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Chapter 656: Yin Specters Awaken

A thick, dense evil specter energy covered the slumbering grounds of the Yin specters in the Soul Tomb.

This place was supposed to be dark, with the red moon’s light masked by dust, but there was an eerie ghostly blue fire that swirled around.

“Zhulong! Fengming! All of you are crazy. Killing us is equivalent to declaring war on every faction in the entire Tian Yuan world!”

“The Martial Alliance may be strong, but it is just a slightly bigger faction. It cannot defeat the entire Tian Yuan world. Let us go!”

All the Heavenly Blood Union members were being restricted by the large coc.o.o.ns’ arrays. They were shouting crazily in the beginning, but towards the end, the fear and excruciating pain had drained them of their willpower.

They could not resist due to the restrictions from the arrays. Furthermore, with something from the large coc.o.o.n trying to crawl into their brains, that sense of helplessness and the splitting pain in their heads was indescribable.

“Let&h.e.l.lip; Let me go. I have always been loyal to the Martial Alliance. I&h.e.l.lip; signed&h.e.l.lip; a soul contract&h.e.l.lip; ”

Slowly, some of them finally bent over, and began pleading to Zhulong.

Zhulong remained expressionless towards this. As for Qiongqi, he enjoyed listening to this. The corners of his mouth curved up and said with a teasing tone, “The cries while struggling in pain sure is a fantastic sound.”

“Don’t worry. Your pain will come to an end quickly. The prolate spheroidal large coc.o.o.ns beneath you are called Soul Coc.o.o.ns. The things inside them will end your suffering, and finally merge with you, bringing great strength to your bodies. Are you excited?”

“Listen. Something is coming out from inside.”

“Sha Sha Sha&h.e.l.lip; Sha Sha Sha&h.e.l.lip;”

This sound was extremely ear-piercing. It was as if something sharp was crawling through rocks, sending an itch down to the bone.


A Soul Coc.o.o.n beneath a Heavenly Blood Union member opened up, as if it had been cut open. Following that, a long black worm crawled out.

The long worm was about the thickness of a finger and it was cylindrical in shape. It was covered in a black carapace, while its head and eyes were dark red in color. It had dozens of thin and short feet. The sound before seemed to come from its feet rubbing against the Soul Coc.o.o.n’s stony surface.

The black worm used its feelers to gently touch the Heavenly Blood Union member’s head. The touch made him shudder all over.

“Soul Devouring Worms consume spiritual and Yin souls as food. It cannot devour the Yin specters that are sleeping in the Soul Coc.o.o.ns due to an array’s protection. But the Soul Devouring Worms use the Soul Coc.o.o.ns as their nest. The remnant spiritual soul energy after they devour Yin souls within the Soul Coc.o.o.n is the best supplement for the Yin specters&h.e.l.lip; ” Qiongqi laughed sinisterly.

The Heavenly Blood Union member was already terror-stricken, and more than a dozen of these worms had crawled out from the Soul Coc.o.o.n beneath him. They began to crawl towards his brain through his ears!

The long, black worms that were as thick as fingers made him feel like his ear ca.n.a.l was about to burst open while they crawled inside. As the Soul Devouring Worms laboriously crawled deep inside, their sharp feet tore through skin and flesh, causing large amounts of blood to flow out.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

The Heavenly Blood Union member let out a blood-curling scream. This method of death was not inferior to death by heart-dismembering.

Right after the Soul Devouring Worms crawled into the youth’s ears, a cold, Yin energy began to spread from the tips of his limbs throughout his body.

That was the Yin specter that slept in the Soul Coc.o.o.n. It had finally awoken, and it was beginning to enjoy the delicacy awaiting it.

A soul sea chewed through by a Soul Devouring Worm made it even easier to possess.

The Soul Devouring Worms and the Yin specter entered the body almost at the same time. As the Heavenly Blood Union member’s body started to twist, he foamed from his mouth, as his eyes rolled back, leaving only the white in his eyes.

Seeing the Heavenly Blood Union’s terrible state, the human warriors present felt a jolt through their hearts.

As warriors, some of them were not too afraid of a simple death, but dying in such a horrible manner challenged their psychological baseline.

Especially many of the pretty young girls were scared out of their wits. Their rosy cheeks had now turned as pale as a sheet.

They did not wish to die, especially not becoming fodder for such terrifying worms. They did not want their beautiful bodies to become ugly, possessed by Yin specters and wantonly abused.

At this moment, Chu Ke’er, who was beside Wei Chiwei, was almost on her last breaths. Her cultivation level was very low, so she could not endure such devastation.

As for her elder sister, Chu Qing’er, her situation was not any better. She was drenched in sweat, as her hair clung to her forehead.

The most terrifying thing was that she was no longer in control of her body. It was impossible to use her energy to commit suicide.

In the middle of the few stone pillars, there was a gigantic Soul Coc.o.o.n, at least twice the size of other Soul Coc.o.o.ns. No Heavenly Blood Union member was arranged to be placed on this Soul Coc.o.o.n.

In this largest Soul Coc.o.o.n, there lay an ancient Yin specter. Its strength was extremely high, and it was the earliest first generation Yin specter.

Zhulong had planned to place Yi Yun in this spot. As his talent was outstanding, it was extremely suitable for his body to be the vessel of the ancient Yin specter.

However, Yi Yun was too monstrous. Ignoring the idea of possessing him, just his appearance would lead to a calamity.

As for arranging others to be possessed by this ancient Yin specter, Zhulong found no one suitable. The other Heavenly Blood Union members’ bodies were insufficient to fully bring out the ancient Yin specter’s strength.

Hence, Zhulong left this spot empty, allowing the strongest ancient Yin specter to carry on its slumber. He was waiting for the upper echelons of Blood Moon to cripple Yi Yun first before using his body as the ancient Yin specter’s vessel.

However, just a moment ago, a Life Slip on Zhulong’s body shattered.

Zhulong could use the Life Slip to transmit information from the Soul Tomb outside, and similarly, the outside world had the ability to transmit information to Zhulong.

The Life Slip that shattered meant that accidents had happened in the revival plans of the Demon Disciples. It urged Zhulong to quickly bring the Yin specters in the Soul Tomb to the Untraversable Sea, so as to help the upper echelons of Blood Moon control the array formation.

Zhulong knew that tens of millions of years ago, the first generation Blood Moon which included himself, had chosen the Black-armored Demon G.o.d as their target, slowly wiping off the consciousness of the Black-armored Demon G.o.d.

Back then, when the seven Demon Disciples engaged in a ma.s.sive battle with the Azure Yang Lord, the seven Demon Disciples had been sealed by him, entering an extremely long slumber.

This slumber might even last more than hundred million years.

The Black-armored Demon G.o.d received the heaviest injury to his soul sea. Blood Moon had even suspected that the Black-armored Demon G.o.d had lost his consciousness.

Tens of millions of years ago, Blood Moon’s mission was to save the seven Demon Disciples. However, when they saw the seven Demon Disciples lose most of their power, the upper echelons of Blood Moon started feeling tempted.

Working for others was not as good as controlling the world. This was probably human nature.

Zhulong frowned as he looked at the Life Slip that had shattered in his hand. He did not know what accident had happened in the Untraversable Sea.

After a short hesitation, he grabbed a youth from the Heavenly Blood Union members who had relatively good talent, and directly threw him on the Soul Coc.o.o.n that contained the ancient Yin specter.

And this person coincidentally was the “Jian Wushuang” who had fought Yi Yun in Heaven Martial City.

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