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Chapter 669: Attaining Yuan Opening

In the G.o.d Advent Tower, as Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were engaged in a warm, enveloping embrace, they forgot the pa.s.sage of time.

Breaking through to the Yuan Opening realm required an immense quant.i.ty of Yuan Qi. This amount of Yuan Qi could not be completely stored in their Dantian, and instead, it needed to be acc.u.mulated over a prolonged period of time. Typical warriors would usually spend an entire decade or two just to break into the Yuan Opening realm.

In Lin Xintong and Yi Yun's Yuan foundation, the Dao Seed sprouts continued growing under the Yuan Qi's constant nourishment, becoming even taller.

Surrounding the two of them was dense Yuan Qi. Above their heads was a cloud layer formed from Yuan Qi and laws. The Dao Seed sprouts’ phantom image appeared from within their Dantians, they seemed seemed to envelop the two of them.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong seemed to be develop and grow along with a small world that recently came into existence. Their bodies were like primordial rocks that gave life. Every breath and heartbeat they took was the frequency at which the world grew.

Their respective Dao Seed trees grew taller, in step with their breathing. They stretched out their tender foliage, respiring that world's Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. After some time, the sprouts slowly matured into tree saplings.

Many people's Yuan Opening realm would only reach such a stage. Their Dao Seed's tree would expend all the energy after just breaking into the Yuan Opening realm, so they would come to a stop at this point.

However, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong went much further than that.

They carried on with their eyes closed.

In the worlds in their bodies, all the clouds gathered together, resulting in rumbling thunder and flashing lightning. Instantly, what seemed like a scene of an immortal’s paradise became one that looked like the apocalypse.

And in this apocalyptic world, the tiny tree sapling showed no fear to the lightning, nor was it uprooted by the ravaging winds. Instead, it began to rapidly grow.

One feet, two feet, five feet, ten feet, twenty feet!

The tree sapling grew into a large tree, as its leaves became ever more lush. Every leaf was shaped differently. Some looked like tiny cauldrons, others looked like swords and some looked like the eight trigrams.

Although the Dao Seed's tree that Yi Yun produced was already two storeys high, in fact, his Dao Seed tree was still just a sapling.

The size of the sapling determined how high the Dao Seed tree could grow in the future.

The Dao Seed tree could grow a hundred times, a thousand times, or even ten thousand times till it pierced through the clouds, forming a path to the heavens.

Boom! Boom!

A bolt of lightning flashed, striking the Dao Seed tree.

And at this moment, two sharp screeches accompanied two shadows as they appeared from Yi Yun's body.

One was the Golden Crow, while the other was the Nine Neonate.

These two phantom images circled around the two large trees that interweaved each other, before charging into the clouds, so as to face and resist the lightning.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong dual cultivated the "Great Empress Heart Sutra". One of them was pure Yang and the other was pure Yin, but despite that, they could aid one another when they were breaking through to the Yuan Opening realm. Even their Dao Seed trees were intertwined.

They wound around each other, but they were separate, independent beings.

A snow-white lotus flower flew out of Lin Xintong's body. It fluttered in the wind and it spun around the two large trees, constantly emitting a frosty-ice aura that protected the two trees.

The two trees stood erect in an intertwined fashion as if they were the center of the world.

The Golden Crow and Nine Neonate circled around the tree trunk, while the snow lotus began blooming on the tree's canopy.

Every leaf was formed from Yuan Qi as a result of the abundant Yuan Qi present. As long as the Dao Seed tree did not die, it would constantly provide Yuan Qi to the leaves.

Yi Yun opened his eyes, and his eyes seemed to flash with both lightning and fire. Even when he stretched his body, his joints would emit a sound that resembled a m.u.f.fled thunder.

At this moment, Lin Xintong also opened her eyes. Her eyes looked like a deep lake, and one could seem to see snow lotuses littered across the lake. Her aura was extremely holy and sacred, as if any living creature that saw her would be put to shame.

Yuan Opening realm! Yi Yun clenched his fists as he experienced the surging Yuan Qi in his body!

From this moment onwards, other than increasing his strength, just Yi Yun's cultivation realm alone allowed him to enter the top ranks of human warriors in the Tian Yuan world.

And from this moment onwards, warriors would possess a long life. Breaking through to the Yuan Opening realm was like being reborn. The Dao Seed tree in their bodies was a reflection of their limbs, and the leaves' veins were all their meridians. As such, even the weakest Yuan Opening realm warrior would have a lifespan of about ten thousand years. And for peak Yuan Opening realm warriors, their lifespans could even reach tens of thousands of years.

As the Dao Seed tree absorbed and produced Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, the Yuan Opening warrior would have nearly endless amounts of Yuan Qi.

