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Chapter 66: For many generations, the wilderness will be unified

Seconds changed to minutes as Lian Chengyu began to have his doubts. As the matter was of great importance, he was afraid something wrong had happened.
Why hasn’t the desolate bone essence reveal its effects after such a long time?

When he bought the desolate bone, he had carefully checked it. The desolate bone had no traces of having been refined before. And in the beginning of the refinement process, there was the appearance of the Frost Python toxins that was recorded in the books. It had caused a group of able-bodied men to fall ill. That meant that the desolate bone was genuine.

Did something wrong happen during the refinement process? Thinking carefully, it couldn’t be. There were many of his men who were watching the refinement process, and he had checked on the process every now and then, how could there be a problem?

Lian Chengyu was no ordinary person. After a deep round of pondering, he calmed down quickly and said to himself,

“Mud can be solidified after a rain; but jade amber has to be buried for millions of years to be nourished by the land.”

“Sweet corn can be harvested in a year; but an immortality pill needs to be subjected to millions of years to absorb the essence from the surroundings.”

“An unscrupulous charlatan can write a fist technique book in three days; but the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s founding emperor had to train for ten thousand years to create the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’!”

“A mud block will be smashed with one stomp, but a jade amber will become a piece of art handed down for generations; Sweet corn will become become the waste of humans, but an immortality pill could create make a king a G.o.d; a charlatan’s fist technique manual can only be used to cheat a fool of his money, but the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ will be spread down for ages, sought after by warriors!”

“To accomplish greatness, patience must be honed. If I cannot endure these few minutes, how can I accomplish greatness!”

Lian Chengyu began thinking and his expression turned calm.

But, one hour pa.s.sed&h.e.l.lip;

Lian Chengyu still sat with a calm mind. His words had been repeated to himself an uncountable number of times.

Two hours pa.s.sed.

Lian Chengyu’s forehead started to ooze sweat.

Four hours pa.s.sed.

Lian Chengyu’s eyes were blood red, his fists clenched tightly, with his nails lodging deep into his flesh.

Six hours!

Zhao Tiezhu and the rest were already aching in their feet. As for the people crowding around Lian Chengyu, waiting for him to soar into the sky and bringing them into the city had already stretched out their necks till they became stiff.

Eight hours, the sun had set. Lian Chengyu had been sitting there in his silly meditation the whole day.

How could this be? How could this be?

How could this be! !

Lian Chengyu shouted in his heart. Veins looking like earthworms appeared on his forehead making him look hideous.

Seeing Lian Chengyu in this state, Zhao Tiezhu and company began to rouse themselves. Even the Lian tribal clan Patriarch was staring widely with full attention.

They knew this was probably the legendary explosive power of the desolate bones!

Because the energy was too strong and Lian Chengyu was at his body’s limits, would the veins rise up. If something inadvertent happened, it could cause Lian Chengyu’s veins to explode!

In history, there was no lack of warriors who ate the desolate bones essence greedily, but instead of absorbing it, they only ended up blowing up their bodies.

“Everyone Step back, no one is to interrupt. Anyone who makes a step forward, kill!” The Patriarch issued his command. This was Lian Chengyu’s most crucial moment, if anyone were to disturb Lian Chengyu, he might be receive damaged to his meridians, destroying hopes of breaking through. When that happened, it would not be enough to grind the person to death.

Ten hours.

The sky was totally dark and the moon was high in the star-filled sky.

But the Lian tribal clan upper echelon and the members of the warrior preparation camp had not left. The tribe’s witch and doctor were all awaiting orders. They had just ate a few bites for their meals.

The witch would kneel down to pray from time to time, continuing on her ceremony, blessing Lian Chengyu.

At this time, Lian Chengyu who was meditating suddenly made a loud roar!


This roar was deep but loud. It was like the angry roar of a beast, soaring to the ends of the skies!


The altar Lian Chengyu was sitting on cracked open. This was caused by Lian Chengyu’s energy.

“Young master has broken through! Young master has broken through!”

Seeing such a display, Zhao Tiezhu leaped up in joy.

The members of the warrior preparation camp got up to cheer and celebrate.

