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Chapter 640: Taking Advantage of the Situation

For Yi Yun to kill Gongsun Hong in front of everyone, it was considered smacking of all the Reincarnators’ faces.

As Reincarnators, they were invincible amongst people their age, but today, they had failed to protect Gongsun Hong from Yi Yun under the watchful eyes of so many people.

“Who is this person?”

The Desolate race elites were all dumbfounded. They did not know who this person was. She had suddenly appeared and caused wanton destruction, saving them from certain doom.

Members of the Desolate race looked similar to humans, but when someone cultivated to a certain realm, it was possible for people to tell which race the person belonged to. For example, back in the Chu Prefecture City, Shen Tu Nantian had managed to identify Jiang Xiaorou as a member of the Desolate race.

The Desolate race elites were certain that Jiang Yidao was human, but why would a human help them?

As for the human warriors, they were still discussing Yi Yun’s strength. They couldn’t believe that he could be so strong despite not being a Reincarnator.

Some people were even secretly comparing Yi Yun with Fengming, Qiongqi and company. They even believed that Yi Yun looked slightly stronger.

The reaction of the Heavenly Blood Union members did not escape the eyes of Qiongqi, Fengming and company. This caused them to frown.

“This kid is being too overbearing.” Qiongqi narrowed his eyes as he spoke.

He had recovered a great deal from his wounds. Standing beside him, Fengming and Sheji were not feeling very pleasant either. Yi Yun’s two consecutive attacks may appear shocking, but he had done it through a sleight of hand.

Yi Yun’s first arrow was indeed powerful. He had managed to scatter twenty Heavenly Blood Union warriors, and seriously injure many of them, but it was not necessarily very difficult to achieve that.

These twenty Heavenly Blood Union members did not have uniform cultivation levels due to the differences in their ages. Furthermore, their original target was Jiang Xiaorou, and they had been forced to defend due to Yi Yun’s arrow. It was not difficult for Sheji or Fengming to defeat the combined efforts of these twenty people.

As for the second attack, Yi Yun had killed Gongsun Hong under the protection of Zhulong through a trick. He had hidden a saber beam behind the arrow beam. This resulted in there being no time for Zhulong to stop it by the time he noticed it.

Seeing the human warriors present being stunned by Yi Yun, as if he was invincible, how could Fengming, Sheji and company feel good?

True strength needed an actual fight to determine who was stronger. It was nothing impressive fighting against weaklings or using sleight of hand to take advantage of the situation.

“Let me test him! I’ll reduce some of this kid’s impressiveness.” Fengming was the first who could not stand idle. His condition was the best amongst the three Reincarnators.

“Young master Fengming, be careful. Don’t fight from a close distance for it can be dangerous.”

A Reincarnator, who wasn’t in the ranks of the four great young masters, reminded him without much thought. He had good intentions, since Yi Yun’s strength was still unknown. Compared to Fengming, Yi Yun still seemed stronger.

However, when these words landed in Fengming’s ears, it caused a tug in his heart.

“I know perfectly well. There’s no need to remind me!”

Fengming never planned on clashing with Yi Yun head-on. He wanted to test Yi Yun’s strength from a distance, but this was not something someone of lower stature than him needed to expound on.

How could he, as a Reincarnator, be weaker than a junior like Jiang Yidao? He was unconvinced.


With a clear crack, Fengming spread his folding fan as flower petals circled around him while his Yuan Qi escalated.

But at this moment, a dull voice echoed from beside Fengming: “Stand down. You are not his match.”

This voice did not have any hint of politeness, but Fengming did not retort because he clammed up while his lips trembled. This was because the person who spoke was Zhulong.

Fengming looked at Zhulong, feeling humiliated. He could berate other ordinary Reincarnators if they warned him, but he could not say anything if it was Zhulong who did it.

“I&h.e.l.lip; was just trying to test his strength.” Fengming tried explaining, but when he saw Zhulong’s cold demeanor, he did not dare speak further.

“You won’t be able to test anything.” Zhulong did not give Fengming any face. “I will personally handle Jiang Yidao. That guy’s stance is too formidable and he doesn’t think anything about others. He thinks he is invincible and that no one in our Heavenly Blood Union can stop him.”

Fengming lost the will to be angry when Zhulong said he would personally fight. Even though he was disgruntled, he had to trust Zhulong’s judgment.

“You, Sheji and Qiongqi are to lead the other Reincarnators to kill Jiang Xiaorou and the Desolate race devils, so as to unnerve Jiang Yidao.” Zhulong’s intuition told him that Jiang Xiaorou was extremely important to Jiang Yidao.

Previously, the fact that Jiang Yidao killed Gongsun Hong with one saber attack might not only have been due to the grudge between the two of them, it was mostly because he had taken advantage of her situation, by attacking her while she was injured. Furthermore, he had insulted Jiang Xiaorou, resulting in fatal trouble befalling him.

Jiang Yidao and Jiang Xiaorou both shared the same surname, which made it difficult for Zhulong to not think of the relationship between the two.

“Kill the members of the Desolate race? Fine by me!” Fengming’s eyes lit up.

Killing the Desolate race members was as easy as slaughtering poultry.

