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Chapter 642: Blood of G.o.ds

Upon seeing this scene, Fengming frowned. That bunch of trash would fall over each other when it came to benefits, but now, all of them started retreating at the first sign of trouble.

However, Fengming knew clearly that it was pointless pinning his hopes on the Heavenly Blood Union members. They were not the white-dressed woman’s match as the gap in strength was too great.

“Who is this woman? How can there be such a person in the Tian Yuan world?” Sheji’s eyes flashed coldly.

The woman in front of her was dressed in white, and together with her sword, she looked like an inviolable fairy that had descended from the heavens. Her simple and elegant composure, as well as her being stronger than a Reincarnator despite not being one, overwhelmed Sheji with jealousy. She yearned to destroy Lin Xintong immediately.

“With that woman here, it’s probably impossible for us to take down Jiang Xiaorou.”

The six Reincarnators and the hundred Heavenly Blood Union members were likely no match for the white-dressed woman and slightly over fifty Desolate race elites.

Behind Lin Xintong was Jiang Xiaorou in her blood-red dress. Her face was pale and there was a smudge of red by the corner of her mouth. She looked like a beautiful flower that had bloomed in the eerie Soul Tomb. It was quite a saddening but beautiful scene.

Jiang Xiaorou supported herself with the bone staff while looking at Lin Xintong’s back.

She was already prepared to fight to the death. She was unafraid of death, but she never expected that a couple would save her while she was at Death’s doorstep. The two of them were astounding people, a dragon and phoenix amongst people.

Jiang Xiaorou did not recognize Lin Xintong who was in front of her. But when she looked at the bow-wielding youth, she had a baffling sense of familiarity for some reason.

She took a long while to recall, but&h.e.l.lip; the bow-wielding youth’s aura was clearly very unfamiliar to her, completely not matching the one in her memory&h.e.l.lip;

“Who are you? Do I know the both of you?” Jiang Xiaorou questioned with a voice transmission.

She was already greatly drained and wounded after using the Sacred Spirit’s power twice, but she still remained calm.

Lin Xintong sighed. Back when she met Yi Yun in the Cloud Wilderness, Jiang Xiaorou was just an ordinary girl in the Cloud Wilderness.

But now, Jiang Xiaorou was becoming ever prettier, and she already had the bearing of a Desolate Queen.

Such a peerless woman could be considered a perfect piece of art.

Unfortunately, Blood Moon had treated her like prey. It was as if killing such a perfect and invaluable lady by beheading her was the greatest joy and achievement to them.

“I think it’s best for you to hear him tell you himself.” Lin Xintong’s gentle voice entered Jiang Xiaorou’s ears.

Hear him tell me?

These words affirmed Jiang Xiaorou’s belief that she knew this bow-wielding youth.

Could it be&h.e.l.lip; ?

A thought arose in Jiang Xiaorou’s mind, and it was this thought that made her heart stop beating for a moment.

Jiang Xiaorou could not help but give Yi Yun a deep look. He had a completely unfamiliar appearance and completely alien aura, but that pair of eyes made her soul gently tremble&h.e.l.lip;

While Lin Xintong was fighting the Reincarnators, Zhulong remained standing in the sealed enchantment while coldly looking at Yi Yun. It was as if the intense battle happening nearby had nothing to do with him.

Outside, many people were looking at Zhulong and Yi Yun. The outcome of the battle between the two of them was of utmost importance. If Zhulong was no match for the combined forces of Yi Yun and that white-dressed woman, then it was no longer about receiving rewards for these Heavenly Blood Union members. It came down to them leaving here alive!

These people had joined the Heavenly Blood Union for many years, and the fact that Zhulong was extremely powerful was entrenched in their hearts, but no one had seen Zhulong fight before, so they were unsure how powerful he really was.

“You are very good!” Zhulong suddenly said these words, causing no one to be able to guess his thoughts. “You deliberately schemed to enter the Heavenly Dao Union, not for the resources within, but to destroy the Heavenly Dao Union, right?”

Zhulong’s words resounded in the valley. Many Heavenly Blood Union members shuddered in fear when they heard this. Some of them had considered this point already. Jiang Yidao, who was about their age, was actually scheming against the Martial Alliance&h.e.l.lip; How much ambition and strength was needed to accomplish this?

Some people even suspected that Jiang Yidao was not even a young man, or it would be too terrifying.

“I would not say it was a deliberate scheme, it was one of the Reincarnators amongst you who took the initiative to invite me to the Heavenly Dao Union. So I was just meeting one ruse with another.” Yi Yun said sarcastically. “There’s no need to say anymore nonsense. Make your move. Gongsun Hong is already dead, and you shall be next!”