The Patriarch only stroked his beard and revealed a happy smile. Only the warrior preparation camp instructor Yao Yuan looked curiously at Lian Chengyu. His eyes were puzzled because why did Lian Chengyu’s roar contain a deep sense of irreconcilability and hate?

Zhao Tiezhu signalled to the people behind him, it’s meaning was to shout with him–

“Congratulations Young master, congratulations Young master! With Young master’s Purple Blood completed, he will unify the wilderness! Young master to live for many generations, life as long as the skies!”

The members of the warrior preparation camp began shouting in unison.

They had practiced this chant for very long. This was planned by Zhao Tiezhu in secret. Zhao Tiezhu, who was a master of sucking up, would never have pa.s.sed up this opportunity.

It had to be said that the members of the warrior preparation camp were much stronger than the average person. Having practiced this chant, the sound was loud and could be heard from ten miles away.

As such, everyone in the Lian tribal clan knew that Lian Chengyu had broken into the Purple Blood realm!

For the past few days, Lian Cuihua had been deliberately spreading the news, so even a granny whose teeth were all dropping off knew what the Purple Blood realm meant.

It was an best of the best of the best among all the experts. The Zhang Yuxian who came a few days ago to the Lian tribal clan was in the Purple Blood realm.

Now Young master Lian can’t be that much weaker than Zhang Yuxian

“Young master Lian has broken into the Purple Blood realm, we will have a good life in the future.”

“Yes, Young master Lian had previously said it, we will all be brought into the city.”

“You may not know, but back then when Young master Lian was born, the entire sky was lit red. It’s obvious Young master Lian is a star that descended, and not someone ordinary!”

People discussed animately because they had been yearning for a life of ease. The sufferings and hunger they had endured was no longer important.

As long as Lian Chengyu broke through, then all sorts of good things would come. They did not seek prosperity, but as long as they a stable life, they would be thankful.

The people were kept afar, but the members of the warrior preparation camp had already circled Lian Chengyu, and were chanting even louder.

“Young master to live for many generations, the wilderness will be unified!”

“Young master’s prowess is unparalleled, life as long as the skies!”

All they could chant were those few words, but at this time Lian Chengyu’s face was pale. His eyes looked at the surroundings in an unfocused manner.


A mouthful of scarlet fresh blood spit out from Lian Chengyu’s mouth like a red fountain, spraying all over the floor!

Zhao Tiezhu was kneeling right in front of Lian Chengyu, and that mouthful of blood had sprayed onto Zhao Tiezhu’s face, drenching him crimson.

Zhao Tiezhu was dumbfounded, he just stood there dazed.

The other members of the warrior preparation camp were dumbfounded too, what&h.e.l.lip;what&h.e.l.lip;happened?

“Chengyu! Chengyu!”

The Patriarch jumped in shock and flurriedly rushed over and supported Lian Chengyu, “Doctor, call the doctor! !”

The tribe’s only doctor had been waiting by the sidelines all this time. He was old and did not know any martial arts. His legs were aching from the long standing. Seeing Lian Chengyu vomit blood suddenly, his face turned pale. He ran over, but because he legs were not stable, he had tumbled and crawled to Lian Chengyu’s side.

When he measured Lian Chengyu’s pulse, he could only find that his pulse was in utter disorder, and was unsure of the matter.

At this time, Zhao Tiezhu opened his mouth and waved, “Everyone, rest a.s.sured. Young master must have just broken through, causing his pulse to be unstable. He vomited out black blood, it’s known as Marrow Cleansing, I guess you don’t know about it. Marrow Cleansing requires the vomiting of the impure black blood in the body.”

As he said that, Zhao Tiezhu wiped the blood of his face. For a moment, Zhao Tiezhu’s face was as red as the dancing witch.

The people around looked at Zhao Tiezhu’s face and gaped. They did not know what to say, nor did that know how to break the silence.

After wiping the blood off his face, Zhao Tiezhu was still calm and said, “Soon Young master will recover and when that happens for many generations, the wilderness will be unified.”

In Zhao Tiezhu’s heart, Lian Chengyu was a G.o.d.

What could happen to a G.o.d? Besides, Lian Chengyu had just broken through to the Purple Blood realm, so a little imbalance was normal.


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