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Chapter 638: Divine Beam Tears through the Sky

“What’s the point of all of you if someone can be injured while fighting five against one?” Zhulong’s said coldly.

Amongst the Reincarnators, he clearly had the highest authority. When reprimanded by him, Qiongqi and Sheji accepted it silently. The other three Reincarnators were filled with even greater trepidation. It was as if they were afraid that Zhulong would put the blame on them.

They were all Reincarnators, but their differences in strength was huge. After all, anyone who mastered the “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique” was a Reincarnator, but all their talents were different from one another. The number of reincarnations also influenced their actual strength.

Zhulong looked at Jiang Xiaorou, whose hair was disheveled and she had blood seeping from the corners of her mouth. The ancient patterns on her face were shimmering, as if they had a life of their own.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Zhulong began clapping as he looked at Jiang Xiaorou.

“What a marvellous genius. Compared to you, most of my Heavenly Dao Union’s members are not even worth mentioning. Unfortunately&h.e.l.lip; I will still have to destroy you.” As Zhulong said this, the s.p.a.ce behind him began to fluctuate, as a crack appeared out of the void.

“Roar! Roar!”

From the spatial crack came a beast’s roar. It was as if the s.p.a.ce had sealed a primordial desolate beast in it.

As the spatial crack grew in size, people could see several bloodthirsty eyes through the crack.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!”

There were consecutive explosive sounds. The primordial desolate beast that was trapped in the crack used its claws and sharp fangs to tear the boundaries of the spatial door. Very soon, it escaped from the spatial crack.

People finally saw it clearly. It was a three-headed h.e.l.lhound that was the size of a house!

The h.e.l.lhound was covered in blackish-red fur. It was like a boulder that had been baked red hot in lava. All the six eyes on the three heads of the h.e.l.lhound were staring at Jiang Xiaorou!

“It seems that you could control snake bones that have been dead as long as there’s a slight vestige of spiritual soul. Then, I want to know if you can control this h.e.l.lhound.” Zhulong said with a teasing smile at Jiang Xiaorou.

Jiang Xiaorou stood on the top of a black mountain peak. She clenched her whip as her beautiful eyes flickered coldly.

Zhulong was naturally confident by summoning this h.e.l.lhound and saying those words.

But even so, Jiang Xiaorou still wanted to have an attempt at it.

Zhulong may be confident, but Jiang Xiaorou was confident as well. Her ability to communicate with beasts far exceeded that of a typical member of the Desolate race.

With a thought, her spiritual soul energy condensed in the middle of her eyebrows. She shot out her intentions like an arrow, straight into the h.e.l.l hound’s head!

However, Jiang Xiaorou felt her heart miss a beat when she entered the h.e.l.lhound’s soul sea.

This beast’s soul sea was like a molten h.e.l.l. There were Yin souls wailing while swarming everywhere. There was wanton murderous intent everywhere.


Jiang Xiaorou’s intentions directly exploded in the h.e.l.lhound’s soul sea, sending a backlash at her, causing her body to momentarily freeze. An unnatural redness appeared on her face.

When the Desolate race attempted to control desolate beasts, if they lacked the power or were weak ordinary members of the Desolate race, they would receive a backlash from the desolate beast’s soul when trying to control things beyond their level like a primordial species.

However, this had never happened to Jiang Xiaorou. She had even obtained the recognition of the Desolate race’s Sacred Spirit. With the energy of the Sacred Spirit stored in her body, Jiang Xiaorou was the Divine Wilderness’s Queen. All the Divine Wilderness’ desolate beasts had to bow before her.

“What a pity.” Zhulong shook his head. “You sure were stubborn. Unfortunately, this three-headed h.e.l.lhound is an ancient life form that comes from the G.o.d Burial Abyss. It is not an ordinary desolate beast from the Tian Yuan world, so how can it be controlled by you?”

When Zhulong said this, not only Jiang Xiaorou, even the members of the Desolate race and the Human race’s trial-takers were completely stunned. An ancient life form that came from the G.o.d Burial Abyss?

There were ancient life forms in the G.o.d Burial Abyss?

The G.o.d Burial Abyss was synonymous to an unfathomable land in the hearts of the residents of the Tian Yuan world. No matter who entered the G.o.d Burial Abyss, they were bound to never return. Now, they were all greatly shocked when they heard from Zhulong that the G.o.d Burial Abyss had ancient life forms in it.

