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Chapter 675: Battling Shen Tu Patriarch

After Yi Yun flew out, Lin Xintong  followed closely behind.

Below the cliffs of Greatsword Mountain, a mist lingered, making it seem like a immortal's paradise. As the Yi Yun and Lin Xintong shuttled through the mist in the form of black and white figures, they appeared like an immortal couple.

As their figures disappeared, Shen Tu Patriarch's expression turned grim.

"That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d thinks he is invincible!"

Shen Tu Patriarch gritted his teeth. After having been repeatedly rejected and mocked by Yi Yun, he was completely infuriated. He enjoyed being powerful all his life, so when had he ever suffered such indignity from a junior. Furthermore, Yi Yun's att.i.tude was one that completely dismissed him.

Such insolence made Shen Tu Patriarch wish to skin Yi Yun alive.


Shen Tu Patriarch flew out of the gigantic paG.o.da, and the group of legendary figures followed behind him.

They flew midair hundreds of thousands of feet high. As they looked far into the distance, there were fields, lakes and rivers beneath them. It was extremely picturesque.

Yi Yun landed on a nameless mountain peak.

The mountain was lush with vegetation, and the strange stones that littered the ground were like beasts, while the ancient pines resembled dragons. There was a waterfall that came crashing down from the mountain peak. It was like a white band of water that fell thousands of feet, with a tumultuous sound of water rushing.

Yi Yun stood on this lush green mountain, waiting for Shen Tu Patriarch.

In less than 30 seconds, Shen Tu Patriarch landed on the mountain peak. As he scanned the scenery around him, he sneered. "This sure is a beautiful place. Are you choosing this as your burial ground?"

Yi Yun shook his head with a laugh. "I'm still young, so don't you worry about me. As for you, you have lived for 70 or 80 thousand years. Your end is nearing, so it's pertinent for you choose a nice spot for your eternal, peaceful rest."

Yi Yun specially targeted people's weaknesses in his cursing. Lifespan was one of the biggest pains that those old freaks like Shen Tu Patriarch had!

They indeed did not have much lifespan left.

"Courting death!"

Shen Tu Patriarch was incensed. His energy surged out, and before the Elder Consortium's legendary figures arrived, he was already planning on attacking Yi Yun.

"Ka Ka Ka!"

The mountain peak beneath Shen Tu Patriarch began to tremble. A terrifying aura began to envelop the surroundings. The trees on the mountain were influenced by this energy, and they began to violently contort and twist.

The large trees began to grow. Ma.s.sive tree roots seemed to drill outwards from the ground like pythons. The entire forest seemed to enter a frenzy state.

Shen Tu Patriarch clearly was proficient at wood-elemental laws. It was considered a relatively rare law.

And at this moment, the other legendary figures of the Elder Consortium had arrived. Realizing that the battle had already begun, they watched with antic.i.p.ation. All of them were curious about Yi Yun's strength.

"Yi Yun&h.e.l.lip; "

Beside Yi Yun, Lin Xintong transmitted her voice. He understood what was on her mind and said, "Just stand by a corner and watch. Just beware of those old guys suddenly sneaking up on me. I alone am enough to deal with Shen Tu Patriarch."

If Yi Yun and Lin Xintong combined forces, their strength was not as simple as addition.


Lin Xintong nodded. They both cultivated the "Great Empress Heart Sutra". Furthermore, with her body being more suitable than Yi Yun for the cultivation of the "Great Empress Heart Sutra", Lin Xintong was not weaker than Yi Yun. However, over these years, Lin Xintong only quietly followed behind Yi Yun. She seldom stood forward to say anything. Everything had Yi Yun as the center of the situations in her life. She would only attack if there was a necessity. Her character was like this. She had a warm and soft appearance that resembled water, but once she decided on something, she would pursue it single-mindedly.

