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Chapter 661: Deserving of Death

The black evil energy was like an anaconda devouring elephants. It absorbed large amounts of Yin soul energy, resulting in a black hurricane to form midair.

The strange energy seemed to be the ultimate weakness of the Yin specters. It swirled around in the air, dancing to the sharp screams emitted by the Yin specters around it.

Yi Yun could sense the pain that the Yin specters were suffering, as well as the excitement of the evil energy that he was nurturing.

The Yin specters in the Soul Tomb had been acc.u.mulated over thousands or even millions of years by Blood Moon, and today, the evil energy was like a whale opening its mouth wide to devour all of them.

If Yi Yun were to bear the spiritual soul energy contained within them, he would have instantly turned into a r.e.t.a.r.d. There was no one in the entire Tian Yuan world who could withstand a spiritual soul surge like it.

However, the evil energy did not possess intelligence, so it was naturally not afraid of such a surge. It gathered and condensed all the Yin specters' energy, but it was unable to digest it immediately.

The evil energy may be strange, but its speed of growth was not outrageous. It had used several years to absorb the masked man's Yin specter soul, and now in the Soul Tomb, there were even more powerful Yin specters, so it could not digest all of them in a short period of time.

The scene of ma.s.sive numbers of Yin specters being devoured entered the eyes of the Reincarnators, humans and Desolate race warriors. They were alarmed watching this, but they did not know what the strange energy that Yi Yun released was.

In fifteen minutes, the last Yin specter was absorbed by the evil energy.

With a wave of his hand, the evil energy followed Yi Yun's arm and flew into his body, sinking deep into his Dantian, as it was sealed by the Purple Crystal.

At this moment, the land began to tremble. Some of the boulders on the mountain peaks began tumbling down, crashing heavily.

"Oh? This is&h.e.l.lip; "

This scene was met by shock. The earthquake gave people the feeling that the valley was about to collapse.

However, Yi Yun remained unmoved. His eyes turned to Zhulong's corpse.

Inside Zhulong's body, Yi Yun could sense an indescribable, powerful energy source using the Purple Crystal.

This energy was sealed in Zhulong's heart, but it did not merge with Zhulong's body.

Zhulong's flesh and blood was wrapped around the energy source. There were blood vessels covering the surface of the energy source, receiving energy from it. But even so, the amount of energy that Zhulong could use was the tip of the iceberg. It was nothing to the energy source.

After killing Zhulong, Yi Yun naturally would not forget this energy source.

Pressing his hand on Zhulong's left chest, Yi Yun interfaced his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal, and extracted it!


A gaping, b.l.o.o.d.y hole exploded in a mixture of flesh, bones and blood on Zhulong's chest. Slowly, a drop of b.l.o.o.d.y liquid floated out of the b.l.o.o.d.y hole.

Yi Yun saw that the b.l.o.o.d.y liquid was clearly the "Blood of G.o.ds" that Zhulong had absorbed in the battle before. It was the mysterious b.l.o.o.d.y liquid that came out of the eternal whirlpool apparently.

When the drop of blood landed on Yi Yun's palm, its surface tension remained, preventing it from dispersing. It was also extremely heavy, making Yi Yun feel like he was dragging a mountain in his hand.

"This drop of blood is fascinating."

Beside Yi Yun, Lin Xintong found it unbelievable. Even the s.p.a.ce around the drop of blood was distorted.

With a few taps of her finger, tiny amounts of ice crystals froze midair, slowly gathering to form a large ice crystal that sealed the drop of blood.

The drop of blood that was sealed in ice was pulsating like a heart.

"Keep it. This drop of blood might be useful in the future."

As Lin Xintong spoke, Yi Yun nodded and put the ice-sealed Blood of G.o.ds into his interspatial ring.

Following that, he also took Zhulong's interspatial ring.

After finishing this, Yi Yun raised his head to look at Sheji, Qiongqi and Fengming.

Against the threat of death, Fengming could no longer maintain his calm demeanor. As for Qiongqi, he subconsciously retreated as if he wanted to escape. However, he also knew that in front of Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, the possibility of escaping was null.

"What&h.e.l.lip; do you want to do&h.e.l.lip; ?" Sheji said with her face pale, no longer having the usual air of sultryness and charm.

With a slight falter, Yi Yun looked deeply at Qiongqi, who was jittering amongst the three. He suddenly said, "You can die first!"

As he spoke, Yi Yun slashed out with the pure Yang broken sword!

He was too fast. The distance of a hundred feet was instantly traversed as he appeared in front of Qiongqi's eyes!

Against the fatal blow that suffused with killing intent, Qiongqi was overwhelmed with terror.

He knew that he was not Yi Yun's match, but with life on the line, he went ballistic. He let out a heart-wrenching scream and clawed at Yi Yun's chest!

On the brink of death, he wanted to break Yi Yun's bones and injure him even though he knew that it was impossible for him to kill Yi Yun.

Against Qiongqi's swipe, Yi Yun twisted the blade – sharp edge always downwards – resulting in a sword beam that seemed like a waterfall that fell from heaven, as he pulled it across in one diagonal, savage slice!


Both Qiongqi's hands were severed by the sword beam, as pulsing arteries pumped blood out of his stumps.

His strength was far from Yi Yun’s to begin with, and with him being injured by Jiang Xiaorou, he was no match for Yi Yun at all.

With another twist of his blade, Yi Yun's sword pierced straight through Qiongqi's throat!

Qiongqi's mouth gaped, as it spurt out blood. However, his tonsils and vocal cords had all been severed by the pure Yang broken sword, so not a single sound came out.

He slumped to the ground in a kneeling position with his back curved like a shrimp. His eyes eyes stared wide, but he did not succ.u.mb to death immediately.

To Reincarnators, their souls could reincarnate when their bodies died. However, they needed to prepare a complete mystic technique array in advance to ensure that their souls would not dissipate during the reincarnation process.

Once a human's soul lost the protection of its body, it would become so weak that it could spontaneously evaporate.

It was of course impossible for Qiongqi to reincarnate. His soul had been forcefully sealed in his corporeal body by Yi Yun. The only fate that he had was to wait for the death of his body before he could die too.

"You deserve death for all the evil deeds you have done!" Yi Yun said coldly.

From the masked man's memories, Yi Yun knew that in Qiongqi's life, he had perpetrated every conceivable heinous crime possible in every reincarnation he did. He had perverted inclinations, so his misdeeds included killing his birth parents after his reincarnation, as well as raping and killing young ladies. He killed large numbers of mortals so as to refine the materials needed for Yin specters.

In the Soul Tomb, Qiongqi had also taken every opportunity to sneak up and severely injure Jiang Xiaorou. He was bent on killing Jiang Xiaorou.

Hence, amongst the three, Yi Yun killed Qiongqi first.

Seeing Qiongqi killed by Yi Yun, Fengming and Sheji felt chills. Their lives were now completely in the hands of Yi Yun.

"As for all of you, I can let you live if you sign a soul contract."

Blood Moon's Reincarnators were deserving of death, but it was just a matter of severity.

However, Yi Yun had clashed directly with Blood Moon now. He alone was not enough. He needed to form an alliance with others, including the powers of the Tian Yuan world's family clans, so he could topple Blood Moon.

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