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Chapter 653: Life Slips

Despite reuniting after a decade, Yi Yun and Jiang Xiaorou did not have the time to engage in reminiscence. They were still in the Soul Tomb, and facing the hostile Blood Moon. Against so many Yin specters that were about to awake, they needed to immediately head to the Yin specter’s slumbering grounds, and destroy everything within it.

There were layer after layer of defenses for the protection of the Soul Tomb, making it extremely secure.

The large array outside the Soul Tomb isolated the interior from the outside world. In the slumbering grounds of the Yin specters, there were spatial mazes and numerous illusion arrays hidden with them. Even the entrance to the Yin specters’ slumbering grounds changed frequently. Even with the masked man’s memories, it would be very time consuming to pinpoint the exact location of the slumbering grounds.

Thankfully, Yi Yun had antic.i.p.ated this. He had sent the evil energy to possess a Heavenly Blood Union member, so as to create a mark.

This mark was like a flame burning in the darkness, which helped guide Yi Yun to find the Yin specters’ slumbering grounds in the complicated arrays quickly.

“Leave ten people to take care of the injured. The rest are to follow me.” Yi Yun gave an order that was above doubt.

The Desolate race had mixed feelings when it came to Yi Yun. They knew that Jiang Xiaorou had a younger human brother, and she had sacrificed greatly for him back then. Even the condition for Jiang Xiaorou to fully integrate herself into the Desolate race’s world was for the Shepherd Boy to risk his life to save Yi Yun.

Because of that, the Desolate race’s youth had their reservations over Yi Yun. Some of the younger males were even jealous of Yi Yun.

However, with Yi Yun’s strength today, he had managed to convince all of them. It became a matter of course to listen to the orders of Yi Yun, someone of a different species.

At this moment, in the Yin specters’ slumbering grounds, many Heavenly Blood Union members were looking at the tall, erect stone pillar, as well as the huge coc.o.o.ns embedded in it, with fascination.

What was this place? What were those gigantic coc.o.o.ns?

“Lord Fengming, why have we been teleported here? Has that traitor, Yi Yun died?”

Just as a few Heavenly Blood Union members were inquiring about Yi Yun’s situation, there was suddenly a distortion in s.p.a.ce before Zhulong appeared.

At this moment, the cobweb blood lines in the middle of Zhulong’s eyebrows had disappeared, and what replaced them was a scar that looked like a flame that had been burning.

A number of the elites present had previously met the Martial Alliance’s Alliance Leader at the martial tea session organized by the Martial Alliance. They recalled that the Martial Alliance’s Alliance Leader also had a similar flaming scar in the middle of his eyebrows.

They realized that the scar was a result of augmenting oneself with the blood of G.o.ds.

Zhulong’s face was slightly pale, and his aura had weakened a lot more, as if he was ill.

His lips moved slightly as he transmitted his voice to Fengming.

“I have to crush the second Life Slip?” Fengming was stunned.

When Zhulong and the other Reincarnators entered the Soul Tomb, they were given a total of three Life Slips, which were used to communicate with headquarters.

The Soul Tomb was an independent world, and due to the ancient array set up outside, it made it very difficult to transmit messages out.

This was similar to the Great Empress mystic realm. To pa.s.s a message out of the completely sealed Great Empress mystic realm was an extremely difficult task for any of the large factions in the Tian Yuan world.

The Soul Tomb was similar to the Great Empress mystic realm, so messages could not be exchanged even by Blood Moon.

However, there were special Life Slips that could barely transmit some information.

These Life Slips were quantum entangled. By crushing one Life Slip, the other would sense it, and shatter as well.

The three Life Slips Zhulong had each had their own meaning. Crushing the first Life Slip meant: Everything went smoothly. The mission is about almost completed.

Crushing the second meant: The team encountered unforeseen circ.u.mstances, and are engaging in intense battle.

As for the last Life Slip, it meant that the mission had completely failed.

To Blood Moon’s Reincarnators, having to crush the second Life Slip despite being tasked to execute such a simple mission, along with such a strong lineup and a drop of the blood of the G.o.ds was quite unacceptable. This uncertain outcome was too much for Fengming, Qiongqi and Sheji.

“Lord Zhulong, was the alternate dimension you set up in the end was not enough to finish Yi Yun? Do you think he has the ability to break through the spatial dimension array?” Fengming was unwilling to crush the second Life Slip as it was too embarra.s.sing.

“You can treat it as me having a life and death battle with Yi Yun. I have some understanding of his strength, and my alternate dimension should be able to trap him&h.e.l.lip; ” As Zhulong spoke, he frowned slightly.

Although it was unlikely that there would be problems with his inference, he just needed to trap Yi Yun for a few hours in the alternate dimension for them to successfully complete the possession.

As long as the Yin specters were revived, everything would be in place. However, Zhulong had an ominous sense for some reason.

“If that is the case, there’s no need for Lord Zhulong to worry. Ignoring the fact that Yi Yun might not be able to crack the alternate dimension open, even if he does break it open, it would be almost impossible for him to find our location in the chaotic illusion arrays. I have already changed some of the settings of the illusion and spatial arrays along the perimeter. Yi Yun will not be able to crack the array within four hours!”

Fengming was confident that even if the masked man, who had betrayed the Blood Moon, drew a complete picture of the Soul Tomb’s interior, it would still be extremely limited in helping Yi Yun find the Yin specters’ slumbering grounds.

“Lord Zhulong, why don’t we first crush the first Life Slip? Taking ten thousand steps back, even if Yi Yun has the greatest of abilities, and come to spoil our plans, it would not be too late to crush the second Life Slip.”

At this moment, Sheji also spoke up.

Zhulong nodded his head slightly. It was still a viable choice.

With a wave of his hand, Fengming crushed the first Life Slip.

Seeing the Life Slip turn to dust and scatter away with the wind, Fengming nodded with satisfaction. He then turned to the Heavenly Blood Union members present.

There was a faint hint of greed in his eyes, like a snake watching its prey.

However, he hid his thoughts extremely well. He still looked as gentlemanly as usual.

Seeing Fengming look over, the present Heavenly Blood Union members could not help but ask, “Lord Fengming&h.e.l.lip; Has that traitor, Yi Yun died or not? Also, what is this stone pillar and those large coc.o.o.ns?”

“Yi Yun?” Fengming sneered, “Yi Yun is now trapped in an alternate dimension. Although he will not immediately die, he is already at death’s doorstep. In a few hours, when we jointly open the seal, releasing the final hidden powers of the Martial Alliance, it will be a simple task to kill Yi Yun.”

The hidden powers of the Martial Alliance?

Everyone was stunned hearing this. They were both alarmed and overjoyed. The Martial Alliance was already so strong, yet it still had hidden powers?

Indeed, this organization that had lasted for tens of millions of years had an inheritance that exceeded one’s imagination.

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