As the mountains trembled, numerous gigantic trees shot up into the sky. Even the thousand-foot waterfall was enveloped by the rapidly growing tree branches. In a moment, the entire mountain peak was sealed in a sea of gigantic trees.

And a divine tree phantom image appeared behind Shen Tu Patriarch.

This divine tree was rooted to the ground, and its crown reached into the heavens.


Shen Tu Patriarch moved and with a cursory grab, he grabbed a long spear which appeared out of thin air. He then charged at Yi Yun.

He was extremely fast, like a divine tiger pouncing through the woods. As he stabbed with his spear, a trembling buzz formed while he pierced through the air!

And at this moment, Yi Yun was trapped in the gigantic tree enchantment. The gigantic tree's branches sealed every direction, preventing Yi Yun from dodging.

With a flip of his hand, Yi Yun held the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow. With energy as arrows, a pure Yang divine arrow went whistling forward.


The arrow ignited a sea of fire behind it. As the pure Yang flames burned, it was as if a Sun was crashing into the world. Large tracts of trees were lit up. These gigantic trees, which were as solid as divine metal, could not resist the pure Yang inferno!


Shen Tu Patriarch's spear clashed with Yi Yun's arrow. In the intense collision, it caused the ground to tremble. Numerous gigantic trees were uprooted as a result, they splintered midair before being burnt to a crisp by the pure Yang flames!

Shen Tu Patriarch was alarmed. He was forced to take a step back. Although he did not suffer from this clash, he was using a spear, while Yi Yun shot an energy arrow.

A spear should have a large advantage against a flying projectile, but yet, he failed to gain anything from that.

And at this moment, Yi Yun came charging with the pure Yang broken sword in hand, swiping it straight at Shen Tu Patriarch's head.

The sword beam seemed to tear away at a withered stump, and it seemed to crash down like an enormous waterfall. Instantly, whatever area the sword beam flashed past, all the gigantic trees would splinter. Even the thousand-feet waterfall far into the distance was sliced by the sword beam, cutting the water flow!

The gigantic tree enchantment had been forcefully torn apart!

However, the sword beam did not lose any momentum and it was already in front of Shen Tu Patriarch's eyes!

At this moment, Shen Tu Patriarch had expended a lot of effort just to withstand Yi Yun's energy arrow. He felt horror when he saw the sword beam slash at him after the enchantment was broken!

He had not gone easy during this battle. He knew Yi Yun's strength was extraordinary, but there was a gap in cultivation level. Furthermore, he believed that his insight into laws far exceeded Yi Yun, he wanted to bring Yi Yun to a standstill with one strike. He would then mortally wound Yi Yun with a speed that was like a sudden clap of thunder which left no time for one to cover one's ears.

As long as he wounded Yi Yun, he would prove that Yi Yun's strength was not much. He was far from having matured. This way, he could combine forces with the few members of the Elder Consortium that were hostile to Yi Yun. It would be much easier killing Yi Yun in that case.

However, he never expected that Yi Yun's bow and sword were so powerful!

Now, with the sword beam about to reach him, Shen Tu Patriarch no longer had any other thoughts. With a bellow, he brought his spear in front of him, hoping to deflect the attack back to its source.


A frightening explosion echoed as the battle turned the world upside down. The mountain peak that was littered with gigantic trees was forcefully sliced off. As millions of pounds of rock flew up, they shattered midair, turning to powder!

As a violent wind blew, the pure Yang inferno spread, forming a gray mist that shrouded the sky!

And in this strong collision, Shen Tu Patriarch was sent flying backwards. He crashed heavily into a shaved cliff dozens of meters tall.


Like a meteorite hitting land, the shaved cliff collapsed. Gravel of all sizes caved down and rolled all over!


The falling rocks exploded almost at the same instant. With a spear in his hand, Shen Tu Patriarch stood amidst the rock ruins. His hair was disheveled, and his face was stained with blood. His clothes were tattered in many spots.

He was not seriously injured, but his appearance looked wretched!

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