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Chapter 641: Four Snowflakes

Fengming was not infuriated when Lin Xintong obstructed him. Instead, he found it amusing. He could forget the fact that he was no match for Yi Yun, but who was this woman? How dare she act so audaciously?

Yi Yun, who had suddenly appeared this year, revealing an incomprehensible strength was already suspicious enough. Could the woman in front of them be another peerless genius? If there were so many geniuses hidden in the world, then geniuses would no longer be rare.

Fengming laughed without any civility. “What day is it? Why are there so many people thinking that they are invincible. Do you know how the word ‘death’ is written for you to hold so many of us off?”

Sheji also laughed. “Little girl, how old are you. Are you even twenty?”

They shared the same gender, but Sheji had lived three lives. So in her eyes, Lin Xintong was just a little child.

For a junior girl to have a demeanor of an immortal, and say things like “your opponent is me”, it was extremely laughable.

“Today, let this elder sister teach you how big the world is and what true strength is like!” Sheji cried and suddenly attacked.

Her figure blurred, as she split into three figures, who attacked Lin Xintong from three different angles!

At the same time, a gigantic azure snake appeared behind Sheji. It was her Aspect Totem and it was opening its jaws to bite at Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong appeared calm and nonchalant towards Sheji. She did not emit any terrifying aura. She only nonchalantly lifted her hand and lightly tapped her sword.

Every tap she made resulted in a white snowflake appearing on the tip of the sword.

Lin Xintong did it a total of four times, conjuring four snowflakes. From the beginning to the end, she did not emit any surging Yuan Qi. It was calm and peaceful, as if she was not brandishing her sword, but she was just drawing with a brush on an invisible piece of cloth, dabbing and drawing out white flowers.

“Such a move?” Sheji harrumphed coldly. The gigantic azure snake behind her spat out a toxic mist, and at the same time, the three Shejis attacked together. One of them held a sword, another held a lancet, while the last one held Emei daggers.

The three different weapons also proved that the figures that Sheji formed were not after-images. They were true avatars.

This was one of the high grade divine techniques from the Martial Alliance’s treasury. Yuan Qi was condensed to form a temporary avatar, who could aid in her battles.

Yuan Qi whistled as it interweaved to form a large web. She was planning to use sword Qi and blade beams to shatter the four snowflakes that Lin Xintong had produced completely.

But when the pretty but weak-looking snowflakes clashed with the sword Qi and blade beams, an expected explosion did not happen. Each of the four snowflakes contained different Heavenly Dao laws. The structure of the snowflake formation intercrossed to form an array pattern.

The four snowflakes was like a mini-array. It contained the condensation of pure Yin and water-elemental laws. Not only was it extremely Yin and cold, it was also extremely heavy. It was like four hundred-thousand snow mountains compressed to a point.

“Ka Ka Ka!”

Sheji’s sword Qi and blade beams froze in place, turning into ice crystals.

And behind Sheji, the toxic mist that the gigantic azure snake had spat out also froze to become a white ice wave.

The frost aura surged forward, and froze everything it pa.s.sed!

Sheji was greatly alarmed. At this point, she knew that she was no match for this girl at all. She forcefully stopped her attack and tried to retreat.

However, the ever-burgeoning frost aura was like a maggot that clung on to her, impossible to shake off.

Out of the four snowflakes, three of them struck Sheji’s three figures. As for the final snowflake, it struck the gigantic snake behind Sheji.

Only then did people know the reason why Lin Xintong had conjured four snowflakes. It was prepared for the three Shejis and her Aspect Totem. There was not one bit more, showing her absolute confidence!

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The moment that the snowflakes made contact, a boundless frost Qi exploded, forming ice.

Sheji’s two Yuan Qi avatars were frozen, and slowly dissipated into Yuan Qi ice crystals in the frost ice.

Her Aspect Totem did not last much longer. After it was sealed in ice, it immediately disintegrated. Sheji grunted as her face turned white. Although warriors could conjure an Aspect Totem after it was disintegrated again, they would receive a spiritual backlash as a result, hurting their soul sea.

But now, it was not as trivial as a backlash. Lin Xintong’s final ice crystal was already in front of Sheji’s body.


Behind Sheji, Fengming realized that Sheji was about to be defeated, so he charged forward.

With a snap, he opened his folding fan, and there were numerous flower petals on one side of the fan. With a flick of his hand, he threw all the flower petals out.

The flower petals twirled around in the air, like sharp blades. It sliced through the frost Qi and shattered the ice crystals.

A tumultuous colliding sound echoed. In the powerful explosion, the snowflakes shattered, and all the frost Qi condensed in them surged out!

Ice disks shot out in all directions. Fengming used his folding fan to block it, while Sheji circulated her Yuan Qi to protect her body.

However, the ice disks that blasted in all directions contained too much energy. A portion of them pierced through Sheji and Fengming’s protective Yuan Qi.


Their protective Yuan Qi had been shattered and the two of them were sent flying back. They were covered in injuries as blood kept gushing out.

They did not suffer very serious injuries and with their cultivation levels, they could quickly stop the bleeding. But to be thrown back by four inconspicuous snowflakes in front of so many people, it was too humiliating.

They were all extremely proud people, and they held high posts in the Heavenly Dao Union. They were respected and idolized by many human elites, but today, they had been defeated so badly. How could they accept that!?

“How can she be so strong!? Who is that girl!?”

Sheji’s expression twisted. She refused to believe that Yi Yun was triumphant in everything, but now, even a woman, who seemed like a flower vase he brought around as a cultivation partner, was so powerful.

The white-dressed female’s strength was not much weaker than Yi Yun’s.

What was going on with this world? How could there be so many powerful and unheard of monsters that appeared so suddenly?

“Qiongqi, why are you standing there watching? Attack together.” Sheji said exasperatedly.

Qiongqi was still in a daze. When he suddenly heard Sheji’s words, he immediately fell into a dilemma. He had not recovered from the internal injuries that Jiang Xiaorou dealt to him. He could act like a fox a.s.suming the majesty of a tiger, but if he really faced such a monster, he was completely incapable of fighting her.

“And all of you. Snap out of it and quickly set up a formation!” Sheji exhorted the Heavenly Blood Union members.

However, this exhortation caused quite a number of Heavenly Blood Union members to subconsciously take a step back.

They felt fear even before the battle began. They were already completely stunned by the power contained in Lin Xintong’s four snowflakes.

That woman was amazing. Her strength was completely unreasonable. They felt thankful that they did not charge forward recklessly, if not, they would probably already be corpses!

The ice crystals could even injure Sheji and Fengming, so if they had landed on them instead, they would definitely have been reduced to a griddle.

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