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Chapter 649: The Devouring Spatial Dimension

This universe contained countless numbers of spatial dimensions.

Some of these spatial dimensions could give rise to Great Worlds, allowing all sorts of sentient life to mature vibrantly in it.

However, there were spatial dimensions that were empty and desolate. These dimensions only contained endless amounts of rubble and dust. They were as quiet as cemeteries.

Zhulong’s Alternate Dimension Tomb was such a dead spatial dimension. After finding it, he had seared its location into his Dantian, allowing for him to use spatial dimension laws to open up a tunnel to this s.p.a.ce. By sucking an enemy into it, the enemy would forever be stuck in this alternate dimension, floating around endlessly, until his death.

However, it was extremely difficult for Zhulong to open this spatial tunnel with his abilities. He needed to use a mystic technique that would harm his body in order to accomplish it.

Behind Yi Yun, the spatial door to the void grew in size. It was like a primordial desolate beast’s gigantic mouth, opening up to swallow Yi Yun.

Yi Yun felt himself being grappled by numerous tentacles of invisible energy, as if his body was stuck in a quick sand, preventing him from easily moving.

“This move&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun’s heart sank as he used the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, burning pure Yang Yuan Qi within his body.


With a wave of his hand, a flaming rope, formed from pure Yang Yuan Qi, shot out. It tore through empty s.p.a.ce like a sharp arrow before twirling itself around a large mountain.

However, just the instant it took to do so was enough to let the flaming rope break through the mountain, due to the immense suction.

A gigantic mountain was torn into two by the flaming rope.

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”

Dozens of flaming ropes shot out from Yi Yun’s body. Some wrapped themselves around gigantic mountains, while others shot into the ground. Every flaming rope gave Yi Yun the ability to resist. With his absolute strength, Yi Yun forcefully resisted the suction force from the Alternate Dimension Tomb.

He barely managed to withstand its power.

Yi Yun was secretly alarmed by Zhulong’s attack. Spatial dimension laws were indeed profound and intricate, and it was surprising for such a move to exist.

The Alternate Dimension Tomb fell short of fully devouring Yi Yun.

And that tiny bit of resistance was enough to cause a fatal blow. This was because Zhulong could not withstand using this force for long. Once he failed to hold out, he would lose completely.

Seeing the two parties in a stalemate, the Heavenly Blood Union members turned nervous. They were afraid of Zhulong losing to Yi Yun.

As for the other side, Jiang Xiaorou felt her heart race even faster. She looked unblinkingly at Yi Yun. She did not know how she could carry on surviving if something happened to Yi Yun now after reuniting with him after a decade.

And at this moment, from a mountain peak far away, Lin Xintong flew up.

Although she believed Yi Yun was likely to endure longer than Zhulong, she could not tolerate the word “likely”. She wanted to deny any possibility for Yi Yun succ.u.mbing to an incident.

If the two of them were battling, and Yi Yun suffered a heavy blow, it would just be an injury.

However, if he was sucked into the alternate dimension, then she could not guarantee that Yi Yun would be able to return.

Lin Xintong brandished her sword, causing ice-blue Yuan Qi to emanate out like a mist from within her body, blanketing the surroundings. The vapor in the air froze up, forming numerous blue ribbons.

Lin Xintong was about to make her move.

When the Heavenly Blood Union members saw Lin Xintong fly, they were momentarily stunned.

Right, Yi Yun still had a partner!

Although they were unsure of Lin Xintong’s strength compared to Yi Yun’s, it would probably be as easy as slaughtering poultry when it came to them.

Zhulong already found it relatively demanding battling Yi Yun, so together with Lin Xintong&h.e.l.lip;

Even if Lin Xintong’s strength was inferior to Yi Yun’s, it was unlikely for Zhulong to withstand their combined efforts.

Despite knowing this, no one dared to step forward to stop her. What a joke. With their strength, they would only be courting death if they tried to stop Lin Xintong.

The blue ribbons fluttered as a sword beam flashed. Lin Xintong flew towards Zhulong like a fairy that was ascending towards the moon.

Upon seeing this scene, Zhulong’s expression changed. He naturally could not divert any strength to resist Lin Xintong at this moment.

His expression immediately turned ferocious.

“Do you think you can send me to my doom just like that? Stop dreaming!”

As Zhulong spoke, he suddenly bit his tongue, spitting out a mouthful of blood essence. At the same moment, the area in between his eyebrows, which emanated blood traces around his body, spat out a crimson flame.

Zhulong burned his blood essence on top of the foundation of him using his mystic technique, causing his strength to instantly increase!


Lin Xintong’s eyes tuned focus as she felt a hint of danger. She too did not expect for Zhulong to still had such an ace in his hand at such a moment.

Zhulong had lived for many years and was a first generation Blood Moon. The numerous life-saving hidden techniques he had surprised Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong naturally did not let Yi Yun’s life be risk by allowing Zhulong to use his final tactic.

She lifted her sword high up as Heaven and Earth energy gathered on her sword. In the skies above her, stars appeared out of nowhere, emitting twinkling starlight.

The radiant sun was Yang, and the moon and stars were Yin. The power of the stars was one of the powers Lin Xintong had gained insight on while in the Divine Wilderness.

“Rising of Wind from a Moon Halo, Fluid like Stars!”

Lin Xintong attacked. When she slashed out, it was as if the star-filled galactic arm crashed down from the sky, sending a silver waterfall surging at Zhulong.

Zhulong became demented against Lin Xintong’s attack. “Die, all of you!”

The spatial dimension energy compressed within his body instantly exploded. The entrance to the alternate dimension behind Yi Yun abruptly exploded!

This was an expansion of s.p.a.ce itself. Its speed was unbelievably fast, with no way to evade it.

Yi Yun had resisted the suction power from the alternate dimension.

However, now, with the alternate dimension expanding, it devoured Yi Yun!

It was relatively easy to resist, but with the spatial dimension rapidly expanding and devouring&h.e.l.lip;

In an instant, the surrounding mountains, black rock and land, all disappeared. Replacing them was the endless void of darkness. Even the full moon in the sky had been devoured, being utterly pitch black.


Yi Yun was alarmed. This alternate dimension could expand and swallow him?

Realizing that he had entered the alternate dimension, Yi Yun did not feel any fear, but felt something amiss. If Zhulong really had such means to send him into the alternate dimension, then why didn’t he not do so earlier? Even if a mystic technique was forcefully used together with the burning of blood essence, Zhulong was likely willing to do so if he could finish off Lin Xintong and himself.

However, Zhulong had only used it at the final critical moment. Either it was a attack that caused them to perish together, or there was a weakness in this alternate dimension!

Yi Yun immediately spread his spiritual energy in all directions.

“Xintong! Sis Xiaorou!”

The spatial dimension had expanded too rapidly in an indomitable manner. Yi Yun was certain that this ma.s.sive alternate dimension had probably devoured a large expanse.

If that was the case, Lin Xintong and Jiang Xiaorou had also been devoured by the alternate dimension!

Yi Yun was most concerned about these two women. They were the most important people in his life.

Thankfully, Yi Yun sensed Lin Xintong’s perception a second later.

The laws of the alternate dimension were extremely strange. Despite them being very close to one another, they could not see each other and could only communicate through spiritual energy. And through their spiritual energy, they felt like they were separated by a large distance.

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