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Chapter 665: Besieging the Martial Alliance

In the past decade, various large factions had subconsciously accepted the Martial Alliance as the leading faction in the Tian Yuan world. After all, the Martial Alliance possessed items they coveted. Be it the Longevity Extending Pills or their ancient inheritance, they made the factions, that posed as ancient ent.i.ties, turn red with envy.

Under such circ.u.mstances, there was nothing to doubt about the Martial Alliance's authority.

People also accepted the reason the Martial Alliance gave for its rise in power. They believed that the Martial Alliance was going to lead the Tian Yuan world to tide over the coming calamity, as well as allow the Tian Yuan world's martial civilization to return to the glory days of ancient times.

And today, many factions were still considering what gifts they should send the Martial Alliance during a Tian Yuan world martial tea session, organized by the Martial Alliance a month later. However, suddenly they received the voice transmission jade slips from their respective juniors.

These long distance voice transmission jade slips were extremely costly to produce, so it was not something to be used frivously, unless in an emergency. The various large factions treated the jade slip's content very seriously, so when they finished hearing it, they were completely stunned.

The descriptions regarding the Martial Alliance in the jade slips alarmed them greatly!

There were even many Heavenly Blood Union members who directly suggested that their family clans should ally with nearby factions so as to attack the Martial Alliance. As long as the Tian Yuan world's factions allied, the Martial Alliance would be no match.

Of course, the attack on the Martial Alliance had to be done at lightning speed. If not, the other factions could attack the Martial Alliance first, preventing them from obtaining the treasures hidden in the Martial Alliance.

Besiege the Martial Alliance?

Rob the Martial Alliance of all their resources and riches?

The jade slip's information was just too shocking, so much that even though it was news transmitted by their own juniors, many members of the upper echelons of these large factions could not immediately accept the content within.

Many factions chose to first monitor the situation. They secretly contacted other factions that they were friendly with, and after probing, they learned a fact.

All the Heavenly Blood Union members had transmitted the same information to their own factions. They had indeed been plotted against by Blood Moon!

As it was a matter of great importance, many large factions, who were friendly with each other, began to act. They gathered together, discussing the storm that was about to happen.

In history, there had been super factions that managed to dominate the world, but due to various reasons, they would be besieged at their peak, causing them to crumble overnight!

And compared to the large factions that had appeared and perished in history, the Martial Alliance did not seem that much stronger.

Two days later, the factions that were further north had received their Heavenly Dao Union disciples. These people had put on disguises and used teleportation arrays to rush back, day and night without stop.

When they described it in person, the information provided became even clearer than the content in the jade slips. With more than a hundred Heavenly Blood Union members confirming this matter unanimously, it definitely could not be fake.

However, the large factions of the Tian Yuan world refused to easily believe in the descriptions the Desolate race provided.

The idea of division between "us" and "them", was irreconcilable entrenched within their hearts.

They could temporarily ignore the Desolate race. Furthermore, they did not need to consider cooperating with them. Many of the Tian Yuan world factions were planning on annexing the Martial Alliance.

Once such an ancient existence was destroyed, it was unknown how many treasures they would leave behind, so it was enough for them to rise up against them.

Factions began to secretly form alliances. As more and more alliances were established, many factions sent the strongest combat powers their factions possessed to ensure that the war would end in their favor.

Failure was not an options! Although the Martial Alliance was just a slightly larger organization, attacking it gave people the feeling of revolting to usurp power.

Finally, there were people who could not hold back any further.

One evening, on Greatsword Mountain, far in the western sky, more than a thousand warriors charged in a mighty formation.

These warriors looked like small black dots in the horizon, but increased in size at an alarming speed. In less than a minute, they had already arrived in front of Greatsword Mountain.

These people were dressed in various uniforms, clearly indicating that they came from different factions.

After the first batch of warriors arrived, another batch of more than thousand warriors came from north of Greatsword Mountain.

While traveling here, they had formed battle formations. These battle formations were their faction's cornerstone abilities. The disciples that were responsible for setting up the battle formation had undergone years of training and thus also had great teamwork.

Following that, warriors from various factions rushed over one after another from other directions.

Soon, Greatsword Mountain was surrounded from all directions!

In fact, the war against the Martial Alliance had been planned for days. Many factions were monitoring the situation. So when the first faction made its move, the other factions that could arrive in time all made their moves as well!

Hence, a few thousand people had quickly gathered around the Martial Alliance's Greatsword Mountain!

The terrifying aura simmered in the horizons as beams of divine halos shot down from the sky. These people included many old freaks, who had been in reclusion, from the various large factions.

These old freaks had already given up authority in their family clans and instead began reclusive cultivation, in a bid to extend their lives. They would only act if their family clan encountered dangers, or if important matters happened.

And now, the reason why many of them acted was not only because of the future of their family clans, but the immensely attractive Longevity Extending Pills. That was sufficient reason enough to stop their reclusion.

More than ten such old freaks of this level had appeared.

Heaven Earth Yuan Qi surged through the sky and lands.

These Patriarchs, or grand elders, who had been in reclusion for long periods of time, all had serious expressions, as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

They did not know how powerful the Alliance Leader was. According to what the Desolate race said, he had been born tens of millions of years ago, and was a terrifying figure to have reincarnated up to now.

Such a person would require a great deal of effort to destroy. It was even possible that they could perish if they were careless.

"Dear fellow martial pract.i.tioners, are you gathered here to destroy my Martial Alliance?"

A man dressed in gray robes appeared.

When the various large factions were preparing to besiege the Martial Alliance, the Martial Alliance had already discovered their actions.

However, they did not do anything despite discovering it. The surroundings of the Martial Alliance was monitored, so if the Martial Alliance had chosen to abandon Greatsword Mountain and escape. It was equivalent to telling the Tian Yuan world's large factions that they were afraid. The outcome would be even more disastrous. They could be attacked during their escape attempt.

A majority of the Martial Alliance were only the Martial Alliance's subordinates. They did not know of the existence of Blood Moon, and were kept in the dark.

However, there were also a considerable number of people who were true Blood Moon members.

These people were the nucleus of the Martial Alliance's strength.

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