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Chapter 636: Zhulong Makes a Move

The moment Yi Yun saw Jiang Xiaorou, he felt his heart palpitate. It had been about a decade since he had been separated from Jiang Xiaorou at Chu Prefecture City in a life-and-death situation.

Just thinking about the ten years filled Yi Yun with mixed emotions. He never expected to reunite with his elder sister in the Soul Tomb today.

Since Jiang Xiaorou had returned to the Desolate race, the people she was leading were definitely the elite members of the Desolate race.

It was easy to guess her goal for appearing in the Soul Tomb with so many elite members of the Desolate race. They were here to fight Blood Moon.

As for Jiang Xiaorou’s opponents&h.e.l.lip;

The four Reincarnators, especially Zhulong, had extremely terrifying strength.

Yi Yun did not expect Jiang Xiaorou to be able to battle against four alone.

“Yi Yun, what’s the matter with you?”

Upon seeing Yi Yun’s expression change, Lin Xintong asked. Although they had reunited in the Soul Tomb, they did not plan on immediately rushing to battle Blood Moon. They were planning on waiting for Blood Moon to arrive in the area where the Yin specters were hibernating before making their move, destroying all the hibernating Yin specters.

“We’ll talk along the way!” Yi Yun directly grabbed Lin Xintong’s soft hand, and began flying through the Soul Tomb!

The Soul Tomb was filled with complex geographical features that made it like a maze. There were also the naturally formed illusion arrays suffused with Yin aura. Even though Yi Yun was familiar with the Soul Tomb’s layout, his speed was still a lot slower compared to him traveling on the surface.

“You six deserters have actually come?” When Wei Chiwei and company appeared at the battlefield, a Heavenly Blood Union team beside them said in a reproaching manner.

“Step up!”

These Heavenly Blood Union team members put a Yuan Qi barrier around Wei Chiwei and company.

At this moment, there were strong energy storms wantonly traversing around the valley. With the Heavenly Blood Union teams’ Yuan Qi barriers pressing against each other, it made it difficult for them to keep their footing.

For the bald youth, he could still fend for himself in the chaos due to having a higher cultivation level.

As for the Chu sisters, they were just too young. The amount of time they had cultivated had not been long, so although their strength exceeded people their age, they were far weaker than the senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union.

The two sisters screamed in alarm as they were nearly swept away by the energy storms.

And at this moment, the members of the Desolate race had finally prepared a new round of their primary attack. Both sides were already completely immersed in the act of killing, so they no longer cared about who was part of the Heavenly Blood Union. They blasted energy shockwaves indiscriminately.

All the Desolate race elites were determined to fight to the death, so their fighting spirit was vehement. Together with the Da Yan formation, even though the Heavenly Blood Union had a lot more members than the Skyfox members, they were still a force to be reckoned with.


A gigantic Skyfox phantom image roared under the blood moon. The storm exploded as the Skyfox opened its ferocious mouth and bit at the Heavenly Blood Union members.

The wanton winds swept through the valley as an immense attractive force tore through the void. The Chu sisters, who were barely able to resist, completely lost the ability to resist against this explosive Power of Desolates!

They exclaimed in the storm, as their frail bodies got whipped by the storm.

“That’s bad!”

Standing beside the Chu sisters, Wei Chiwei stretched out his hand in alarm trying to grab them, but he only managed to grab Chu Ke’er’s sleeve.

“Chi La!”

The sleeve tore, revealing Chu Ke’er’s beautiful arm. Even clothes made from Heavenly Silk could not withstand the immense power.

“Oh no!”

Wei Chiwei was unable to fend for himself, so he no longer had the ability to save the Chu sisters. He could only watch helplessly as the sisters got swept towards the Skyfox’s enormous mouth.

The two lively girls had not even killed a single Yin soul ever since they entered the Soul Tomb. Wei Chiwei mourned for the beauties that were about to die at such a young age, considering that they were in the same boat.

In the storm, the Chu sisters’ faces were pale. They were completely filled with trepidation. The only thing they could do was tightly grasp each other’s hand while they waited for the death that was approaching them.

Their two small hands were both cold, grasping each other with complete despair.

However&h.e.l.lip; just as they were certain that their fates had been sealed, an extremely cold energy wrapped around them. This energy was fearsome and infused with killing intent. It made them shudder from the cold.

But when this energy came down like a torrent, the surging Power of Desolates became like a bucket of water being poured into the sea, quickly dissipating.

The storm weakened, as the two sisters were awe struck. They were unsure what had happened, but, they could not waste the chance. They gritted their teeth and circulated all their energy. Boom!

The storm was forcefully torn apart, as the Chu sisters dropped from the sky, slamming heavily onto the ground.

They were still clinging on to each other’s hands. Their palms were all covered in cold sweat.

They had survived!

They had really survived!

The two sisters hardly recovered from their shock. They did not know where the sudden cold energy that saved their lives came from.

“Great!” Wei Chiwei heaved a sigh of relief.

Anything that swept into the terrifying Skyfox’s mouth was bound to be reduced to dust. He did not want to see these two pretty and young girls turn into a mess of blood and flesh. A miracle had saved them.

“Who saved us?”

The two sisters looked back to find the person who saved them. The energy, that was cold enough to nearly froze their souls, was still fresh on their minds. However, when they glanced behind, all they saw were Heavenly Dao Union members fending for themselves. These people definitely could not spare the effort to save them.

The only person who looked unphased was the Heavenly Dao Union’s Inspector, the masked man.

Recalling the cold energy, it was really somewhat similar to the masked man’s&h.e.l.lip; Could it be&h.e.l.lip; ?

A thought like this struck the Chu sisters but they quickly rejected it. Their legs turned weak with just a stare from this malignant star and they would thank their lucky stars if he didn’t kill them, so how could he save them?

If not for this malignant star, they would not have needed to sign the soul contract and enter the Soul Tomb.

The battle reached its climax as the Skyfox’s mouth bit at the front lines of the Heavenly Blood Union. Vast amounts of Power of Desolates came surging causing all of these human warriors to bleed from all their orifices! The protective shield they had collectively created was about to shatter!

Although the entire Desolate race’s strength was inferior to the Heavenly Blood Union, they were a lot more united. Furthermore, due to their beliefs and honor, they were determined to fight to the death. This allowed about sixty of them to suppress the more than hundred Heavenly Blood Union members.

As for the human trial-takers, their main concern was the rewards at the end of the trial.

They only wanted to accomplish meritorious deeds in order to obtain the manuals of various techniques. In this battle, their own safety was first amongst their concerns. As long as they conserved their own combat power, it was more likely for them to accomplish greater meritorious deeds.

As for their companions, other than friends, the others were just acquaintances. To put it bluntly, they were compet.i.tors, so it was not necessarily a bad thing for their compet.i.tors to die.

As for the battle’s outcome, they were not worried at all. There were seven Reincarnators present. Furthermore, with the four young masters around, how could they lose? Young masters Fengming and Zhulong had not even made a move yet!

Conserving their strength to get a chance at beheading Jiang Xiaorou was the most important thing.

The Skyfox roared. The of the Heavenly Blood Union that comprised of slightly more than ten people could barely resist any further. Just as the Yuan Qi protection was about to shatter, which would inevitably cause them to be devoured by the Skyfox, a black beam flashed through the void.

People only saw Young master Zhulong wave his hand suddenly before slowly putting it down&h.e.l.lip;

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