How powerful would an existence surviving in the G.o.d Burial Abyss be!?

“Kill her!” Zhulong coldly gave the order.

The h.e.l.lhound roared and charged at Jiang Xiaorou.

“You attack too!” Zhulong said to Fengming.

All the Heavenly Blood Union’s cream of the crop were to attack with all they had. Zhulong wanted to finish Jiang Xiaorou in the shortest amount of time.

“Alright!” Fengming gave a sinister chortle.

He held a metallic folding fan and charged alongside the h.e.l.lhound at Jiang Xiaorou.

At the same moment, Sheji made her move too. The two humans and beast attacked in a triforce formation!

After many consecutive intense battles, Jiang Xiaorou’s stamina was greatly drained. Furthermore, with her injuries, she still had to fight one against many. She was on the brink of life and death!

“Lotus Flowers!” Fengming shouted clearly as he suddenly opened his folding fan.

Numerous flower petals flew out from within.

Everyone of these flower petals were about the size of an infant’s palm. Thousands of flower petals gathered in the sky, forming a gigantic lotus flower!

Compared to Sheji, who had been embroiled in a prolonged battle with Jiang Xiaorou, Fengming had been watching from the sidelines all along. He was in top form, and he used all his strength the moment he attacked. The pink lotus flower enshrouded even the black mountain beneath Jiang Xiaorou’s feet.

The lotus flower began to revolve and the petals became sharp as blades, and came slicing towards Jiang Xiaorou from bottom to top.

Ka Ka Ka!

The lotus flower’s sword Qi reached her before the lotus flower. The black mountain was diced into pieces of all sizes easily by the interspersed lotus flower sword Qi, resulting in the rubble to roll down!

And at the same time, the h.e.l.lhound had pounced over. It did not know any laws, but with it’s extremely powerful body and sharp claws, it swiped at Jiang Xiaorou’s head!

With two pincer attacks coming from top and bottom, while Sheji augmenting them, Jiang Xiaorou’s was in grave danger!

At that very instant, Jiang Xiaorou bit her tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence!

While burning her blood essence, she also activated the Sacred Spirit’s power!

Four Symbols Formation!

Jiang Xiaorou cried out, as four ancient desolate beasts conjured around her.

Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, Azure Flood Dragon, Black Tortoise!

The four desolate beasts roared and charged at the three-headed h.e.l.lhound and Fengming!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

An energy explosion resulted in a brilliant rainbow of colors appearing, illuminating the dark valley. It even outmatched the blood moon in the sky!

The light completely engulfed Jiang Xiaorou, Sheji, Fengming and the three-headed h.e.l.l hound!


Upon seeing this light, multiple blood strands appeared in Chen Fei’s eyes as if they were cracking!

His organs had all been devastated by Zhulong’s black energy. Although he was suffering an excruciating pain, he no longer could care about his injuries. All he did was worry for Jiang Xiaorou.

Every time the Four Symbols Formation was activated, it would greatly drain Jiang Xiaorou’s Yuan Qi. She could basically only use it once in a battle.

However, Jiang Xiaorou had used the Four Symbols Formation a second time and nearly without a break.

By burning her blood essence and overdrawing on the Sacred Spirit’s power, Jiang Xiaorou was no longer taking the outcome in consideration.


The final energy blast in the rainbow light exploded out, shooting out in all directions.

“Wu Wu&h.e.l.lip; ” The h.e.l.lhound whimpered as it got thrown out by the energy blast.

Fengming was also sent into retreat. His clothes were torn and his Qi and blood were in chaos, preventing him from gathering Yuan Qi temporarily.

He was alarmed. He never expected that Jiang Xiaorou still had such appalling combat strength under such a situation. She had managed to stop his combined attack with the three-headed h.e.l.lhound.

After all, Jiang Xiaorou was more adept at controlling beasts. If there was a powerful beast for Jiang Xiaorou to control, it was unimaginable how powerful she would become.

Jiang Xiaorou stood on the black mountain that had been mostly shaved off. Her clothes were stained with blood and her face was pale!

After burning her blood essence, she was depleted of her Qi and blood. This was the result of Jiang Xiaorou’s face being pale.

And at the same time, Jiang Xiaorou’s Yuan Qi was nearly completely expended. The situation could not be any worse.

She held a bone staff on one hand. The sharp end of the bone staff was embedded deep into the rock, while the gem on the other tip shimmered with a bewitching blood glow.

