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Chapter 664: Greed

At this moment, in the land of the far north, outside of the Soul Tomb.

The dim sun hung high in the sky. All the Heavenly Blood Union members who had escaped death were rejoicing over their escape from the Soul Tomb.

They were pigs reared to be slaughtered by the Heavenly Blood Union. The so-called Blackstone Trials was actually just sending them to the slaughtering grounds to be slaughtered. They had been destined to die, but now, because of Yi Yun, they had survived.

Instantly, Yi Yun became the focus of attention for all of the Heavenly Blood Union members. Furthermore, his strength was so high that there was no way to stop his momentous rise. He was bound to soar high up in the future, becoming a figure that could rival the peerless Great Empress.

Just thinking of Yi Yun's future gave many people some ideas. Although befriending Yi Yun at this moment was unlikely, to get him to aid them in the future, it would at least prevent any grudge or animosity with him.

"Young master Yi, no words can adequately express my grat.i.tude for your help. It will be remembered by me, Sun Li."

“Young master Yi, this lowly one is named Nanjian Ping, from the Nanjian family, and also the inheritor of the Nanjian family. Although this lowly one lacks strength, I have some say in the south. In the future, if Young master Yi requires someone to do menial ch.o.r.es, feel free to use this lowly one."

After many of them recovered a bit physically and the pain from their soul sea soothened, they began expressing their good-willed intentions towards Yi Yun.

Yi Yun scanned these people. He could tell that some of them were truly grateful. Most of the elites present were not evil by nature. Naturally, they had jealous and selfish emotions, but that is how it is to be human. The past animosity towards Yi Yun was mainly due to the propaganda spread by the Martial Alliance.

There was also a tiny minority who thanked Yi Yun unsincerely. However, Yi Yun did not mind this.

He said, "All of you are to return to your factions as soon as possible. Work separately and use teleportation arrays to achieve the fastest speed possible. Those who know how to disguise themselves, do so. Try to choose routes with the fewest amount of people, do not let others discover you!"

"I cannot guarantee that Blood Moon will not chase after you to silence you, so it is best to err on the side of caution. It would be wise to contact your factions now and tell them of what has happened, so that they can send people to receive you!"

Yi Yun's words reminded the bunch of geniuses.

Yes, previously they were not worried since there was no way to transmit any information out of the Soul Tomb.

Now however, Blood Moon had probably already receive the news and wanted to silence them!

It was not difficult for them to contact their factions the moment they came out of the Soul Tomb. Many of the Heavenly Blood Union members were the elites of their respective factions. To avoid any unexpected circ.u.mstances, they had special means of contacting their respective factions. At this moment, they took out their precious voice transmission charms or jade slips, in preparation to contact their factions over distances that spanned tens of millions of miles.

"Young master Yi, you aren't a human traitor, right? Also, what is Blood Moon plotting?"

A Heavenly Blood Union member who wanted to transmit his voice asked Yi Yun. He wanted to construct what he wanted to send using the voice transmission jade slip according to Yi Yun's response.

Yi Yun looked at Jiang Xiaorou who was beside him and whispered, "Sis Xiaorou, why don't you do it..."

As the Desolate race's new Desolate Queen, it was most suitable for Jiang Xiaorou to explain the situation.

Previously, Jiang Xiaorou did not mention a single word of Blood Moon's scheme because it was pointless. No one would believe her.

However, now, everything was different.

"Alright." Jiang Xiaorou nodded. She no longer looked as resolute and lonely as she did back when she was teetering on the brink between life and death. Instead, she had the cuteness and ruddiness of a young lady in her prime. Due to Yi Yun's return, and her bringing the Desolate race's Skyfox back safely, she was completely filled with happiness.

"Then&h.e.l.lip; let me explain everything to everyone..."

Jiang Xiaorou's words were short and simple. Soon, she explained everything that had happened.

When she mentioned how Blood Moon had destroyed large amounts of historical records tens of millions of years ago, concealing what happened back then, as well as large amounts of inheritance, the Heavenly Blood Union members present immediately became stunned with disbelief.

Even though they now knew that Blood Moon was evil, they found it difficult to believe the historical events that happened tens of millions of years ago. They found it difficult to accept that the animosity that separated the two races was all due to such a reason, which reversed all preconceptions they possessed.

Is this true?

"It is your choice whether to believe it or not. I have finished explaining and you should leave. Return to your respective factions and try to convince your elders and grand elders. By gathering the Tian Yuan world's forces, it should not be difficult to topple Blood Moon."

