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Chapter 667: Dread

The battle that destroyed the Martial Alliance lasted for half a day.

The ancient organization may have existed for such a long period of time, but its destruction happened in such a short span of time, making it quite a reflective and sorrowful event.

At this moment, the elders of the large factions that had destroyed the Martial Alliance had arrived at the treasury. The Martial Alliance's treasury was sealed in an array, but how could such an array withstand the combined attacks of the various grand elders from the Tian Yuan world's major factions?

The array crumbled and then the elders and legendary figures of the Tian Yuan world entered the treasury.

As the resistance they faced was nothing intense, and the true upper echelons of Blood Moon were no longer on Greatsword Mountain, it worried the elders who entered the treasury. Could Blood Moon have secretly removed the treasures in the treasury?

Under the existing situation, the elders did not have their hopes up. However, when they charged into the treasury, they were finally able to confirm that there were still large amounts of treasure stored in the treasury.

There were ancient heritage in the form of jade scrolls, pills, relics and Longevity Extending Pills that they desired!

However, the top two levels of the treasury had been completely emptied.

They did not find the most essential inheritance like the "Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique".

However, even without those, just the first few levels of the treasury was enough to make the large factions turn red-eyed.

Since time immemorial, it was easy to invade a fort collectively, but the splitting of the war trophies was after the successful invasion was always a problem. There were no lack of accounts in history where a number of sects collectively destroy a large sect, but then, they would end up in another war when it came to the dispute of splitting the resources or spiritual lands.

"Everyone!" A white-haired woman spoke to the crowd that faced the treasury. "I suggest we first seal the treasury. Every faction will send one person to negotiate the distribution of the treasures. Other than pills, relics and Longevity Extending Pills which are one-time consumable items, there are ancient heritage that should be shared amongst the factions of the Tian Yuan world, right?"

The moment the old woman spoke, man people slightly faltered. Distribution of the treasures was indeed a problem.

The Martial Alliance's treasury was no trifling matter. In front of such enormous benefits, especially the Longevity Extending Pills and the ancient heritage that would allow their factions to soar, no one was unmoved.

The negotiations would likely take months without any agreement.

In the end, there might even be another war to decide on the matter.

"The Martial Alliance is gone. However, the upper echelons of Blood Moon have not been eradicated. They are not a tiny threat towards us. I suggest that all the major factions in the Tian Yuan world should form a Elder Consortium to lead the Tian Yuan world collectively. First, it will be in charge of distributing the treasures in the treasury, and secondly, it would be responsible for destroying Blood Moon, so as to exterminate them completely."

Another elder stood forward to speak up. The number of members in an Elder Consortium formed from the various large factions was naturally extremely important to each faction.

"A Elder Consortium formed by us to lead the Tian Yuan world? Have any of you considered Yi Yun?" Someone suddenly said this in the crowd, causing the atmosphere to turn livid.

Yi Yun!

That person was an anomaly in the Tian Yuan world.

Especially with Lin Xintong beside him, who had extraordinary strength. If the two of them combined forces, along with Jiang Xiaorou, he naturally had sufficient strength to enter the Elder Consortium.

Alternatively, Yi Yun might not even think anything of the Elder Consortium and completely disregard the decisions made by the Elder Consortium. This naturally made many feel uncomfortable.

"Ignoring the Elder Consortium, just a portion of the treasures in the treasury should belong to Yi Yun. Don't forget how many people he saved from the Soul Tomb. Those are the most promising juniors from all our factions." Someone in the crowd said.

The people present were all important figures of the various large factions. Their every decision would stir up the Tian Yuan world.

Distribute the treasures?

Upon hearing this, many people frowned.

In their hearts, Yi Yun was an unpredictable factor. In fact, no one present wished to see Yi Yun become stronger.

Towards the present Yi Yun, most of them did not feel grateful to Yi Yun for saving their juniors, they were feeling dread!

A person who was overly powerful could upset the existing balance.

If this person was kind hearted and without a care in the world, then that would be fine. However, if he was a ruthless person who acted wantonly, that would result in a disaster.

No one wished that their own family and lives would be in the hands of another.

"Yi Yun has a Desolate race sister, Jiang Xiaorou. Are you sure that after Yi Yun joins the Elder Consortium, he would stand on the side of the human race? In my opinion, his relationship with the Desolate race is closer. In the Soul Tomb trials, other than saying that Yi Yun saved the human race's geniuses, you can also say that he was there just to save his sister."

At this moment, a stout elder spoke. He was dressed in a blue robe and he had gray long hair. His sword-like eyebrows shot out diagonally while his eyes burned like torches.

This person was the strongest person in the Shen Tu family clan, the Shen Tu Patriarch.

Years ago, he had injured the Shepherd Boy with his Divine Wheel attack that remained in the Shepherd Boy's body for a decade without being completely removed.

Later on, the vendetta between the Shen Tu family clan and Yi Yun intensified.

And the Shen Tu family clan learned a few days ago that Yi Yun had appeared in the Shen Tu family clan. He had killed Zhulong together with Lin Xintong, and his rise was no longer stoppable. The one faction in the entire Tian Yuan world that was most afraid of Yi Yun's rise had to be the Shen Tu family clan.

Of course, there was another faction that was not too much different. That was the Li Fire Sect.

The Li Fire Sect's grand elder spoke up. "Everyone, I believe many of the factions you stand for have had unpleasant experiences with Yi Yun in the past, or even feuds. For example, those who entered the Great Empress mystic realm together with Yi Yun, as well all those family clans that signed their names on the Martial Alliance's wanted poster. And those who suppressed the Lin family, and factions that kicked them while they were down. The number of factions that did that probably is not a small number&h.e.l.lip; "

"Have anyone of you realized that at this speed, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, who have inherited the Great Empress' inheritance, will not need much time to reach a terrifying step where they can be the true masters of the Tian Yuan world? The combined forces of the duo would not be difficult for them to reach the ancient Great Empress' realm. When that happens, we would be like fish on the chopping block, at their mercy."

The Li Fire Sect's grand elder engaged in demagoguery.

No matter who it was, no one wished to see a person who could decide their fate or lives.

However&h.e.l.lip; it was also impossible for them to lean towards the Li Fire Sect and Shen Tu family clan's position. On Yi Yun's imminent rise, many people would rather befriend him.

If they were to offend Yi Yun at this moment, revenge could be sought on them, and it was a consequence that they could not bear.

As the elders of the large factions were in deliberation, a flash occurred in the Great Empress mystic realm. Yi Yun, Lin Xintong and Jiang Xiaorou appeared in the closed off world&h.e.l.lip;

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