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Chapter 647: Yi Yun’s Sword

“Sword?” Upon seeing the rusty, broken sword in Yi Yun’s hand, Zhulong chuckled. He naturally knew that Yi Yun dual cultivated in both sabers and swords, and that he also knew archery.

He even knew that Yi Yun had a c.r.a.ppy, broken sword. Back during the trials of the Great Empress mystic realm, Yi Yun had used the broken sword to kill Shen Tu Nantian.

All of this had naturally been described by the young elites that left the Great Empress mystic realm.

Yi Yun’s strength was too strong amongst the young elites present in the Great Empress mystic realm, so they were extremely shocked about it. However&h.e.l.lip; a Reincarnator like Zhulong did not find it remarkable when he listened to their description.

Reincarnators had reincarnated many times, so their pride was extremely high, so how would it be easy for juniors to strike fear into their hearts?

“Your saber was exchanged from the Martial Alliance’s treasury, and has already been broken by a single punch from me. As for your sword&h.e.l.lip; Is that your sword?”

Zhulong looked disdainfully at the broken sword in Yi Yun’s hand.

He would not have belittled a weapon taken out by Yi Yun. He had previously guessed that the broken sword must have been obtained by Yi Yun in the Great Empress mystic realm, but today, he realized that the sword lacked any l.u.s.ter, and had even rusted.

Zhulong had lived for many years, so he had extensive knowledge and experience. He was confident of his judgment. He believed that he could identify what was extraordinary when it came to treasures, despite its age.

However, Zhulong did not think highly of the sword in Yi Yun’s hand.

A peerless divine weapon might lose its l.u.s.ter, but it was impossible for it to rust. Even if a divine weapon broke and lost a lot of its spirituality, the weapon’s material should still be top-grade.

Such materials should remain l.u.s.trous, despite the pa.s.sage of millions of years, so it should not look so unbearably bad.

For example, the black glove on Zhulong’s hands was named Heaven’s Punishment. It came from an Abyss World, different from the Tian Yuan world. It had existed for so long that it had been forgotten. It even exceeded Blood Moon’s own history.

Over such a long period of time, Heaven’s Punishment still contained extremely powerful energy.

As for Yi Yun’s broken sword, it was completely not up to par.

For the sword to be in such an old and terrible state, it meant that Yi Yun’s sword must have experienced a devastating attack, causing the materials to destroyed, resulting in it rusting due to not being able to bear the pa.s.sage of time.

No matter how powerful an ancient treasure was, if its materials were destroyed, then it would be no different from sc.r.a.p metal.

An abandoned ancient treasure picked up in the Great Empress mystic realm was probably useful against trash like Shen Tu Nantian. However, it definitely could not withstand a blow in front of him.

It was simply courting death to use such an ancient treasure to fight against him.

“I will break your sword, along with your body!”

“Yuan Energy Battle Embodiment!”

The distorted s.p.a.ce around Zhulong compressed once again, as it formed a layer on his body’s surface.

Gravity, s.p.a.ce and energy mixed together, forming a force field that clung closely to Zhulong’s body.

“Oh? This is&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun was slightly surprised. He had never before seen such divine techniques as those employed by Zhulong. It was completely different from the field Yi Yun had cultivated in. The path of martial arts had 3000 Great Dao, with numerous variations amongst the laws.

The force field tremored, forming silk-thin, gray-colored flames which rose up from Zhulong’s body. His strength and aura constantly increased, resulting in an augmentation that exceeded 20%.

Yi Yun could tell that this was a combination of a mystic technique and laws that caused the strength augmentation.

Blood Moon was an ancient organization, and in fact, the core of Blood Moon, which was labeled as the first generation Blood Moon, only had three people.

They were the actual overseers of Blood Moon, and Zhulong was one of them.

The best resources of Blood Moon as well as the best inheritance, which acc.u.mulated for tens of millions of years were only used by these three.

The other people, be they Reincarnators or Yin specters, were just their subordinates who served them.

For example, Zhulong’s attainment in spatial dimension laws far exceeded that of any other Reincarnator. The main reason was because Zhulong had previously obtained a “Realm Stone”.

A “Realm Stone”, was a foundation rock of a world. A small world’s existence has its foundation, which was a Realm Stone. It was the core of a small world.

Zhulong had managed to refine a small world’s Realm Stone, causing his understanding of spatial dimensional laws to reach a terrifying level.

“Dragon Indra Overlord Blood!”

Zhulong punched out, as his speed reached his limits!

From the beginning of his battle with Yi Yun, every attack of Zhulong’s was stronger than the previous one. Yi Yun faced his attacks seriously, without being careless in any way.

With the broken sword in hand, the shocking sword scar he saw at the Pure Yang Sword Palace appeared in his mind.


Yi Yun slashed out with his sword. Behind him, the Golden Crow and the Nine Neonate flew up, merging into the sword beam. Sword beams torrented down, destroying anything in its path. The void that had turned distorted and viscous around Yi Yun, was torn apart as the broken sword penetrated through it, stabbing straight at Zhulong’s fist!

Zhulong was wearing Heaven’s Punishment on his hand. Treasures like gloves were extremely difficult to forge.

Heaven’s Punishment was definitely one of the best treasures in Blood Moon’s armory.

The glove-wearing fist seemed like a black hole as it absorbed all the surrounding light.

As for Yi Yun’s broken sword, it was dark and lacked l.u.s.ter.

“I will break your sword and your arm!” Zhulong roared as his first hit the broken sword.


The distorted s.p.a.ce began to ripple, Yuan Qi shooting out in all directions. Wherever they hit, they would open large chasms in the ground or cleave off tall mountains.

The Heavenly Blood Union members present had all retreated in shock. Thanks to the previous dozen blast waves, which killed a Heavenly Blood Union member, they had already pulled back. If they had not, there would be now be a greater death and injured count.

Zhulong’s expectation of his fist blowing through Yi Yun and his sword did not happen when they made the resounding contact. Instead, he felt a tremendous force pa.s.s through his arm. The broken sword was unimaginably hard.

No matter how good a treasured glove was, it was still soft. So in a head-on clash, how could it beat a sword?


With a crisp crack, Zhulong’s expression changed. He felt an excruciating pain coming from his hand. His right finger joints had fractured during the impact!

How could that be!?

Fracturing a finger bone was a trivial wound to a warrior, as it could be recovered in a day or two.

However, in an intense battle, who would give one the time to heal?

Zhulong’s heart sank, for he could not believe that the broken sword in Yi Yun’s hand was a divine sword.

Despite the sword having rusted, which was a trademark of destroyed pieces of metal, how could it be so powerful?

During that instant, Zhulong did not have the time to ponder over it carefully. With a twirl of his body, Yi Yun slashed his broken sword at Zhulong’s neck!

As his sword slashed forward, it ignited endless pure Yang flames in the void between them.

“Courting death!”

Zhulong angrily growled as he waved his left hand, grabbing Yi Yun’s sword.

By wearing Heaven’s Punishment, holding a saber or sword was a trivial thing; however, when Zhulong grabbed Yi Yun’s sword, a searing pain was inflicted on his palm. The sword seemed like it was going to split his palm apart!



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