It was as if she was using the bone staff to support her body from collapsing.


Chen Fei bit his lips open. He felt hate. He hated himself for being so weak. He failed at the simple task of being the core of the Da Yan formation. He was severely injured with just one strike from Zhulong. This resulted in Jiang Xiaorou having to resist all the Reincarnators alone.

“This witch girl seems to be at the end of the road.” Someone whispered from the human side.

Jiang Xiaorou’s strength alarmed them. But now, with her Yuan Qi nearly completely depleted, she no longer seemed that terrifying.

At this moment, Gongsun Hong amongst the crowd turned and secretly transmitted his voice to the team of eight he led. “Let us take this opportunity to attack together in a battle formation to kill Jiang Xiaorou!”

“Ah? Attack? Us?” The members were momentarily stunned.

“That witch girl is like a candle in the wind. Don’t forget of the rewards we will receive for killing her.”

Just mentioning the rewards they could receive from killing Jiang Xiaorou made them envious. Right, the rewards!

Not only were there rewards, there was the opportunity to make a name for themselves. After the three-headed h.e.l.lhound and Fengming’s attack, she was greatly exhausted, so it was the best opportunity for them!

“Attack!” Gongsun Hong shouted.

His shout also brought many Heavenly Blood Union members out of their daze.

Yes, what were they waiting for? It was the best opportunity for them to kill Jiang Xiaorou now. The other Desolate race members were just small fries. So what if they killed so many of them? The rewards wouldn’t be any higher.

“We should attack as well. Kill that Desolate race witch girl!”

“We cannot let them do it first!”

In a blink of an eye, there were twenty Heavenly Blood Union members attacking at the same time. These were the cream of the crop amongst the Heavenly Blood Union. Some of them formed battle formations, while others attack alone. Immediately, there were saber flashes, sword shadows and spear beams all attacking at one target.

When they saw this scene, the Desolate race’s elites turned furious!

These humans were despicable by taking advantage of Jiang Xiaorou’s perilous state!

“We swore to protect the Successor to our deaths!”

“We’ll fight it out with them!”

With Chen Fei down, the Desolate race’s Da Yan formation had been greatly weakened, but with the determination of dying for a greater cause, their combat power was greatly amplified.

The Da Yan formation activated once again as the gigantic Skyfox appeared, howling towards the sky.

And just as the Skyfox was about to pounce forward, Zhulong waved his right hand lightly.


A second black beam flashed. It tore through the sky and short right at the Da Yan formation’s core.

The scene of Chen Fei being injured repeated once again. A white-dressed female in her twenties, who was situated in the core, grunted as she fell it, like a white b.u.t.terfly that had a broken wing.

Blood splattered everywhere as the girl’s face turned white, while she was in a breathless state.

“Senior Brother&h.e.l.lip; Chen Fei&h.e.l.lip; I&h.e.l.lip;”

The white-dressed female used her arms to support her body while she coughed out a mouthful of blood. She looked apologetically at Chen Fei. She was ashamed of herself. She had not managed to deliver a strike after taking over Chen Fei’s position and she had also failed to protect their queen.

“Sending yourselves to the death with the exact same formation. Do you think you can use this formation to cause wanton destruction? What foolishness!” Zhulong’s cold voice rang.

He had seen through the Da Yan formation, so it was extremely easy for him to crack it.

Be it the severely injured Chen Fei or the white-dressed female who replaced him, Zhulong no longer looked at them. To him, they were no different to corpses.

“Hahaha! Young master Zhulong is impressive! He’s invincible!”

“Let us finish her, etching our names in history!”

The twenty human warriors charged at Jiang Xiaorou, with Gongsun Hong leading the pack. With a long roar, he stabbed at Jiang Xiaorou’s snow-white neck.

Seeing victory at hand, Gongsun Hong revealed a sinister smile. But at this moment, a divine beam illuminated the skies.

The divine beam tore through the sky like a shooting star. Even the blood moon in the sky was concealed by the divine beam!


People were alarmed. And next, they heard a thunderous rumble as the divine beam shot right at the twenty people!

That was&h.e.l.lip; an arrow!

The divine arrow was indomitable. The twenty people that charged forward wanted to kill Jiang Xiaorou, but due to the immense danger the arrow posed, they felt their hair stand and their backs turned cold!

If they carried on their attack with their backs facing the arrow, they would receive a tragic end!

