at the same time as Great Worlds, or even the universe."

"After their appearance, they would condense the Heavenly Dao, and over many years, become G.o.d Spirits."

"This Dao Tree you are looking at is a G.o.d Spirit."

G.o.d Spirit? Yi Yun was stunned. What was a G.o.d Spirit? It was quite vague.

The former Desolate Queen had said that the ancient G.o.ds had sealed the world that the Tian Yuan world resided in years ago, but Yi Yun guessed that so-called ancient G.o.d Spirits were just more powerful warriors.

"Why do you say that this Dao Tree is a G.o.d Spirit? Is it very powerful?" Yi Yun asked. The first impression that a G.o.d Spirit gave was immense power. Only the strong could become a G.o.d.

The Sword Spirit said, "This Dao Tree is indeed powerful, however to what extent its power is, I do not know. This is because over the many years, I have never seen it make a move..."  


Yi Yun was dumbfounded. "It's powerful, but it doesn't make a move? Why is that so?"

"It might because there is nothing in this world that requires it to make a move. It doesn't have any consciousness, it’s just standing here in between the Heavens and Earth."

"It doesn't have any consciousness?"

Yi Yun was even more dumbfounded. When he first heard that the Dao Tree was a G.o.d Spirit, he thought that it could transform, such as changing into the shape of a human. As for generating consciousness, that was nothing spectacular. Even some primordial herbs that grew in the Divine Wilderness could produce some elementary consciousnesses after a prolonged period of time.

However, as a G.o.d Spirit, the Dao Tree did not have any consciousness at all.

The Sword Spirit sighed and said, "The ways of the world are full of vicissitudes, and in it, there is the grief at separation and joy in union, the suffering of life and death. No matter how thick a history book is, it would not be able to record everything down. However, it is such infinite matters of the past that can pa.s.s by with a finger snap. In one's old age, while looking back at the past, only then would you feel like everything was ephemeral."

"For the Dao Tree to not be able to produce consciousness is actually an advantage for it. As such, it would not be lost in the kindness and enmity of the mortal world, reaching the true state of being without joy or sorrow."

“What's considered the thoroughly awakened domain is not to see through the ways of mortals, it is to have a heart like that of the Heavens and Earth, with one's Dao the same as nature. It is because of these that this Dao Tree can condense its body into Dao, becoming a G.o.d Spirit."

The moment the Sword Spirit said those words, it made Yi Yun shocked and distraught. To have one's heart like that of the Heavens and Earth, with one's Dao the same as nature&h.e.l.lip; What the Sword Spirit said seemed to be a truth in itself.

What was said was not a cultivation technique, nor was it some secret manual, but just coming to understand it made Yi Yun feel like his own Dao heart had turned clearer.

This was the philosophy of the Dao Tree becoming a G.o.d.

"So&h.e.l.lip; " The Sword Spirit carried on saying, "The Dao Tree might be powerful, but it is not because it is powerful that allows it to be called a G.o.d Spirit. It is a G.o.d Spirit because it had condensed the way of the Heavenly Dao, or it could be said that it itself is a Great Dao. It has existed for such a long period of time, far exceeding Chibai's or my lifespan. And in the future, when the both of us die, it would carry on existing, all the way till the Dao that it had condensed is extinguished."

"As for how long that will take, I do not know. Even if it might not be the same age as the Heavens and Earth, it is probably not that far off&h.e.l.lip; "

When the Sword Spirit finished saying this, he looked at Yi Yun. "If you are able to condense your Great Dao, casting your life into a Dao itself, then the Heavenly Dao is you, and you are the Heavenly Dao. You will then be able to share the same age as the Heavens and Earth, enjoying eternal life&h.e.l.lip; This is also the realm of Eternal Life that most of the mighty figures of the 12 Empyrean Heavens pursue, but&h.e.l.lip; "

When the Sword Spirit said this, he shook his head. "It's too difficult! Humans have emotions, so it is very difficult for them to completely blend with the Heavenly Dao. They would not be able to be like this tree. It does not have consciousness, it doesn't have joy or sorrow, existing forever."

"Thank you Senior for your teachings." Yi Yun said humbly.

He followed the Sword Spirit and walked towards the front of the tree. As he looked up, the sky looked like it was filled with exquisite greenery, as if tiny green emerald swords were dancing in the sky.

This vast piece of land was full of indescribable laws and, comprehension. It was after all a divine tree. Not even a divine tree, even a piece of dead wood would be tempered over many years by the Great Dao, nourishing the ground into divine soil.

"Junior, this Dao Tree is the core of the immortal palace. And it is because of this Dao Tree that it's called Dao Enlightenment Hall. Sitting under this Dao Tree will let your understanding of Dao improve by leaps and bounds. Seeking Dao enlightenment here for three days is equivalent to seeking Dao enlightenment outside for a year. Back then, Master sought Dao enlightenment here too!"

Dao Enlightenment Hall&h.e.l.lip;

Only now did Yi Yun know the origins of the Dao Enlightenment Hall. Indeed, how could it not be fast sitting under a G.o.d Spirit that was condensed from the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth?

The Sword Spirit added on. "The Dao Enlightenment Hall is for you to seek Dao enlightenment, as for Heavenly Construct Hall, it has treasures that Master left behind. You can choose according to your preference one enchanted item meant for Heaven Ascension realm experts. When you break through to the Heaven Ascension realm, you can choose others. This opportunity is hard to come by, so cherish it well!"

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