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Chapter 68: Behemoth Troop

In the dark night, there was a row of fire torches in the valley moving like a slithering fire snake. Using the light, Yi Yun could see the troops were made up of huge beasts marching through the mountains. Atop the beasts were people holding torches.
“It’s the Jin Long Wei’s beasts, it’s the Jin Long Wei army!”

With a glance, Yi Yun could see about eighty behemoths; one wouldn’t need to go into detail about such a troop’s battle prowess!

Among them, the behemoth leading the pack flew a flag banner on his back.

That flag was golden yellow in color, and on it was a beautiful dragon (Jin Long).

This was the flag of the Jin Long Wei!

When he had parted with Lin Xintong and old man Su, Yi Yun had asked regarding the Kingdom’s selection. He also knew that the Jin Long Wei had purposely created an extremely detailed map of the Cloud Wilderness.

Of course, old man Su did not tell Yi Yun anything about the two occurrences of the purple cloud phenomenon that happened in the past few months. If he did, Yi Yun’s thoughts would run wild.

“They are finally here. For this troop to enter the Cloud Wilderness, it has be for the Kingdom’s selection! I guess it’s about time!”

The Cloud Wilderness was extremely broad, and the small tribes were numerous. To organize the Kingdom’s selection, they could not go to every tribe to hold the examination. Hence, they would gather all of the candidates in one of the large tribes, set a particular standard and collectively a.s.sess them.

The destination for the Jin Long Wei was the Tao tribal clan. They had decided on the Tao tribal clan’s land as the examination center for the Kingdom’s selection. The Tao tribal clan controlled an area that spanned several miles in diameter. The biggest tribes had hundreds of thousands of households, which was equal to a million people.

In the Cloud Wilderness, the population census was based on the number of able-bodied men, as this number was most meaningful. Able-bodied men were the main labor force, and also the leading warriors in battle. To reflect a tribe’s real strength, including the old and sick would make it meaningless.

An able-bodied man had a wife, parents and a few children. As for the families without able-bodied men, like Yi Yun and Jiang Xiaorou, they wouldn’t even be considered a “household”, so when a population census is made, Jiang Xiaorou will not be included in it.

For a large tribe, a “household” was about six to seven people, so with hundreds of thousands of households, it would be about a million people.

In the Cloud Wilderness, to have a tribe consisting of a million people was quite amazing.

Cloud Wilderness, Tao tribal clan—

The Tao tribal clan had survived in the Cloud Wilderness for more than a thousand years. As they had a long history, they were able to form a martial art heritage they could call their own.

As for a small tribe like the Lian tribal clan, they had no fences surrounding them, but for the Tao tribal clan, strong st.u.r.dy fences circled them..

These wooden fences were made of thick circular logs placed side by side. Each was over ten meters high. These logs were obtained from a particular tree in the vast wilderness. Its body was extremely dense and solid and wouldn’t rot even after a few hundred years of experiencing the elements.

For the Tao tribal clan to able to last all these years, the key reason was due to the tribe’s wonderland—Tao mountain. Desolate beasts avoided wonderlands, and only live in the ‘Desolate Lands’; hence under the Tao mountain’s protection, few desolate beasts appeared in the area controlled by the Tao tribal clan.

Also, the Tao tribal clan had no lack of Purple Blood warriors or warriors at the peak of the Purple Blood realm. Not only that, the Tao tribal clan had a precious ancestor weapon, even if a strong desolate beast mounted an attack, with the ancestor weapon as the core, the numerous Purple Blood warriors could create an array, giving them the power to battle.

Because of these reasons, the Tao tribal clan had lasted for many years, and had grown in strength.

But a strong and large tribe would not be able to compare to the large ent.i.ty like the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. The comparison would equal to that of a pebble at the foot of a mountain, or a dust speck at the under the roots of a tree. It was not worth mentioning.

At this time, the Tao tribal clan had received the news. At high noon, the Jin Long Wei would arrive. The Tao tribal clan’s Patriarch and a large number of tribal elders were there to receive them.

At high noon, the Jin Long Wei arrived punctually as mentioned.

The leader of this convoy from Jin Long Wei was a man in red armor. He was the Jin Long Wei’s Red-shirts leader, Zhang Tan.

“The Tao tribal clan is honored for life to have Thousand Households Zhang to grace his presence here!” Seeing Zhang Tan, the Tao tribal clan’s Patriarch immediately came forward to receive him in an extremely deferential manner.

In the Jin Long Wei, the Red-shirts leader commanded a thousand people, so they were commonly addressed as Thousand Households. Of course the “Households” refer to able-bodied men.

In the armies within the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, the Jin Long Wei did not have any females. Women formed their own troop.

A typical Thousand Households was nothing, but a Thousand Households of the Jin Long Wei was not the same. To the Tao tribal clan, this sort of person was not someone they could afford to offend.

“These are our tribe’s new generation of aspirants. Come, greet the Thousand Households!” The Tao tribal clan’s Patriarch said that as he waved his hand. Behind him were a hundred young warriors with ages ranging from thirteen to the twenty years of age. They greeted Household Zhang in unison.

These people were all the next generation of elites from the Tao tribal clan; and they were partic.i.p.ating in the Kingdom’s selection.

The Patriarch had hoped that by getting the young warriors to greet Zhang Tan, one or two of them would catch the eye of Zhang Tan, allowing them more chances of nurturing.

But it was a pity, Zhang Tan had absolutely no interest. In fact, the Jin Long Wei’s officers were extremely elitist. Having come from the Kingdom’s capital, it was rare for them to appreciate a warrior from the Cloud Wilderness. It wasn’t because they looked down on them, but because the warriors of the Cloud Wilderness were inadequate.

From Zhang Tan’s point of view, the reason for the Jin Long Wei to come to the Cloud Wilderness was to investigate the phenomenon that appeared in the Cloud Wilderness. As for the Kingdom’s selection, it was just a matter of convenience, and there was no expectations to discover any prodigies in the Cloud Wilderness.

Zhang Tan took a slight glance at the group of youths in front of him and said with a business-like att.i.tude, “The reason for my trip is for official business, so there’s no need for extravagance! Enter the city!”

Zhang Tan waved his hand and the Jin Long Wei directly moved in.

The young warriors of the Tao tribal clan were originally full of antic.i.p.ation, and had prepared for it meticulously; but having waited for the day to come for the Jin Long Wei to arrive, they were ignored.

With this, the young warriors were depressed.

“This Thousand Households Zhang, he totally looked down on us!”

“That’s too much. Our Tao tribal clan is the biggest tribe in the region. Although we are located in the wilderness and are poor in resources, but having grown up in the wilderness, we have grown up experiencing battles and seeing blood. How could those greenhouse flowers stand up to our real fighting experience?”

“Soon it will be the selection, we will make the Jin Long Wei officers know that they were wrong. We may not do well, but our Tao tribal clan’s first young master is about to complete a Tempered Body, and reach a state of ‘Dragon Pulse’. In this warrior selection, he will definitely shine!” These young warriors discussed in private with a defiant tone.

The Tao tribal clan’s first young master was named Hu Ya and was well known throughout the tribe. This was because he was extremely close to reaching the state of Tempered Body. In the vast wilderness, it was extremely hard to reach a Tempered Body state.

Zhang Tan led the Jin Long Wei straight to their encampment. After a short rest, he changed and left alone in the middle of the night.

Without any followers and without anyone noticing.


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