The moment Yi Yun said that, killing intent surged from his body!

He had a feud with the Blood Moon originally, and when he saw Jiang Xiaorou for the first time in so many years, Yi Yun’s heart felt like it had been pierced.

Jiang Xiaorou had been seriously injured in her battle with the Blood Moon, resulting in her having to burn her blood essence.

“You are really confident of yourself. Do you think you can definitely win?” Zhulong shook his head as his fingers tapped lightly. In the void, s.p.a.ce began to fluctuate, and a transparent crystal appeared out of thin air, just above Zhulong’s palm.

This crystal was l.u.s.trous, and right in the middle of the crystal, there was a dark red liquid that was sealed within. It was a drop of blood.

The drop of blood was extremely heavy. It seemed to have a pulse, causing the core of the crystal to gently palpitate. Even the beams of light around it were slightly distorted by this drop of blood.

“That blood&h.e.l.lip; ”

Yi Yun’s eyebrows p.r.i.c.ked up. He could sense extremely powerful energy coming from the blood, and he even felt slightly disturbed.

Zhulong lifted the crystal above his head as he admired the drop of blood. It was as if he was entranced by the drop of blood. He began muttering, “I have lived for many years. I was the first generation’s Blood Moon. The Demon Disciples’ power flow in my body. To all of you, the first generation of Blood Moon are no different from G.o.ds!”


Upon hearing this form of address, Yi Yun sneered, “What makes you think so?”

Zhulong ignored Yi Yun’s sarcasm as he stroked the crystal with his finger gently, splitting it into two.

“This is the Blood of G.o.ds. It’s the most precious divine object in this world. There exist four drops now, and I happen to have one.”

Blood of G.o.ds?

Yi Yun’s heart shuddered. He naturally remembered hearing about the “Blood of G.o.ds” that had appeared from the G.o.d Burial Abyss when he first came out of the Great Empress mystic realm. Some people guessed that it was the “Blood of Destruction” that flowed out from the gigantic Eye of Destruction win the G.o.d Burial Abyss.

The “Blood of Destruction” was being vied for by many factions in the Tian Yuan world, resulting in the destruction of small sects, causing blood to flow like rivers.

Yi Yun had even heard of some news regarding the Blood of Destruction just before coming to the Soul Tomb.

Regardless of the rumors or where the blood came from, most importantly, Yi Yun was able to confirm that there was an astonishing amount of energy coming from that drop of blood.

At the same time, under Zhulong’s control, the drop of blood floated towards the middle of his eyebrows.

It seemed like he was about to absorb the drop of blood.

Yi Yun’s eyes flashed.


A saber beam streaked across the dark sky, traversing thousands of feet, straight at Zhulong’s head!

He naturally did not wish to see Zhulong successfully absorb the strange drop of blood.

Zhulong only lifted a hand in order to parry the saber strike.

The black gloves he wore shimmered with a black glow. Following that, Zhulong used one hand to grab Yi Yun’s saber strike!

Both of their auras were terrifying as killing intent surged to the heavens!


Yi Yun’s saber clashed with Zhulong’s hand.

Silver light fractured, as black light shimmered. Even the sealed enchantment could not fully seal off the collision of Yuan Qi.

The people nearby felt their hair stand as they could not help but retreat.

Zhulong managed to ward off the saber strike, but just as the fractured saber beam dissipated, Zhulong’s pupils constricted.

Jiang Yidao had traversed the distance of a thousand feet instantly, and he had appeared in front of him. Before his first saber’s momentum was completely lost, his second saber strike had already arrived!

“Courting death!” Zhulong boomed.

The saber beam that was slashing at him was ten times more blinding than the first one!

Yi Yun’s figure was in the saber beam. He did not put up any defenses. All he did was to press forward offensively.

The saber truth, pressing forward with indomitable will!

An offensive attack that pressed forward without any regard might have flaws, but if the saber was fast and powerful enough, then flaws would no longer be flaws.

This was because the opponent would first need to fend off the saber, before countering.

The saber beam illuminated the valley. The dark clouds that filled the sky was slashed apart by the saber Qi, revealing the bright blue sky.

At this moment, quite a number of people could not help but think of the origins of Jiang Yidao’s name.

He never needed a second saber attack while killing others.

Previously, no one had seen what it looked like if Jiang Yidao made a second strike.

But now, against Zhulong, Jiang Yidao had slashed out a second and third saber strike.

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