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Chapter 65: Lian Chengyu is nervous

That night, Lian Chengyu ate vegetarian, burned incense and meditated the whole night, conditioning his mind to its optimal state.
The next day, early in the morning, the celebration officially began!

Zhao Tiezhu led the members of the warrior preparation camp and moved the bone horn used by the Lian tribal clan to honor the heavens. Two strong men would carry it, and another strong man will use all his strength to blow through it.

The deep baritone echoed over the Lian tribal clan and could be heard miles away.

“The auspicious hour has come!” shouted Zhao Tiezhu at the top of his voice.

Such a grand celebration by the Lian tribal clan attracted all the tribe’s people, as long as they could get off the bed; even a one year old child would be carried here by his mother.

The venue was packed to the brim!

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

The drummer began beating the drum. It began slow but became more rapid as time went by. The worn cow skin covering the drum seemed like it could hardly withstand the large force.

“Kill the animals!” Zhao Tiezhu shouted again. His face was ruddy and he was in high spirits. To be the celebration’s master of ceremony was such an honor!

The members of the warrior preparation camp led the only head of cattle in the Lian tribal clan over and slaughtered it.

The Lian tribal clan had originally three heads of cattle, but with the shortage of food, two of them were slaughtered to make bacon. Most of it had been given the upper echelon of the Lian tribal clan, and small amounts of it had been given to the able-bodied men who refined the desolate bones as a reward.

Now, even the last head of cattle was killed. It was equivalent to the burning of bridges. Without the cattle, it was even harder to farm in the village.

The land of the wilderness was filled with black ironstone. To open up a land for agriculture was extremely difficult. Members of the warrior preparation camp like Zhao Tiezhu would pale in comparison to a cattle if they were to try to plow the land. Lian Chengyu was stronger than a head of cattle, but would Lian Chengyu pull a plow?

With the head of cattle dead, the blood was collected. The tribe’s witch came and wiped the blood all over her body and began dancing like an epileptic.

That’s right, this witch was the same witch as the one who joined the villagers in throwing cow dung at Jiang Xiaorou’s house. In fact, there was only one witch in the Lian tribal clan.

“Finally the bones have been brewed, it’s great. Now Young master Lian can become a Purple Blood Warrior!” Lian Cuihua said proudly among the crowd. As her voice was loud, many people heard her.

“I heard that if Young master Lian were to be chosen by the Kingdom, he could bring us into the big city to lead a good life.”

“Will our future change for the better? It may not matter to an old man like me, but my kid is just over ten years old, if he could leave this s.h.i.thole, it will be great&h.e.l.lip;”

The people of the vast wilderness only concerned about their future life. With the cattle slaughtered, herb mountain picked dry, and the grain warehouse empty, it could be said that the Lian tribal clan had spent everything, and were now penniless.

If they met with failure, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“Could something go wrong regarding this matter&h.e.l.lip;” a middle-aged man asked uncertainly. He was afraid.

“Pui! Pui! Pui! What are you saying, of course nothing will go wrong!”

The people began to discuss. They were very hopeful about Lian Chengyu breaking through to the Purple Blood realm and partic.i.p.ating in the Kingdom’s selection.

“Mama&h.e.l.lip;will we get some meat?” As people looked forward to the future, a three year old girl in her mother’s bosom asked as her eyes stared at the beef that was placed in the cauldron to cook. She could not stop swallowing her saliva.

“Don’t speak rubbish. That’s a tribute to the G.o.ds, how can they give it to you?” the woman jumped as she quickly covered the girl’s mouth&h.e.l.lip;

The ceremony lasted for two hours before it ended. Lian Chengyu, wearing a grand robe with silver armor came to the stage.

Today Lian Chengyu was in high spirits!

In front of Lian Chengyu was a jade box and it was covered by a piece of red silk.

Lian Chengyu took a deep breath for the time has finally come. It was time to realize his ambitions and aspirations!

He slowly pulled the silk away to reveal the item inside the jade box. In it was a desolate bone essence the size of a fist!

This desolate bone essence was an item that had cost all his family’s a.s.sets!

The look of the desolate bone essence did not look good. It was mud brown in color and its looks could not be compared to the peanut sized crystal-clear desolate bones relic.

This was understandable. They had used a backward technique to refine the desolate bones essence. They had brewed the energy within the Frost Python desolate bones in Li Fire water, and evaporated the Li Fire water, crystallizing it to obtain the desolate bone essence.

How could something made that way look pretty?

Even though it didn’t look good, in Lian Chengyu’s eyes, it was the most exquisite work of art in the world!

It was related to his future, related to all the hope he had placed on the item. Lian Chengyu calmed his mind and took up the desolate bone essense with both hands and ate it.

The fist sized desolate bone essence was like a ball of mud, even the texture was no different from eating mud.

The taste was self-evident.

But Lian Chengyu was not willing to waste it. He was careful, without missing a bit. He even licked his fingers clean.

He was nervous. This was the first time eating a desolate bone essence. The energy within it might be violent but his body const.i.tution was not bad, so he should be able to withstand it,

“The ceremony is over! Everyone, out!” Zhao Tiezhu shouted loudly. The members of the warrior preparation camp began to chase the people away, in order not to affect Lian Chengyu.

Lian Chengyu would break through to the Purple Blood realm on the altar blessed by the tribal witch!

Although they were being chased away, these people did not go far. They looked from afar to see the situation on the alter.

All they saw was Lian Chengyu sitting cross-legged. He had began to regulate his breathing in a bid to break though.


The expected heat rush that would spread throughout his body, giving his body an exploding feeling did not happen.

Instead, his diaphragm was clam. It was as what he just ate was a normal mud ball.


What’s the matter? Lian Chengyu frowned.

Could there be a delay before the desolate bone essence would kick in? Do I need to wait a little longer?

Lian Chengyu began to patiently wait, and wait.

“Stay calm. You need to calm down. When the desolate bone essence releases its energy, it will be like a surge. Although my body has a solid const.i.tution, but when the surge happens, it might be hard to bear. I need to calm my heart and grit my teeth, upon withstanding this surge, I would be like a phoenix rising from the ashes and soar into the sky!” Lian Chengyu had this thought and calmed his heart and mind down.

However, fifteen minutes pa.s.sed&h.e.l.lip;

There was not the slightest reaction from the desolate bone essence that had reached his stomach.

This was the first time Lian Chengyu ate a desolate bone essence, so he did not know how long it would take to show its effects. He thought that maybe the desolate bone essence was not easily digested, so it would be slow&h.e.l.lip;



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