Furthermore, the Dao Seed trees produced by Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were even more terrifying. They seemed earth-shattering, from the moment they appeared, they had already formed the ghostly image of a small world.

"This breakthrough probably took us two or three years..." Yi Yun tenderly helped Lin Xintong wear her clothes as he spoke.

Breaking through to the Yuan Opening realm was extremely time consuming.

Using a decade was already considered fast. Those who lacked the talent might even need to go into reclusion for twenty or even thirty years.

The main reason was that the Dao Seed tree required a long period of time to grow from a sapling.

Ignoring a tree, just a tiny blade of gra.s.s took a year's time to go from sprouting to withering.

And most warriors did not acc.u.mulate enough Yuan Qi in their Yuan foundation. After the Dao Seed tree sprouted, the first month would cause all their Yuan Qi to be depleted. The future growth of the Dao Seed tree would have to rely on the acc.u.mulation of time.

During this period, if a person lacked Yuan Qi and his foundation was insufficient, there was a high chance of a breakthrough failure. The Dao Seed tree's sprout would wither due to a lack of energy. Then, they would have to start all over again.

To the Tian Yuan world's warriors, no one could afford such failure. This was equivalent to destroying most of their martial path.

This was the reason why most young juniors in the Tian Yuan world would choose not to break through to the Yuan Opening realm. They were halt at the peak of the Dao Seed realm until they were fifty or sixty years old. Some times, some might even wait till they were a hundred years old.

This was because the amount of time that the breakthrough took was too long and the process was too difficult. Without enough acc.u.mulation in foundation and nomological insight, they did not dare attempt the breakthrough.

During the past two or three years, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong continuously increased their strength while in reclusion. They were completely cut off from the external world, so they did not know what had become of the Tian Yuan world.

However, before going into reclusion, Lin Xintong and Jiang Xiaorou had already separately informed the Lin family and the Desolate race to be on the alert and conserve their strength.

"Let us go." Yi Yun said while looking into Lin Xintong's eyes as she returned his gaze.

On the sixth floor of the G.o.d Advent Tower, Jiang Xiaorou was sitting in a small building in a bamboo forest. An ancient aura lingered around her body, and sitting on the wooden platforms in front of her were parts of the "Great Empress Heart Sutra".

Yi Yun had only woken once in the past three years, and that was to pa.s.s the "Great Empress Heart Sutra" to Jiang Xiaorou.

Jiang Xiaorou had extremely high perception. She used two years to pa.s.s the first five levels of the G.o.d Advent Tower, and finish reading all the canonical material. She had also chosen some that suited her cultivation.

Jiang Xiaorou, who had been recognized by the Sacred Spirit and had the best bloodline in the Desolate race, was definitely a peerless genius. Furthermore, in the Azure Yang Lord's ma.s.sive collection, there were quite a number of canonical manuals that were not meant for humans. There were no records of such canonical manuals in the Desolate race, so when Jiang Xiaorou saw this, she was naturally delighted.

Today, Jiang Xiaorou suddenly sensed something as she opened her eyes.

The moment she opened her eyes, an extremely sacred aura was emitted from her body.

The small building in the bamboo forest was perennially covered in snow. However, when that aura swept past the snow, it was like a gentle spring breeze that immediately melted the ice. Lush green gra.s.s grew while flowers bloomed.

Jiang Xiaorou sat in the middle of the flowers with a smile on her lips, resembling a fairy that walked out of the forest. She was like an embodiment of the most pure and pretty creation formed by the Heaven and Earth. She made anyone who saw her feel a sense of endearment and admiration.

"The both of you have broken through to the Yuan Opening realm." As Jiang Xiaorou looked at Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, who had appeared in front of her, she sensed their auras and gave a delighted look.

They had broken through to the Yuan Opening realm in just three years, showcasing their absolute genius. The aura emitted from their bodies was extraordinary. Them appearing hand in hand, made them appear like a lovely couple that would make people swoon.

Yi Yun looked at Jiang Xiaorou and broke out into a smile. "Sis Xiaorou, you have broken through as well."

Jiang Xiaorou's aura had an ancient air to it. As the cultivation of the Desolate race was different to the humans’, Jiang Xiaorou was not considered to be in the Yuan Opening realm, but she was in a realm close to it.

"Shall we go out?" Jiang Xiaorou asked.

"Yes, the outside world is ever-changing. Now that we have already broken through, it is time to leave the Great Empress mystic realm." Yi Yun said.

"I wonder how the Tian Yuan world is now." A hint of worry appeared in Lin Xintong's eyes.

When they entered reclusion, the Alliance Leader had already gone missing. It was unknown what he had been doing over the past two to three years.

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