He had hated the Desolate race for a long time.

Zhulong and Yi Yun exchanged gazes, becoming the center of attention amongst everyone present.

Zhulong was going to fight?

No one expected Zhulong to personally handle Yi Yun.

Zhulong wore a strange black glove, which he had just retrieved. People felt their gaze being sucked in by the glove, which caused them to fear looking at it any longer.

Zhulong began to walk towards Yi Yun on a path of empty air.

Black flames began to emit from Zhulong, and strands of black lines emanated out from the black flames. These lines increased in number and they finally condensed into a web of light in the sky, enclosing Yi Yun and Zhulong in a region that had a radius of a few miles.

Sealed enchantment?

People were shocked because they felt that the region sealed by the sphere of black lines seemed to isolate its interior from everything else. It was as if it was in a different dimension of s.p.a.ce-time, with Yi Yun and Zhulong looking like illusions.

At the same moment, Zhulong’s killing intent locked onto Yi Yun.


Beside Zhulong, the black-red three-headed h.e.l.lhound from before appeared. Its fur was glowing as it stared at Yi Yun with its ferocious red eyes.

Yi Yun felt like he was facing a primordial beast when Zhulong’s killing intent locked onto him. This was the first time he was facing such an opponent ever since his strength had greatly increased.

After the Great Empress mystic realm, Yi Yun had never experienced an intense battle.

His expression turned serious, but his heart burned with fighting spirit. He too wanted to take the opportunity to test himself, to know how strong he currently was.

And at this moment, his eyes flashed coldly. He saw Sheji, Fengming and Qiongqi slowly creep towards Jiang Xiaorou from three different directions.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaorou was already pale and weakened from using the Sacred Spirit’s power twice and burning her blood essence. She was doomed if the three experts attacked her.

“Protect the Successor!”

“This bunch of despicable people!”

The Desolate race’s elites were furious. This group of people were taking advantage of the moment Yi Yun was distracted by Zhulong to attack Jiang Xiaorou.

“Without the Da Yan formation, you are just a bunch of useless beings. Are you even worthy of blocking us?” Sheji could not help but leer at the Desolate race elites while speaking sarcastically.

“Just a bunch of ants. I’ll squish them easily!”

Qiongqi swung his chainhook in circles. The hook was covered in blood, making the weapon look like a torture device, both brutal and gory.

At this moment, the human elites felt bolstered. Momentarily, they ignored Yi Yun and Zhulong’s battle. In their opinion, Yi Yun was strong, but Zhulong was even stronger. A person, who had reincarnated several times and had become a Great Emperor several times, could not be understood logically.

What they were most concerned with was Jiang Xiaorou.

If they killed Jiang Xiaorou, there was a huge reward awaiting them.

“Brothers, let us attack too. We can not lose out in killing the Desolate race devils!”

“Right, all these Desolate race devils are equivalent to rewards. When that traitor Jiang Yidao is killed by Lord Zhulong, we can also strive hard to wipe out the rest of the Desolate race devils!”

Many human warriors laughed sinisterly at Jiang Xiaorou. Such an alluring beauty without any strength to resist them was about to be devastated by them.

Seeing the enemy approach, the Desolate race elites surrounded Jiang Xiaorou, all determined to fight to the death.

They could not defend against the nearly hundred human warriors, much less the many Reincarnators present. The probability of winning this battle was approaching zero.

It was fine if they died fighting, but their Desolate Queen had been recognized by the Sacred Spirit. If she were to die here, it would just fill the Desolate race warriors with anger and indignance.

A Desolate race girl, who looked to be about seventeen years old, replaced the core position of the Da Yan formation.

Having lost two people who could steer the core of the Da Yan formation, the Desolate race’s combat power had greatly weakened.

As for the girl who was steering the core, she completely lacked the ability to power the Da Yan formation. She could only burn her blood essence to put up a desperate fight.

Just as the young members of the Desolate race were about to sacrifice themselves when the Heavenly Blood Union members approached, a light wind blew suddenly. A white-dressed woman, whose face was covered by a veil, landed in between the Desolate race and Human race while her dress fluttered.

She held a sword in hand, with the tip pointing downwards. Her toes landed on the ground, but she wasn’t stained by any of the dust.

The white-dressed woman was none other than Lin Xintong who had come to the Soul Tomb.

After intensive cultivation in the G.o.d Advent Tower and gaining insight in the Divine Wilderness, Lin Xintong had never had the opportunity to use her full strength over all these years.

“Your opponent is me.”

Lin Xintong faced a hundred human elites and six Reincarnators with a sword in hand alone. However, her voice was clear and nonchalant, as if she was not concerned with anything that was happening in front of her.

“Who is she?”

The human elites were only focused on Yi Yun, and they did not pay much attention to Lin Xintong who was behind Yi Yun.

“Wench, you are courting death!” Qiongqi said in a queer manner.

They were planning on fighting Yi Yun, but had been unceremoniously put down by Zhulong. This caused them to feel greatly indignant.

They could forget about them being disallowed to fight Yi Yun, but now against some weaklings, they were stopped by some white-dressed wench.

And from the wench’s tone and expression, she did not think much about them. It was unbearable!

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Chapter 640

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