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Chapter 651: Tearing the Void

The goal of the Heavenly Blood Union partaking in the Blackstone Trials was to awaken the slumbering Yin specters. After reading the memories of the masked man, Yi Yun knew that there were hundreds of Yin specters in the Soul Tomb. Some of them had even been lying in slumber for tens of millions of years.

The ancient Yin specters that lay in slumber for tens of millions of years were sealed in a blood rock. They absorbed the Heaven Earth Killing Qi and extreme Yin powers from the Soul Tomb while laying in the long slumber. This allowed them to possess extremely terrifying strength. Compared to those ancient Yin specters, the masked man was a lot weaker.

The masked man was one of the Yin specter executives that were frequently sent out to complete missions. The ancient monsters and ancestors of the Yin specters remained in slumber for cultivation.

If these Yin specters were awoken en ma.s.se, Blood Moon’s strength would soar immediately.

Yi Yun naturally would not sit idle for that to happen.

“Yi Yun, the alternate dimension that Zhulong created might not be as powerful as we expect. The spatial barriers in here are slowly weakening.” Lin Xintong’s voice transmission rang in Yi Yun’s ear.

After she found Jiang Xiaorou, she began searching for a method to break the alternate dimension open.

Lin Xintong began to sense that the spatial energies in the alternate dimension were gradually depleting. If this trend continued, the spatial dimension would collapse after a period of time.

“It is weakening.” Yi Yun also noticed it. He was extremely calm at this moment with his perception spreading everywhere, allowing him to sense each quantum of spatial energy and its dynamics.

“Maybe Zhulong was not planning on using this alternate dimension to bury all of us. He does not have the strength to forcefully hold us back in one fell swoop. He is only using this method to trap us, and safely teleport the Heavenly Blood Union members away. Once the Heavenly Blood Union members are possessed by the Yin specters, his mission would be accomplished. And at that moment, Zhulong would be able to lead those ancient Yin specters in an attack. He might even wake the zombie kings sleeping in the Soul Tomb. He would then be able to wipe all of us out in here.”

In the Soul Tomb, there were many spiritual souls and zombie kings. The reason why Blood Moon and the Desolate race chose to enter at this moment was because the worldly Yin Qi here would weaken. As such, those terrifying existences would also fall into slumber.

And Yi Yun knew that some of the ancient Yin specters had the ability to control the spiritual souls, and they even had the ability to form a spiritual connection with the zombie kings.

If a few zombie kings were woken up, it would be impossible for Lin Xintong and himself to take so many Desolate race members out of the Soul Tomb.

Yi Yun said, “We cannot wait any further. I suspect that this is not a alternate dimension. It is actually just a spatial maze. Let me attempt at breaking the spatial barriers.”

The weakening of the spatial dimension’s energy made Yi Yun suspect that the alternate dimension set up by Zhulong was just a fake spatial dimension. Zhulong did not have the ability to transport Yi Yun, Lin Xintong, Jiang Xiaorou and company to a distant, parallel spatial dimension.

A true parallel spatial dimension would have existed for billions of years, so how could the spatial energies in it decrease in such a short period of time?

Hence, Yi Yun guessed that Zhulong was using his spatial laws to construct a spatial dimension maze, trapping everyone in the spatial maze.

With the pa.s.sage of time, this spatial maze, that did not have any additional energy maintaining it, would eventually dissipate away.

“Break this spatial maze open? Can you do it?” Lin Xintong found it difficult. Although it was not a true alternate dimension, it was set up by Zhulong by forcefully using a mystic technique on top of burning his blood essence after all.

Yi Yun’s strength was most likely stronger than Zhulong in his normal state. However, if it was to compete with Zhulong after using his mystic technique, then it would be a close match.

Furthermore, Yi Yun did not use spatial dimension laws, so to break through a spatial dimension maze would require brute force.

It was too difficult to use brute force to suppress laws, what more laws that Zhulong understood over many incarnations.

Lin Xintong believed that a large number of Empyreal Kings in the Tian Yuan world did not have this ability. They needed to at least wait till the spatial dimension maze experienced a few days of energy depletion.

“I’ll give it a shot. As long as there’s sufficient energy, it is possible. Xintong, gather the Desolate race’s members by your side. Do not miss anyone out. When the spatial dimension is opened up, the surging force would be tremendous. The rubble in the spatial dimension can even cause a spatial storm. Those who lack strength will be reduced to pieces.

Yi Yun took a deep breath and he began circulating the Heart Sutra, as he entered a ephemeral state.

“Alright.” Lin Xintong would not doubt Yi Yun’s words. She immediately began gathering the Desolate race, who were scattered throughout the spatial dimension maze.

It was not a simple task as the spatial dimension maze distorted perceptions and paths, resulting in Lin Xintong having to spend quite a substantial amount of energy to search an area.

Thankfully, many Desolate race members were gathered together. As long as one of them was found, the others would not be too difficult to find, allowing them to find a huge group of them.

Slowly, there were more and more Desolate race members beside Lin Xintong. After a simple count, everyone was gathered.

“Combine forces to defend?”

After Chen Fei was seriously injured, the person in charge of leading the Desolate race was a twenty-year-old called Yue Lu. The Desolate race worshipped the strong, so in front of the powerful Lin Xintong, Yue Lu was extremely courteous. “Then why are we going to defend?”

“Yi Yun is planning to break the spatial barriers open and he is afraid of harming all of you.” Lin Xintong did not explain any further.

When Yue Lu heard this, she felt palpitations in her heart. Break open the spatial barriers?

How tough and resistant was a spatial barrier? Was Yi Yun planning on using his absolute attack to crack it open?

However, now was not the time to question Yi Yun’s methods. Yue Lu asked, “Do you want our help?”

“You would not be of much help, so just taking care of yourself would do.” Lin Xintong shook her head.

Yue Lu was rendered speechless as she said helplessly, “Alright then&h.e.l.lip; ”

The Desolate race members began to form protective energy shields. However, they wondered about the efficacy of this method. They might be able to last long with a protective shield, but what if breaking the spatial barrier failed?

Lin Xintong injected her own power into the protective energy protection powered by the Desolate race members. Immediately, the protective energy rapidly increased.

“We are ready!” Lin Xintong transmitted her voice to Yi Yun.

At this moment, Yi Yun was sitting in the middle of the spatial dimension maze. When he heard Lin Xintong’s transmission, he suddenly opened his eyes. His gaze was like lightning bolts shimmering in a dark spatial dimension.

As he pressed downwards, the broken sword that laid across his lap, disappeared, returning to his interspatial ring.

With the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” circulating, all of Yi Yun’s Yang Qi gathered in his Dantian, and it was compressed even further.

As he acc.u.mulated more and more energy, it was all stored in the Purple Crystal. The Purple Crystal began to resonate violently, and behind Yi Yun, a Golden Crow and a Nine Neonate phantom image appeared.

Two Aspect Totems were conjured together!

When this energy was circulated to its limits, a golden beam shot into the sky from Yi Yun’s head!

The two Aspect Totems flew around, and they found themselves circling into a l.u.s.trous halo.

The Golden Crow shrieked, while the Nine Neonate roared. The golden light that shimmered seemed like a golden path.

The spatial dimension’s energy began to rotate as a golden spatial dimension door appeared out of nowhere, and increased in size.


With a large explosion, a divine paG.o.da emerged from the skies out of the spatial dimension door!

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