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Chapter 673: Ten Corpses

"Signing a soul contract again?" Yi Yun laughed as he shook his head.

"Why? You plan on not signing?" Beside Shen Tu Patriarch, a gray-clothed Li Fire Grandma slowly drank her tea and she looked at Yi Yun with a gaze that spoke volumes.

Yi Yun did not care about this old woman and he said in a very nonchalant tone, "Signing a soul contract, making me never attack all of you. That is the true goal of this Elder Consortium. Why didn't you say the main point earlier? Was there a need to beat about the bush?"

"But as a deal, there should be some mutual benefits. And in the soul contract that you produce to restrict me, what benefits do I get if I agree to it?"

"This is not a deal." Li Fire Grandma's voice turned cold. "This is letting you join the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium. And joining the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium means abiding to the Elder Consortium's rules! You and Lin Xintong will obtain two seats. Do you know how many major factions would pay to have those two seats? Only you are unwilling to join, saying words of insult!"

Against the Li Fire Grandma's reprimanding, Yi Yun shook his head slowly. "Granny, you sure got engrossed in acting. I'm not a young child, so why are you acting? The so-called permission of letting Xintong and I join the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium is just a sham, but indeed, you were right on one thing. I can't be bothered to join this Elder Consortium. What are you basing on for me to abide to your rules? As for you, you will have to produce some benefits that makes the mark. Is it that so-called Blood Moon treasures which you would give a tiny piece of it to me after it is found? What sort of benefit is that? That benefit&h.e.l.lip; I'm very sorry, but I really don't think much of it." Yi Yun spoke with no holds barred.

When the legendary figures of the Tian Yuan world heard this, their expressions turned ugly. Even the elders of major factions, who planned on befriending Yi Yun, gasped.

The way Yi Yun spoke was too arrogant.

"Nice! Nice! Just as what I said!" Shen Tu Patriarch stared at Yi Yun as killing intent surged out. "Did all of you hear that? I mentioned it before that this person is arrogant and vicious. He has a mean personality, and he likes to stab people in the dark. Yet you choose not to believe my words. You even thought that he would obediently sign the soul contract and contribute to the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium? Now do you know how ridiculously wrong you were?"

Clearly, before Yi Yun's arrival, there was an internal debate amongst the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium on how to deal with Yi Yun. People like Shen Tu Patriarch, naturally wanted to kill Yi Yun before he managed to fully mature. But a majority of the people still wanted to negotiate with Yi Yun. It was not because they did not dread Yi Yun, it was the exact opposite. It was because they dreaded Yi Yun too much. If they failed to kill him, they would be killed by Yi Yun in the future!

Hence, despite Yi Yun being in control of the Great Empress mystic realm and having the peerless inheritance from the ancient Great Empress that countless number of people coveted and dreaded, no one made a move on him while he was sitting there.

They were still on the sidelines, weighing the possibilities.

Yi Yun scanned his surroundings and he could sense that killing intent had arose in some of the legendary figures present. He sighed and said, "What tragedy. The remnants of Blood Moon have not been vanquished. In the near future, they will set off a b.l.o.o.d.y storm in the Tian Yuan world, and all you can think of now is to engage in internecine struggles. Prevention is better than cure, don't you know that the true disaster comes from the original owners of Greatsword Mountain where you are currently sitting on?"

Yi Yun shook his head in his heart. He did not think that they were shortsighted, he thought that they had yet to recognise the terror that Blood Moon could bring about. As for the Desolate race's description of Blood Moon's past, these people did not believe one bit. Hence, they had highly underestimated Blood Moon.

And to people like Shen Tu Patriarch, Yi Yun's rise in power was not much better than Blood Moon's rise in power. In fact, it was worse.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Shen Tu Patriarch laughed. "What ignorance this boy has. To keep expounding on a disaster. Do you really think you are a clairvoyant, allowing you to see the future?"

"As for the remnants of Blood Moon&h.e.l.lip; Hmph!"

As Shen Tu Patriarch spoke, he gave the Sanctuary couple a glance.

The black-robed man of the couple slowly stood up. Previously, when Yi Yun and the other legendary figures of the Tian Yuan world were jumping at each other's throats, they remained on the sidelines. They did not comment or make any special expressions.

Now with the black-robed man standing up, his expression remained indifferent. He wiped across his interspatial ring and said in a calm voice, "While I was crossing the Untraversable Sea, I happened to come across this&h.e.l.lip; "

As he spoke, ten beams of white light flew out from the black-robed man's interspatial ring.

The white beams suspended midair, and as the lights faded, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were able to see that they were ten white rectangular objects. The objects were wrapped up in chains. No one knew what material they were made off, but the objects looked like&h.e.l.lip; coffins!

Ten coffins?

As the black-robed man waved his hand, the chains opened up automatically with rumbling noises. The coffins' lids were also opened.

Inside the coffin were ten corpses!

These corpses were all dressed in black robes. And on the left breast of the black robes, there were embroidered blood moons.

Although these ten people were dead, they still exuded an alarming aura. This aura lingered around them, making their corpses appear to possess life.

The corpses of many peerless experts would remain seemingly immortal even ten thousand years later. And when their bodies eventually decayed, the bones left behind would be crystalline like jade. Some of them might not even decay even hundreds of millions of years later.

Very clearly, the ten corpses were experts when they were alive!

Especially the person in the middle. He had a large build and his black hair seemed like a torrential storm, filling the entire coffin. In the middle of his eyebrows, there was a flame-shaped scar that radiated outwards.

Upon seeing this person, Yi Yun was slightly alarmed. In his battle with Zhulong, Zhulong had absorbed the Blood of the G.o.ds, resulting in a flame-shaped scar that radiated outwards appearing in the middle of his eyebrows. It felt like his forehead was corroded from the Blood of the G.o.ds.

This person had also used the Blood of the G.o.ds, meaning that he too was definitely a first generation Blood Moon.

And from his aura, it was far more powerful than Zhulong. It meant that he had reincarnated a long time ago. All these led Yi Yun to think of one person, Blood Moon's executive controller!

"He's dead?"

Yi Yun was alarmed. He never expected to see Blood Moon's executive controller's corpse here.

This corpse was clearly not fake. Such a powerful body was definitely a peerless expert’s. Trying to cheat him by killing an expert, whose strength was similar to Blood Moon's executive controller, was too great a cost. And in the entire Tian Yuan world, there was probably no such person.

"I believe you have already recognized who he is. Indeed! He is the Blood Moon Alliance Leader. He is already dead. Not only is he dead, even his henchmen are all dead! Hence, you worrying about the remnants of Blood Moon causing a disaster is nothing but a joke!" Shen Tu Patriarch said in a mocking tone, "Yi Yun, I know what is on your mind. What you are thinking is just  imagination. The Tian Yuan world has a threat lurking, the Blood Moon Alliance Leader, and no one here present might be his match in strength. So we need to rely on you, allowing you to mature to resist the Blood Moon Alliance Leader. Then you will have no fear!"

"Unfortunately&h.e.l.lip; He is already dead. Your plan has been dismantled. Now, you are just a threat to us, not the savior of the world. Once you mature, you might even be worse than Blood Moon!"

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