“Block it!”

About a dozen people at the back turned around. The saber beams and sword shadows that were meant for Jiang Xiaorou were also shot out at the arrow beam!

These elites treasured their lives deeply. They were still hoping to become Reincarnators, and Great Emperors of the Tian Yuan world. So how could they be willing to die here?

But as people turned around, there were people still heading forward. It was the team led by Gongsun Hong.

“Hahaha, let them block it. They can block it behind us while we take the Desolate race witch girl’s head!”

Gongsun Hong was in the forefront, so his position was the safest. Furthermore, with the meat shields behind him, and the dozen of them combining forces to defend, even if the Desolate race had taken the opportunity to launch a sneak attack, they would definitely be able to resist it.

While others defended against the attack, he would gain all the credit. He would no doubt be the greatest winner!

Gongsun Hong was greatly pleased. Just as his sword was about to land on Jiang Xiaorou’s body, he heard explosions behind him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Heavenly Blood Union members cried out tragically. What looked like a luscious attack to them was nothing that they had expected. When they clashed with the arrow beam, it was like a piece of snow meeting the brilliant sun, melting immediately!

Sword beams and saber flashes shattered as the arrow’s divine beam carried on forward without resistance.

Those that were on the peripherals of the divine beam’s path were immediately injured severely, covering them with blood!

It was too fast!

It was so fast that they failed to react in time. They only felt a blinding light in front of their eyes, and at the next moment, the arrow beam had pa.s.sed them.

In an instant, the dozen people behind were left scattered!

These people scattered like marbles in all directions. And in the center point of the dispersion, the arrow beam whistled through the air, shooting straight at Gongsun Hong.


There was boundless killing intent imbued in the arrow beam behind him. Only at this moment did Gongsun Hong receive the rude awakening.

Block it!

Gongsun Hong roared out. His team of eight people immediately entered a battle formation.

However, it was too late.

Their battle formation’s protective shield was shattered in an instant. It was like gla.s.s being shattered by a hammer.

The first human warrior to feel the brunt of it cried out tragically as the arrow beam penetrated his stomach. He was immediately split into two as his body could not resist such immense power!

The others were slightly luckier, but they were still injured by the light beam. They were sent retreating midair.

The arrow beam shot straight at Gongsun Hong.

With his life on the line, Gongsun Hong wailed and he used more energy than he could usually muster. He circulated his Yuan Qi, forming a slanted protective shield.

Gongsun Hong knew that if the arrow beam struck it perpendicularly, his shield would no doubt be shattered, resulting in him experiencing the full brunt of the arrow’s attack. He would be diced into pieces, dying without a whole body.

And a slanted shield could greatly reduce the attack’s power, allowing him to survive.


When the arrow beam struck the slanted protective shield, the shield immediately shattered as Gongsun Hong felt a surge of energy hit him! The arrow beam did not lose any momentum, as it carried on pushing Gongsun Hong backward!

His right arm had been sliced by the wanton Yuan Qi when his protective shield shattered. His arm was completely torn apart as a result.


Gongsun Hong gave out a heart-wrenching cry. His arm had been sliced to pieces, so it was impossible to join it back. And he knew very well what it meant to a warrior who lost one arm.




Just a sudden attack caused him to lose an arm in this trial. How was it possible!?


The divine beam pierced through the black mountain, about a hundred feet beneath Jiang Xiaorou’s feet. Although it penetrated the mountain, it did not injure Jiang Xiaorou in any way.

After it pierced through the black mountain, it did not lose its momentum. It carried on far into the darkness, and struck a mountain five kilometers away, resulting in a tumultuous explosion!

A shockwave rippled outwards, causing the ground to rumble. Smoke and dust scattered everywhere as rocks tumbled down!

To think an arrow’s power could reach such a stage&h.e.l.lip;

Upon seeing this terrifying attack, everyone, be it the human warriors or the Desolate race warriors were stunned.

Their impression of such a terrifying attack was that it could only be the result of a battle array formed from a large group of people.

Could there be a third faction that had entered the Soul Tomb?

Just as people were feeling alarmed, someone saw a young male standing on a mountain peak about five kilometers away. He held a golden bow in hand, and he stood erect like pole on the mountain.

And beside him was a beautiful young girl dressed in white.

The two of them seemed to be standing in an alternate s.p.a.ce-time universe, despite it only being a distance of five kilometers. It was quite a shock to the senses.