"Besides, you might not know this, but the treasury established by Blood Moon in the Heavenly Dao Union is just a tiny portion of its inheritance. Tens of millions of years ago, the Tian Yuan World's martial civilization was nearly destroyed in that huge war. Blood Moon back then was even more powerful than it is now. There were elite members of Blood Moon lost during the war."

"However, their elites may be dead, but the acc.u.mulated wealth they have still remains."

"Inheritance, pills, relics, etc. Tens of millions of years ago, it was an era of destruction. Many large factions were vanquished, and quite a large portion of the acc.u.mulated wealth of these vanquished factions fell into the hands of Blood Moon. If that was not the case, how do you think the Blood Moon has so much wealth to offer you as rewards, or the gifts to the various factions in the Tian Yuan world, so as to buy them over?"

Jiang Xiaorou's words were extremely thought-provoking and tempting. By saying it this way, many people's eyes lit up.

Yes! The Martial Alliance's foundation was unimaginably deep!

Although the Martial Alliance had always been a large faction, people did not find it much more powerful than factions like the Li Fire Sect, Shen Tu family clan or the Lin family.

It was only seven years ago, when the Martial Alliance suddenly rose up, that they made an impression on people with their immense strength.

And if one thought carefully about it, a great deal of the power they seemed to possess was a result of their riches, while the remaining reason boiled down to the Martial Alliance's core experts that numbered one or two!

It was because the Martial Alliance had great heritage that they made people feel that they were powerful!

And when they a.n.a.lyzed the Martial Alliance's strength, other than the Martial Alliance's Alliance Leader and his right and left-hand men, the other members of the upper echelons of the Martial Alliance were not much more powerful than their own faction's grand elders.

Then, how could such a faction, without ridiculous power, obtain so much wealth and ancient inheritance?

Especially with things like the "Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique" and Longevity Extending Pills, it completely exceeded the martial civilization the Tian Yuan world currently had.

Probably, only Jiang Xiaorou's explanation of the Martial Alliance robbing everything from ancient times made sense!

That was immense amounts of wealth and ancient inheritances. If they obtained them...

Just thinking of this made them extremely excited.

If they could freely pick from a large treasury that had collected large amounts of ancient martial inheritance and wealth over tens of millions of years, what sort of scene would that be?

A youth in his twenties immediately shouted fervently, "Fairy Jiang is right. Blood Moon's wealth is nothing but ill-gotten gains obtained by robbing the Tian Yuan world. We should eradicate Blood Moon and take back the riches. All of that should be reasonably put to use so as to push the Tian Yuan world's martial frontier to the next stage!"

"That's right, to think Blood Moon controlled the Martial Alliance to make a fool of us. They have to be eradicated. The treasures they have robbed should be returned to everyone! When that happens, the Tian Yuan world would welcome a new martial golden age!"

Many Heavenly Blood Union members echoed. Their voices even seemed to have a tone of righteousness.

However, Yi Yun knew very well that this was the greed in their hearts.

The Martial Alliance was originally an orthodox organization. With it being powerful and mysterious, no one dared to covet thoughts against it. Even if they had such thoughts, it was very difficult to get the rest of the Tian Yuan world to cooperate with them.

However, things were different now, considering how it was advantageous to shove a falling wall. The present Heavenly Blood Union members could not determine the veracity of Jiang Xiaorou's words, but it was already established that Blood Moon was evil.

It was natural to eradicate evil. Furthermore the evil faction contained immense riches!

Although it was mentioned as returning the riches to everyone, who didn't want to possess all of it for themselves?

Jiang Xiaorou was using the greed in their hearts to divert their attention away from their doubts towards her words over to the hatred for Blood Moon.

This agitation was clearly very effective.

As the saying goes, a man's wealth is his own ruin by causing greed in others. Furthermore, Blood Moon itself was at fault.

"We cannot delay matters. Let us go!"

"We should act separately. Transmit the information as we go, so that all respective factions will appear in force. They can then attack Blood Moon and receive us at the same time."

"My family clan is beside Heaven Martial City. I might as well get my family clan to activate the family's elites to attack Heaven Martial City, preventing Blood Moon from having time to target us."

As these elites spoke, they bade farewell to Yi Yun and Jiang Xiaorou, flying off in all directions. As they flew, they crushed their voice transmission charms or jade slips!

Rainbow beams of light shot out, transmitting all sorts of information within...

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