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Chapter 67: Conceal the secret

The Patriarch completely ignored Zhao Tiezhu’s words. Having lived to a ripe old age, he was able to tell with his own abilities. He worriedly asked, “Doctor, how is he?” The Lian tribal clan’s barefooted doctor’s knowledge was originally limited, so he was unable to tell.

This quack began to panic and was utterly dumbfounded by the question of the Patriarch.

What did he know?

“The situation&h.e.l.lip;I can’t really tell, I’ll write a prescription to the Young master. The Young master’s foundation is solid and he’s strong, he&h.e.l.lip;he should be fine&h.e.l.lip;”

“Are you sure he’ll be alright? Could it be that because the Young master broke through, leaving his body weak, was the backlash in his vitals caused by the Yuan Qi? As such, he should recover soon, right?”

“This&h.e.l.lip;” The quack did not dare guarantee this. His forehead was filled with sweat, but he composed himself with a sigh, “everything will depend on the Young master’s future conditions. Let him take the prescription and have a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we should be able to tell, tomorrow.”

The quack had just said a bunch of c.r.a.p that was as good as not saying anything. As for Yao Yuan, he frowned and walked to the side of the Patriarch and whispered a few words into his ear.

“What did you say!?”

After hearing Yao Yuan’s words, his heart skipped a beat, “You say Chengyu failed to breakthrough!?”

The Patriarch hushed his tone for this matter of was of great concern. He did not want this to spread.

“Hmm&h.e.l.lip; it should be a failure to breakthrough, resulting in a counter flow of energy against him. It might have been due to anger that resulted in this&h.e.l.lip;” Yao Yuan had chosen his words wisely in order to not agitate the Patriarch.

But those words still made the Patriarch dizzy.

“How could it be?” Zhao Tiezhu who was extremely calm turned anxious upon hearing Yao Yuan’s words.

But Yao Yuan gave him a stern look, shutting Zhao Tiezhu up.

He knew that Yao Yuan’s experience was extraordinary. Yao Yuan had previously broken into the Purple Blood realm before, so what he said could not be bunk, so it had to be the truth!

Young master Lian really failed in his breakthrough?

Seeing Lian Chengyu’s barely breathing, unconscious self, Zhao Tiezhu could no longer deceive himself.

“Chengyu ah&h.e.l.lip;” The Patriarch suddenly seemed to age by eight years as he stumbled to pick up Lian Chengyu.

Seeing the crowd approaching, the Patriarch hurriedly said in a hushed tone to the surrounding people, “Chengyu’s failure to breakthrough is to be kept confidential&h.e.l.lip; It cannot be announced&h.e.l.lip;”

The Patriarch’s voice was weak. Be it the refinement of the desolate bones or the breakthrough of Lian Chengyu, it was a high profile and great event.

Such an event of great importance was tied deeply to the prestige and reputation of the leadership.

If the tribe were to know that Lian Chengyu had failed to break through, in spite of all that was put in to obtain the desolate bone essence, including the lives of the weak and the old, what would the tribe think?

What sort of prestige would be left, how were they to rule the clan in in the future?

Besides, all the cattle had been slaughtered, the herb mountain was picked dry, and there were no more stored rations left. Under such a situation, if the tribe were to know that Lian Chengyu had not only failed to break through, but even vomit blood, wouldn’t they revolt?

They were all hoping for Lian Chengyu to bring them good days ahead!

“Carry Chengyu into the courtyard. Unrelated personnels are not to come close!” The Patriarch said in a harsh tone carrying a sullen expression.

“Then&h.e.l.lip; Then what should we say to the tribe people?” Zhao Tiezhu asked puzzledly.

“Say that Chengyu had broken through to the Purple Blood realm, but he had received some injuries from the violent energies of the desolate bones. He will need to be nursed back to health for a few days!”

The Patriarch decided to cover up the secret, and everything had to wait till Lian Chengyu had recovered.

As the Lian tribal clan were in a frenzy, and the mess the tribe’s upper echelon was in, the culprit, Yi Yun was building a fire in the back mountain. Oh, he was grilling chicken wings.

Yi Yun sang as he grilled.

This was a parody of a song in ““, where Stephen Chow was caught eating chicken wings when he was supposed to be on his deathbed.

“I love chicken wings. I love grilled chicken wings the most! I love Hong Shao chicken wings the most!”

This was a comedic song without any sense and poor rhythm, but Yi Yun still sang it very happily.

Although using firewood to grill meat was difficult, it could not deter a glutton’s desire for barbecue.

Soon, Yi Yun’s chicken wings were smelling good. Drop after drop of grease dripped into the fire as it roared in response.

“It’s complete!” Yi Yun cut the meat on the grilled chicken wings and sprinkled some seasoning. “Sis Xiaorou, try it.”

Yi Yun gave Jiang Xiaorou the first chicken wing that finished grilling.

“Be careful, it’s hot,” Yi Yun warned. To Yi Yun, Jiang Xiaorou was the most important person in the world.

“You little kid, beginning to warn your elder sister now?” Jiang Xiaorou gave Yi Yun a stare. In the past, Jiang Xiaorou would make porridge for Yi Yun; and because she was afraid Yi Yun would scald himself, Jiang Xiaorou would always cool the porridge by blowing at it, warning him, “Slowly eat, be careful, it’s hot.”

A simple phrase yet it sounded very sweet.

Yi Yun made sure that the chicken wings he grilled were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Although there were some black spots, it was harmless.

Jiang Xiaorou opened her mouth and took a tiny bite. It was really tender and juicy, making it extremely delicious.

“So delicious!” Jiang Xiaorou’s face was glowing. What happier thing could happen besides circling a fire and sharing delicious chicken wings with her brother?

“Yun-er, you should eat too.”

“Oh, of course. It took me a great deal of research to find a firewood that doesn’t give off black smoke!”

Yi Yun smiled. Yi Yun’s progress had slowed down the past few days, and was no longer breaking through into new realms every few days.

The Qi Gatherer realm was a demarcating line. Cultivation progress upon reaching it would slow down. A person without talent will be stuck at this bottleneck for life, never to improve.

Yi Yun had already absorbed half of the Chi Lin’s head’s energy.

Yi Yun had further deepened his understanding of the Purple Crystal. He could now control the speed at which the Purple Crystal could absorb energy.

Back then, when Yi Yun first broke through to the Meridians realm, he had nearly burst his body due to an unrestricted flow of incoming energy within his opened meridians.

Now, Yi Yun could control the speed of absorption of the Purple Crystal, so he would no longer make the same mistake again.

“The energy in Chi Lin’s head is much richer than the energy in Lian Chengyu’s desolate bones. It should be able to last another ten days or so; by then, it would be almost time to partic.i.p.ate in the Kingdom’s selection&h.e.l.lip;”

As he thought about it, he suddenly heard a faint sound in the distance.

After reaching the fifth stage of Mortal Blood, Yi Yun’s senses were keen, so he could easily hear the sounds from afar.

“Sis Xiaorou wait for me.” Yi Yun said before jumping down the large tree with ease. In the distance, what he saw made him gasp.


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