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Chapter 674: Refusal

Yi Yun was surprised with the Blood Moon Alliance Leader's death. He could not immediately figure out the oddity that pervaded the matter, but he was sure that this matter was not as simple as it seemed. And at this point, Yi Yun no longer had much time to think further. Shen Tu Patriarch was aggressive in forcing Yi Yun to sign the soul contract. With a wave of his hand, the soul contract was put in front of Yi Yun. It was a black desolate beast hide. There were complicated rune words carved on the beast hide, and there was a faint green flame swirling and burning around the desolate beast hide.

With just one glance at this desolate beast hide and the rune words carved on it, Yi Yun knew that this soul contract must have cost the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium a great price to produce.

The Tian Yuan Elder Consortium knew that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong's future achievements were limitless. If the soul contract was not powerful enough, it could not restrain the two of them.

"What a good soul contract." Yi Yun sneered.

This soul contract was jointly produced by top Tian Yuan world factions. By using a mystic technique, a complete Primordial True Spirit's hide was refined and shrunk down. Various treasures produced the special ink to carve the runic words.

The entire process required the partic.i.p.ation of various large family clan's legendary figures. All of them were the cream of the crop and they were also the members of the Elder Consortium. One of them was Shen Tu Patriarch.

The entire Elder Consortium only had one expensive soul contract. It was prepared for Yi Yun and Lin Xintong. The soul contracts signed by others were different. They could not afford to use such a valuable contract.

Yi Yun chuckled when he saw this soul contract. Back in the Heavenly Dao Union, Blood Moon had forced him to sign a soul contract. It was much less powerful than this soul contract. These people were really willing to sacrifice so much to produce it.

"And if I choose not to sign?"

Yi Yun's voice turned cold. Lin Xintong, who was beside him, also silently held her sword.

The atmosphere immediately turned tense.

"This soul contract does not have any restrictions on your freedom. It is only to guarantee our safety. Why do you not want to sign it?"

An elder, whose face was covered in tattoos said with a hoa.r.s.e voice. He came from the Totem Mystic Clan. This faction also did not have good relations with Yi Yun and the Lin family.

"What an interesting logic. So I must sign something that does not restrict my freedom? Do I live for you? Furthermore, signing a soul contract means binding a lock on my soul. A permanent soul contract especially is no trifling matter. So how can it be possible that it would not result in a shred of restraint on my soul?"

As Yi Yun stood up, Lin Xintong followed to stand alongside him. Typical warriors would be reluctant to sign a permanent soul contract. Having a permanent lock on their bodies, no matter how loose, would make them uncomfortable. Furthermore, it was unnecessary for Yi Yun to yield.

The soul contract prevented members from attacking one another. In the future, Shen Tu Patriarch would have no fear. Even if he did something that provoked or disgusted Yi Yun, Yi Yun would not be able to do anything with him. Yi Yun naturally would not accept such a condition.

"It looks like you don't plan on signing it." Li Fire Grandma shook her head, as if she was pitying Yi Yun. "Yi Yun, you enjoyed success at a young age, so it is inevitable that you will have some pride. However, you need to know that something is easily broken if it's too rigid. I will not go into the pros and cons. You should know them yourself&h.e.l.lip; "

"You are right. I naturally know the pros and cons, which is why I'm not signing it. I personally hate signing soul contracts, especially permanent soul contracts. If not, there wouldn't be the battle at the Soul Tomb!" Yi Yun ignored Li Fire Grandma's soft threat that had hidden agendas. He then looked at the other Tian Yuan Elder Consortium members. "Do all of you have the same thoughts?"

A portion of Elders present had the intentions to befriend Yi Yun and Lin Xintong. However, this befriending was due to the dread that they felt towards Yi Yun. They naturally knew that being friendly would not result in Yi Yun helping them in the future. All they hoped was that Yi Yun would not attack them in the future.

If the soul contract was signed, it would be efficacious forever.

"Young master Yi, your words are too harsh. I naturally stand on your side. However, signing the soul contract is a rule established by the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium. Although I have the intention to support you, I'm unable to prevent it." A rotund old man said with a laugh.

This was a typical wishy-washy comment. He clearly did not want to offend both sides. All he wished was for people like Shen Tu Patriarch and Li Fire Grandma to fix Yi Yun.

"Young master Yi, if you are unsatisfied with the conditions, it is still possible to&h.e.l.lip; " Someone added on.

Yi Yun sneered. He pulled the pure Yang broken sword out of his interspatial ring and nonchalantly sliced the negotiating table.


Without using any strength, the stone table, made out of extreme frost black rock, was sliced into like tofu.

"My condition is very simple. I am not signing!"

When Yi Yun said those words, the atmosphere turned more solemn immediately.

Amongst the Tian Yuan world Elders, with the Sovereign of the Eventide as head, many people began to emit killing auras. They had clearly lost their patience.

The killing aura intensified and the entire venue was surging with energy like a tsunami. If a Dao Seed realm warrior was standing here, just being hit by the killing aura would cause his organs to rupture and kill him.

Shen Tu Patriarch narrowed his eyes as he looked at Yi Yun. He said solemnly, "Is that your answer? What a pity&h.e.l.lip; for I'm afraid it's not up to you!"

Shen Tu Patriarch was the first to stand up. His killing intent had locked onto Yi Yun. "Everyone says that Yi Yun has exceeded the martial realm of the Tian Yuan world, and he can easily leapfrog a full realm, or even a realm and a half. Some even say you would definitely become a peerless Great Emperor. Today, let me ascertain how true those rumors are!"

Shen Tu Patriarch's words denigrated Yi Yun. He did not doubt if the rumors were exaggerated, but he only said what was most believable.

He was not looking down on Yi Yun, it was because he had absolute confidence in his strength.

Yi Yun did not care about Shen Tu Patriarch's threats. "You old thing, who has lived for 70 or 80 thousand years, knows no shame by challenging me, a Yuan Opening realm junior. Your age is thousands of times mine. Your cultivation level is also one full realm higher than mine. To think you have the face to ask me how truthful those rumors are. I'm really impressed by your degree of shamelessness! I'm not sure how my strength compares to yours, but in terms of shamelessness, I'm really left in your dust!"

Yi Yun curses were extremely biting. He had rained down curses on Shen Tu Patriarch, but what he said were all facts!

Ignoring Shen Tu Patriarch, even many of the legendary figures sitting there felt ashamed for Shen Tu Patriarch. This battle was really disgraceful.

"Cut the nonsense. Since you are already so shameless, I'll take you on to the end. Whoever who wants to fight, feel free to come!"

The moment he finished speaking, he turned around and with a leap, he flew out of the gigantic paG.o.da's window. From the Greatsword Mountain peak that pierced the clouds, he followed the tall, hanging cliffs like a roc that had its wings fully spanned and he flew towards the distant sea of clouds.

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