Was that arrow shot by the bow-wielding youth?

He had managed to launch such an attack alone? How was that possible?

“So it was them who caused me to lose an arm.” Gongsun Hong’s face was pale as he said through gritted teeth.

He could only hold the right arm that had been torn off. He was furious and he felt extreme hate. How could he not feel hate towards the arrow that had severed his martial path?

“He destroyed my life. I must seek revenge&h.e.l.lip; Wait, no, I can still reincarnate!”

When he suddenly thought of this, Gongsun Hong heaved a sigh of relief. Reincarnation&h.e.l.lip; As long as he obtained the “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique”, it would no longer matter if his body was in shambles.

Meritorious deeds. I need to do meritorious deeds! I need to obtain the recognition of Young master Zhulong.

Just as these thoughts were flashing through Gongsun Hong’s mind, he suddenly heard someone say, “Isn’t that the bow-wielder Jiang Yidao?”

The warriors had extremely good eyesight. Although it was far away and the lighting conditions were bad, they could still see the duo’s looks.

One of them was Jiang Yidao, and the other person was a peerless woman they did not know.

“What!? Jiang Yidao?”

Gongsun Hong was completely stunned. Jiang Yidao had defeated him with one saber attack back when Jiang Yidao had entered the Heavenly Dao Union, causing him to lose all face.

“How could it be him? How could he be this strong? And I thought he only uses a saber!?”

Everyone knew Jiang Yidao had extraordinary strength, but they never expected him to be so powerful.

An arrow he shot out could not even be resisted by twenty Heavenly Blood Union members!

“Jiang Yidao?” Zhulong looked at Jiang Yidao and frowned.

Ever since Zhulong appeared in the Soul Tomb, this was the first time he frowned. Previously, he looked calm and indifferent, as if everything was within his control.

“You have hidden a lot&h.e.l.lip; I have to admit, your appearance has given me quite a surprise.”

Zhulong also knew of Jiang Yidao early on. Zhulong even knew that before joining the Heavenly Dao Union, Jiang Yidao had managed to retreat unharmed from the combined attacks of the Li Fire Sect and Shen Tu family clan’s Yuan Opening Elders. It was heaven-defying to do this at the Dao Seed realm.

Including this time, with Jiang Yidao’s appearance, it was appalling how a single arrow of his managed to break through the combined attack of twenty Heavenly Blood Union members.

However, Zhulong did not mind too much about these two points. He had seen even more heaven-defying geniuses in the Tian Yuan world’s long history.

Zhulong’s so-called “given me quite a surprise” was because of the&h.e.l.lip; soul contract!

Not only Zhulong, even Wei Chiwei and company,who had been forced to sign the soul contract, were all dumbfounded.

How could Senior Brother Jiang still attack Gongsun Hong? Wasn’t this a betrayal of the Martial Alliance&h.e.l.lip; ?

According to the soul contracts rules, it was most likely that they would be reduced to dust once they showed signs of betrayal!

And at this moment, Jiang Yidao was standing completely fine five kilometers away. Could the soul contract have lost its effects?

“Should I be honored to be given the evaluation of ‘surprise’ from you?”

Yi Yun held the golden bow in hand, and walked forward midair. Boundless energy was circulating around his body while pure Yang flames burned around Yi Yun, illuminating the darkness whatever it touched.

This scene caused many of the human warriors to shudder with fear.

There were many things to ponder about. Firstly, the soul contract had lost its effects on Jiang Yidao. Secondly, Jiang Yidao, who always used a saber, had suddenly used a bow. Furthermore, his arrow shooting technique was frighteningly good!

What sort of person was this Jiang Yidao?

Zhulong chuckled and said lightly. “There are indeed very few people in this world that can surprise me.”

As he said, he turned his head and looked towards a corner in the valley. Although he had a smile on his face, his eyes looked cold.

“What do you think? Third Inspector&h.e.l.lip; Shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

The third Inspector Zhulong mentioned was the masked man!

At this moment, the masked man was the center of attention of everyone present.

A hundred pairs of eyes looked over as the masked man stood there unnerved. His cold and expressionless mask sent chills up their spines.

Wei Chiwei, the Chu sisters and company were standing closest to the masked man. Zhulong’s words gave them a fright.

Could the soul contract that the masked man gave to Jiang Yidao be problematic? Could he also be betraying the Martial Alliance?

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